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Los Angeles hunkers down for Massive Winter Storm: Expect More Road Accidents Be Careful

Los Angeles hunkers down for Massive Winter Storm A massive pacific storm has hit Southern California bringing in high winds, Snow, Rain and with if many more auto accidents than the usual number in Los Angeles. According to weather experts the storm will bring in a few inches of rain and should pass out of the Los Angeles Metropolitan area by the end of the night. During this time the rate of car accidents on the roads of Los Angeles is likely to rise. The snow that the storm will bring in will produce another hazard Snow. Snow elevations are expected to remain rather high at around 6,500 to 7,000 feet above sea level. With snow many drivers needing to use the highways will be in need of extra caution. Snow can pose a great danger to drivers particularly when the snow begins to melt creating icy conditions on the roads. Strong winds should be another major concern particularly for truck and 18-wheelers. Under windy conditions truck accidents, particularly truck rollover accidents, sore. Along with these accidents will come a need to hire a Los Angeles car accident lawyer that can protect your right to compensation for your injuries? It is important that you select to right personal injury and truck accident attorney since to be able to maximize your compensation in the event you have been involved in a car accident.  
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