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LAX Ends Curbside Services for Uber, Lyft, and Taxis

The Los Angeles International Airport has announced that it will no longer allow curbside pick-up. Travelers will no longer be able to get picked up curbside by any paid drivers, including those driving for Uber, Lyft, and taxi-companies. Travelers will need to go to a specific lot near Terminal 1 where they can request a ride and get picked up. LAX stated the following: LAX: Ending Curbside Ride-Hail, Taxi Pickups Needed to Relieve TrafficAt the end of this month, ride app and taxi pickups will move to a central lot next to Terminal 1 called LAX-it. This will remove traffic from the terminal area and improve the pickup experience. No changes to drop off, with fast shuttle services to the lot for quick pickups!” LAX-it is described as “a new convenient way to catch a taxi, Lyft… or Uber ride from the airport. LAX-it will be a centralized pick-up lot dedicated for use by ride app and taxi companies.” Travelers will be able to either take a shuttle or walk to the lot to get picked up and driven out of the airport. According to airport officials, the change in rideshare pickups is an attempt to reduce traffic around the terminals – which will essentially make getting home from a long trip easier for all travelers.

What Does This Change Mean in Terms of Liability?

Prior to this change, travelers could find their way out of the airport, request a ride, and simply get picked up curbside. This essentially made it so whatever rideshare or taxi service that picked up the traveler from the airport would be immediately liable for the travelers safety. However, because the traveler now needs to be transported to a separate location to get picked up, the airport will be liable for more. As mentioned above, travelers will be transported by an airport shuttle to the pickup lot. While the travelers are being transported by the airport shuttle, the shuttle driver and, subsequently, the airport have a duty of care towards the traveler. The traveler must remain safe while being transported to the pickup location. Any accidents that occur involving the airport shuttle and possibly injuring any travelers could result in the airport being held liable for the harm suffered. Likewise, travelers have the option to walk to the pickup location. Airport management has the duty to ensure that their entire premises (even the sidewalks that their travelers walk on) are completely safe for use. They must address any potential hazards to ensure that their travelers can safely walk to the pickup location without suffering any harm. If travelers suffer harm associated with any unsafe conditions that could have been addressed, the airport could be held liable for any harm suffered. — Airport Shuttle Bus Flips during Accident near Bush Intercontinental AirportCalifornia Airport Shuttle Bus Accident AttorneyUber Driver Injury Protection PlanAviation AccidentsThe Ultimate Guide to Uber Accidents In the pickup lot, airport management must ensure that travelers remain safe while they wait for their ride. There should be appropriate security at the pickup location to prevent any incidents such as assault and battery, sexual attacks, or harassment, for example. The pickup location should also be well-lit during the night. Although this change will reduce traffic at the terminals and will make the airport experience better for travelers, it will increase the likelihood of the airport having some sort of liability for any incidents that occur.

What if You’re Harmed?

Many people who suffer any sort of incident at an airport simply don’t bother taking any action. After a long flight, travelers just want to get home. If travelers suffer any incident that allows them to get right back up, they are likely to do so. For most of us, it is natural to want to get back up immediately after a fall or a trip, for instance; this is the way we respond to embarrassment – we get up and try to leave the scene as soon as possible.

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LAX ban on taxi, Uber and Lyft curbside pickups irks passengers: Its inconvenientAlthough we might be able to get up and leave immediately, we might still be injured. Although you might realized that you suffered harm a few hours or a few days after your incident, it is important that you are always aware that you could pursue a claim for the harm that you suffered.

The Possibility of Recovering Compensation

Depending on the incident that caused the harm that you suffered, you might have grounds to recover compensation. Affected parties could be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, property damage, loss of consortium, funeral and burial expenses (in the case of the victim’s death, and punitive damages (in the case of gross negligence, for example). The type and amount of compensation available for recovery will always depend on the specific details of the claim – and the harm suffered. With the appropriate legal representation, the parties affected by airport incidents in association with the implementation of the pickup lot, victims and their families could recover the highest amount of compensation available for their claims.

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