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Benicar Lawsuit Settlements – Average Case Value for Unsafe Drugs

Benicar Lawsuit Settlements – Average Case Value for Unsafe Drugs Our law firm is actively pursuing potential litigation against the pharmaceutical manufacturers of the heart pressure lowering medication Benicar for the development of severe gastrointestinal complications including severe chronic diarrhea resulting in significant weight loss. One of the most important and common questions which are asked by our clients is what the value of their case is, or “how much do you think my case will settle for”. As a result of the increasing demand answers to such questions our attorneys have decide to compose this article. Legal Assistance: If you have any further legal questions regarding the filing of a claim for serious medical health complications due to the taking of Benicar feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529. All legal consultation are provided by our legal team free of charge.

What is the Average Case Settlement Value of Lawsuits Against Manufacturers of Benicar

1. The Severity of the Harm Suffered – Diagnosis of the Injuries Resulting from the Use of the Unsafe Drug: The most significant factor in determining the value of an unsafe drug case is severity of the harm suffered. Victims of Benicar (Olmesartan) can suffer from the debilitating effects of severe sprulike enthropathy which can include severe cases of chronic diarrhea, long tern hospital stays, and extreme weich loss. 2. Calculation of Pain and Suffering Resulting from the Injuries: Pain and suffering, also known a mental anguish, is a major factor in determining the value of a personal injury claim. Side effects of Benicar include excruciating pain and mental anguish due to the length and severity its side effects. Pain and suffering is calculated in different ways based on the jurisdiction where the case is to be tried. 3. Economic Damages – Lost Salary and Loss of Future Earning Capacity: Victims of harm due to the negligent or intentional conduct of others are entitled to compensation for any economic damages sustained including  lost of earning and loss of any future income capacity resulting from long term or permanent disability. Current loss of earnings is calculated by evidence showing a reduction in salary in comparison to before the side effects of the drug took effect. Loss of future income capacity will be calculated by a vocational expert. 4. Availability of Assets and Or Insurance on the Part of the Defendants: Many personal injury lawsuits are not viable because the defendant in the matter is not covered by insurance or does not have the assets needed for plaintiffs to place a lien on. However, drug manufactures have the assets and or insurance to fulfill any settlements payments required to compensate injured parties. 5. Availability of Punitive Damage Compensation: Punitive damages are not awarded to provide compensation for damages sustained to the victim. Rather their purpose is to punish the at fault party to such an extent so that he will refrain from any future pursuit of harmful actions. According to Federal law punitive damages cannot exceed 10 time the value of actual damages incurred by a victims. In the context of unsafe drug litigation punitive damages are awarded when the pharmaceutical company knew of the harms associated with the use of their drug but failed to prevent the drug from being manufactured and distributed or failed to properly warn consumers such dangers. Further Information: Fo More information on Filing Deadline – Statute of Limitations for Benicar Claims see here


I have suffered for several years with the symptoms caused by this med.It has controlled my entire life. I have had test after test with no diagnosis until I found out that this was caused by Benicar. I just stopped taking it after I found out about these severe side affects caused by Benicar. I have now been prescribed another med for my high blood pressure by my family doctor. I hope by doing this I can return to a normal life and quit suffering from these symptomsI h.ave had 2 heart catherizations because of the severe shortness of breath.


I have frequent almost daily episodes of diarrhea and nausea. I’m not able to participate in activities with family and friends. I never know when I’m going to have diarrhea so I have to wear disposable underwear. It is not easy for me. I took Beni c at hct for approximate 10 years.


As many suffered the gastric systems, I had almost every symtom, including small intestinal bowel surgery, as well as MRSA . Life has been miserable. I hope all people regain their health


I went through 10 years of no life. Its finally in remission as long as I do infusions. I was home bound as well and carried extra cloths. Iv had more colon oscpys then I care. I was told thrones or colon cancer and it was neither. I now have to do infusions the rest of my life and that cost is $12000.00 every other month. What a life.


Mr lawyer I had fill out paperwork for settlement in 2015 ! I don’t know what happened, they did some slick on me. Because we was suppose to get some big money then, pople was taking them to courted back 2015 and we was go to get some big money then. I think they got out of that then 2017 we feel out more papets andt got them notarize and send them in by a certain day and date they had to be in. I’m still waiting,and I don’t know what going on they said ouroney will be in the summer time .Mr. lawyer man I been sick for a long time2005 my Dr. Was from John Hopkins Hospital got me on the bencair pills and tetite about3 years ago she know she was wrong .she got paid for get people on the meds. I have my records .I had operation, and lot of other stuff happy to me so call me at 443-878-0104 Mr.Larry Cherry

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