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Fountain Valley Man DUI Accident Crushes Man Under RV

Fountain Valley Man DUI Accident Crushes Man Under RV A Fountain Valley resident was arraigned on Tuesday, March 25 after a vehicle he was driving crashed into a parked recreational vehicle, while another man was below the RV doing maintenance work, causing the man to die.  The driver of  the vehicle, 50 year-old Marco Vinicio Morales was charged with several felony counts, including a vehicle manslaughter while intoxicated, after it was learned that he was under the influence of narcotics, specifically methamphetamine. According to officials, the accident occurred on October 1, 2012.  Timothy Michaud, age 49, was fixing his RV on the side of the road.  The RV was propped up on blocks while Michaud was under the vehicle.  Prosecutors have maintained that Vinicio was under the influence of narcotics when his vehicle smashed into the RV, crushing Michaud below it. Both Morales and other witnesses attempted to lift the RV with a hydraulic jack, but were unsuccessful, as Michaud had already passed away.  A test of Morales’ blood indicated that he was under the influence of what has been characterized as “a high quantity of methamphetamines. Prosecutors have requested a bail amount of $100,000, and he could face a sentence of up to four years if convicted.  He worked as an auto mechanic, and was on his way to his job at the time of the accident. More details will be provided as they become available.

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