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Cudahy – Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots and Kills Man Rigoberto Arceo 5-11-13

Cudahy – Sheriff’s Deputy Shoots and Kills Man Rigoberto Arceo 5-11-13 According various news reports the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating the incident which took place at around 10:02 p.m. this Saturday. The suspect was fatally shot in the chest. The family of Rigoberto Arceo, the man shot by the L.A. County Sheriff’s Deputy, is disputing the account of the event given by law enforcement officials Account of the incident: The L.A. County deputies responded to reports of a fight and a man with a gun at the 4400 block of Elizabeth Street in Cudahy. According to authorities the suspect fought with them and attempted to take one of their hand guns. Sergeant Rich Pena remarked on the incident stating, :”he (Rigoberto Arceo) ignored commands not to approach the deputy. He was told not to come close. At some point, they got into a physical confrontation. And tried to take the deputies duty weapon.” Furthermore police state that a gin was discovered in the vehicle after the shooting had taken place. However a witness stated that the fatally shot suspect got out of his vehicle, complied and had his hands up in the air. According to a family member, “He came out of the car with his hands up. He got shot.” Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit: In the state of California certain family members of the deceased are permitted to file a wrongful death cause of action in the court of law against all at fault parties. A wrongful death caused of action can be brought if the shooting and subsequent death of an individual is due to the negligent on intentional conduct of an officer of the law.

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