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Costco Frozen Berry Mix – Hepatitis A – Lawsuit Information

Costco Frozen Berry Mix – Hepatitis A – Lawsuit Information According to officials from the Federal and state government more dozens of individuals so far have been identified as having contracted Hepatitis A linked to a frozen berry mix sold at Costco. The mix has been identified by officials as The Townsend Farms Organic Antioxidant Blend Frozen Berry Mix. Cases of the outbreak have so far been localize to the western states of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, and Nevada. According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC) located in Atlanta Georgia the first cases of hepatitis A linked to the sale of frozen berry mix sold in Costco date back to April 29th 2013. In response to the outbreak local state and county public health departments are operating special clinics dedicated to diagnosing and treating anyone who may have consumed the frozen berries sold in Costco. Common symptoms of hepatitis A include, high fever, lethargy, general nausea and vomiting, stomach pain, yellowing of the skin (jaundice) and dark urine. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms seek medical attention immediate. For more information in common signs and symptoms of hepatitis A see here.

Filing a Lawsuit for Food Poisoning – Food Born Illness Claims

Most food born illness and food poisoning lawsuits are based on the legal doctrine of negligence. In order to prove negligence a victim will have to show that a vendor (manufacturers, distributor, or seller) of a food acted in an unreasonable fashion which caused the food to become contaminated by a harmful agent (i.e. virus, or bacteria). Steps to take if you have suffered food poisoning:
  1. Preserve the evidence: Carefully mark the item as a dangerous item not to be eaten or touched. Place in a freezer for safe keeping. It is important to preserve such evidence so that a link can be made between the food that has the active pathogen (bacteria) and your illness.
  2. Contact a medical health care professional immediately and seek treatment.
  3. Call your local county or state health department if the food commercially produced and sold at a store.
  4. Get in touch with a law firm providing legal assistance to individuals who have contracted a food born illness
Victims right to Compensation: Victims of food poisonings caused by the negligent or wrongful conduct of other are entitled to monetary compensation for all losses. Common avenues of recovery are based on
  • Medical expenses including hospitalization and medication costs
  • Cost of future medical assistance including rehabilitation care
  • Lost wages and loss of future income
  • Pain and suffering including mental trauma and PTSD
  • Punitive damage – possible where a defendant displays a wanton disregard (reckless behavior) for the life and health of others.
More Information: To contact and attorney for legal representation reach out to our law offices by calling toll free (855)385-2529. All consultations are strictly confidential and free of charge.

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