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City of Gardena Bus Accident – February 12th 2014

City of Gardena Bus Accident – February 12th 2014 According to the City of Gardena Police Department the accident involved a city transit bus and a pickup truck. The bus crash took place at the intersection of El Segundo Boulevard and Western Avenue early in the morning of February 12th at approximately 6:40 in the morning.  Based on news reports from the scene of the accident  eight individuals, most of them being passengers onboard the bus were transported to local area hospitals due to the trauma sustained. The cause of the bus accident has yet to be determined by investigators. Bus according the a member of the Gardena police department the truck may have run a red light. Compensation Available: Victims of personal injury including passengers hurt in bus accident are entitled to full and just recovery for their injuries. Types of harm compensable in personal injury cases include recovery of all medical and hospitalization costs, pain and suffering, mental anguish, lost wages, and loss of future income capacity due to permanent injuries and or disabilities.
Speak With an Attorney: If you were a passenger on the recent bus accident in Gardena and have any legal questions feel free to contact our law firm. All consultations are provided free of charge (855)385-2529. Further Information: California Bus Accident – Common Carrier Laws Passenger Rights in Bus Accidents Statute of Limitations – Bus Accident Lawsuits

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