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Santa Barbara Oil Spill Claims Attorney

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Claims Attorney Our office is currently investigating the 21,000 Gallon Oil Spill off the scenic Santa Barbara coast line. This type of disaster can have devastating impacts on both an ecological and commercial economic level. Much similar to the BP Oil Spill almost a decade ago residents who have a direct economic interest in the hospitality industry can likely pursue a claim for damages due to oil spills. While it is still very premature and many of the important or necessary facts are not available, we are investigating potential claims for further evaluation.

Who can sue

Generally those who were impacted by the incident can sue. It is our opinion that the following categories of businesses and people will have the strongest potential cases.

Business owners who survive off of the tourism and trade of the beaches will likely have a claim for damages. This includes , property owners, restaurants’, tour agencies and other businesses.

Property owners will also have a potential claim for damages. Property owners whose land value is diminished as a result of the spill may have a cause of action for such damages. At this time the damages element of this case is being considered. It is likely that any party who suffered harm as a result of this incident can likely to pursue a claim for damages against the pipeline operator.

Santa Barbara Oil Spill Claims Attorney

In this photo provided by the Santa Barbara County Fire Department, people walk on a beach with an oil slick from a broken pipeline off the central California coast near Santa Barbara on Tuesday. Mike Eliason/AP

How did the incident happen

According to preliminary reports a storm drain that empties into the Pacific Ocean broke resulting is the oil spill. First estimated reports indicate that about 21,000 gallons of oil had spilled, however it is not certain whether these numbers reflect the most accurate or up-to-date figures. At this time the amount of information provided by various news agencies does not properly establish the mechanism, which caused the injury. Our investigation is currently pending, upon obtaining more information we will update our blog to reflect such facts.

History of Oil Spills

In 1969 one of the first ecological disasters giving rise to the environmental movement, which we see today. This incident dumped over 3 million gallons of oil across the Santa Barbara cost line causing significant damage to the pristine lay of the land and other residual harm to the wildlife population. In more recent years major oil and gas companies have caused similar oil spills resulting in billions of dollars in damage. Most notably is the BP Oil Spill, which destroyed the wildlife and tourism along the Gulf of Mexico.

Crews clean oil from the beach at Refugio State Beach north of Goleta, Calif

Crews clean oil from the beach at Refugio State Beach north of Goleta, Calif. About 21,000 gallons spilled from an abandoned pipeline on land near Refugio State Beach, spreading oil over about 4 miles of beach within hours. (Photo: David McNew, Getty Images)

Who is liable

At this time liability is not certain. However, it is possible to pursue a claim against the manufacturer of the pipe, any maintenance company charged with the care of the pipe and the company which owns and operates the pipe. Plains All American is the company that owns and operates the pipe. However, it is not yet clear whether they had knowledge of this leak or whether they had any type of instruments or procedures in place to test for such leaks.

FRESH UPDATE: California oil spill: CEO of pipeline company apologizes for damage – The Associated Press/


I have no stake in this except I am a proud Californian who loves my state. I wish you the best in your endeavors and would love to see you successfully cripple oil companies would would willingly destroy our country and not care about anything but financial gain. We will live here and have to live with the consequences of their sheer greed.

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