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Towing Charges After a Motorcycle Accident

Towing charges can be expensive and you do not want to be responsible for these fees, particularly if you are not responsible for the accident to begin with. If you have been involved in a motorcycle accident and the vehicle is not operable it will likely be towed to a tow yard or wrecking yard. These establishment will hold the bike for a long period of time in order to increase fees they can charge. It is always advisable that you have the tow company move the vehicle to a repair shop that does not charge a storage fee. In such cases you want to avoid any storage fees by having the bike moved to a storage fee free establishment. This way  you can avoid the cost of storage fees which will be assessed against your bike. Although you should keep in mind that tow and storage fees can be recovered or reimbursed under California law. Our offices help handle this aspect of your claim by demanding that these fees be paid. Speak to a motorcycle lawyer at Downtown L.A. Law for free case evaluation. You Have Rights Motorcycle Crash Towing ChargesIt is important to remember that you have rights and not let insurance companies wrongfully deny your claim. Just because your claim has been denied by an insurance company,  you should not be discouraged. As a matter of fact it is common practice for insurance companies to deny your claim. They know that many innocent parties will not fight for their rights and will become discouraged. As a result they will not pursue their rights and give up a potentially valuable claim. Don’t Settle for Pennies on the Dollar Make sure to consider your rights and never settle your case without speaking to a qualified legal representative. Insurance companies will offer you pennies on the dollar for what your case is worth. This technique is used to discourage you to pursue your claim. Never accept a low ball offer, which is in fact illegal in California and qualifies as bad faith. In many instances your injuries are grossly miscalculated by insurance companies. Injured riders who have life-long injuries should not settle unless they have appropriate representation from Downtown L.A. Law. Experienced Negotiation Lawyer You need an experienced lawyer who has the negotiation skills necessary to get you the settlement you deserve. Knowing how much to ask for in damages and understanding our clients injuries is our job. Before we make any settlement demands we take the time to evaluate all the facts and to understand the value of our clients claim. Many times there are long term medical complications which need to be accounted for and we will not quit until we get our clients the highest possible settlement.

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