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How to Deal With Collection Agencies After an Auto Accident

How to Deal With Collection Agencies After an Auto Accident An auto accident can leave you without work and with piles of medical bills. How do you deal with these issues? What are the steps you should take to avoid going to collections after an auto accident? These are all very important questions, so we decided to provide some answers.

Medical bills after an auto accident

Medical bills will start to pile up after an auto accident. Depending on whether you were transported to the emergency room or whether you went to the ER, medical bills can start to add up. This issue can be compounded when you are do not have health insurance. Typically bills can range anywhere from $5,000 to as high as $85,000 after an accident. So what do you do to avoid being harassed by collection agencies or the hospital billing department? Generally most facilities who render medical aid will NOT begin collection proceedings if there is an attorney involved. In most cases they will actually wait until the conclusion of your case and then insert there lien or security interest. After the case is successfully settled they will get paid.

What if my bills exceed my settlement?

In certain cases the medical bills may exceed the settlement amount. In such cases you can still walk away with a sizeable settlement depending on the policy size. Generally speaking you can always negotiate the medical bills after an accident. So even if your medical bills exceed the settlement you can negotiate them down to a reasonable amount. Often times your attorney will engage in the negotiation element of your claim. Generally the bills will be negotiated so that you walk away with a substantial portion of any settlement regardless of your medical bills.

Who was at fault for the accident?

Fault will also play a factor in your medical bills. Here is what you should know. Remember if you were placed at fault there will likely not be a financial settlement for your injuries. In such cases you need to speak with the billing department at the hospital to discuss your case. Often times if you may a good faith effort to pay the amount due they will work with you. In most cases the amounts due will be substantially reduced if you can show good cause. If you were NOT at fault for the accident and there is adequate insurance coverage, it is likely that your bills will be reduced in proportion to the settlement value. In such cases as stated above your attorney will negotiate the medical bills for you. Remember that medical treatment is very important after an auto accident. You need to make sure you are ok and that there are no serious injuries. Even a minor impact collision can disrupt or cause injury. As such you should always make sure that proper medical attention is provided for your injuries. If you have financial limitations speak with your attorney. Often times they will be able to assist in finding you doctors who will be willing to accept the case on a medical lien.  

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