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Every day, individuals are harmed in various accidents that are simply not their fault. They may be hurt while driving or while at home using a new product. The different injuries can be severe and lead to numerous debts and expenses. If you have been hurt in such an incident, you should be aware that there are routes you can take to receive your fair share of compensation for your injuries. You should not be expected to cover your own debts if you were hurt as a result of the negligent action of another party. Our team of attorneys at the Downtown LA Law Group can provide you with the best legal representation possible. We have El Cajón abogados de lesiones personales available for you to consult with, and we’ll gladly take on your case. You won’t have to worry about anything in the legal process from start to finish.

Personal Injury Areas

Puede presentar una reclamación por daños personales if you were harmed as a result of the negligent action of another party. This can happen in many situations, whether you are ini private places, out in public, in your vehicle, n your home, and more. The presence of negligence is what will allow you to file a claim. A few of the areas we practice include:

  • Responsabilidad por productos defectuosos, for when you are harmed as a result of a malfunctioning or broken item. It is important that you do not tamper with the item and that you do not return it to the manufacturer, as it will need to be used for evidence.
  • Bed bugs in hotels, apartments, sleeper cars, and more. The creatures can cause allergic reactions and infection, and an infestation can make you throw out whole sets of furniture and clothes.
  • Automobile accidents, such as accidentes de tráfico, accidentes de camiones, accidentes de moto, accidentes de autobús, and more. There are millions of people on the road each day, and although you may drive safely and defensively, there is no guarantee that anyone else will. Many car accidents are caused by inattention and the refusal to safely navigate around others.
  • Resbalones y caídas, which may happen in businesses or on private property. There could be various hazards or dangers present on the property that make it hard for someone to safely walk, and a fall could be linked to the negligent action of the property owner. He may not have known about the problem but reasonably should have, or he may have been perfectly aware of it and chose to do nothing to fix it.
  • Negligencia médica, which occurs when a healthcare professional, hospital worker, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, or other similar individual makes an error that harms you while you’re under their care. These issues can range from prescription errors to surgical errors, and the effects can be devastating.
  • Agresión y lesiones, or the intentional abuse by another individual. You could sue for assault, sexual assault, threats and intimidation, and more, which may be carried out over a period of time or in one instance. Battery is the actual physical harm component that can accompany assault.

There are numerous other areas that can warrant a lawsuit if you were injured, such as mordeduras de perro, foreign objects in food, intoxicación por monóxido de carbono, Accidentes de Uber y Lyft,electric scooter crashes, and more. Our attorneys in El Cajón can ensure that you are fairly represented no matter what kind of accident you are involved in.

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Common Injuries From Accidents

The different types of accidents can yield varying injuries. For example, a accidente de tráfico, motorcycle crash, accidente de camión, or any other automobile crash can result in numerous broken bones, concussion, closed head injuries, internal organ damage, nerve damage, torn muscles, dislocations, fractures, and more. The high rate of speed and large mass can cause you to be hospitalized for many months following an accident. Other accidents, such as resbalones y caídas, can cause a lot of ligament and muscular damage, such as to your knees, hips, back, neck, wrists, and more. Many times, these incidents aggravate pre-existing injuries or cause old damages to flare up and worsen. More specific accidents can create damages that aren’t common in other situations. For example, dog bites can lead to infection, while prescription errors caused by a doctor can cause neurological damage from medication. Some injuries may be permanent. Paralysis, for example, can cause you to close all sensation and control of various body parts, whether an arm, a leg, or most of your body. Spinal cord injuries can cause discs to herniated and require them to be fused together, which can make movement very difficult. Severed limbs or fingers and toes can create a hard life, especially if you have trouble acquiring a prosthetic. The injuries you receive can be enough to seemingly control or ruin your life. Don’t let them take over – our lawyers will help you get back on track and make sure your damages are fairly compensated by the responsible party. Call our El Cajon personal injury attorneys for more assistance.

Proving Negligence Of A Party

If you wish to file a personal injury lawsuit, you must be able to show that you were a victim of negligence. To do so, you must prove these four points:

  • Se le debía un deber de diligencia
  • The duty of care was violated or breached by the responsible party
  • The breach of duty resulted in an accident or incident of some kind
  • The incident caused you to suffer actual physical harm

If you were not hurt in the accident, you won’t be able presentar una reclamación por daños personales. If any of these four points are shown to be false, your claim will likely fall apart. It can be very difficult to prove these points as true if you do not have legal experience. You may not be able to establish a link between the violation and the accident, for example. For this reason, it is important that you speak with a lawyer for your best chance of success. Our El Cajon personal injury lawyers will be glad to assist you.

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Statute Of Limitations For A Personal Injury Lawsuit

If you were hurt in an accident, you do not have an unlimited amount of time to file a claim. You have to take legal action within 2 years of the injury if you plan on filing a personal injury lawsuit. If you do not take action within this time frame, you will be barred from receiving any compensation in the future. The two-year limit can be extended, though, if you meet certain requirements or if your case has certain circumstances surrounding it. For example, minors do not have to adhere to the statute of limitations until they are 18 years old, and those who were physically or mentally incapacitated can wait until they return to normal health. Further, the defendant you are taking action against must be in the state – if he is absent, the deadline is temporarily frozen and will resume once he returns. For more assistance, talk with one of our personal injury attorneys in El Cajon.

Restitution From A Personal Injury Claim

Nuestra El Cajón abogados de lesiones personales know the best methods for winning you the compensation you deserve if you were hurt in an accident. Some people attempt to go through a claim by themselves with no legal help. This can usually be done if the accident resulted only in damage to a vehicle or some time spent away from work; there are generally fewer bills and expenses to argue over, and a simple estimate from a mechanic and a pay stub can be all the evidence you need. You may not need an attorney in those cases. However, if there are medical bills that need to be paid off, you will likely face heavy opposition from the insurance company, and a lawyer will be a smart investment. Our attorneys will see to it that you receive:

  • Coverage for medical bills and expenses, such as those stemming from hospitalization, surgery, ambulatory transportation, physical therapy sessions, future medical procedures, and more
  • Reimbursement of lost income because of absent days at your job, and anticipated lost earnings from future absent days
  • Payment for damaged property and personal belongings
  • Coverage for emotional pain and suffering, such as PTSD, anxiety, fear, mental scarring, psychological trauma, and more

In certain circumstances, you could also be covered for punitive damages, which are handed out in times of gross negligence or if you were intentionally harmed by the party. They are not easy to win, though, as they are generally viewed as unnecessary. Additionally, you could receive coverage if a family member or loved one died in the incident. These damages could include expenses for the funeral and burial, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering of the deceased, loss of consortium, loss of savings and inheritance, and much more. Our El Cajon personal injury attorneys will work around the clock to secure you what you need. Victims of accidents should be fairly reimbursed for their damages, and we are here to help.

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Cómo ayudamos

En Downtown LA Law Group can provide you with an experienced team of personal injury attorneys in El Cajon if you were harmed in an accident. We will strive to secure you every penny you deserve from the insurance agency, and if we need to take your case to court to prove that you deserve compensation, we will do so. You are our highest priority, and we will not stop fighting for your rights until we are satisfied with the result. Póngase en contacto con nosotros for a free legal consultation. If you have questions about the value of your case or the legal process, you are more than welcome to ask. We will tell you what we feel your case is worth an how we can help. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you hire us, we will give you our garantía de comisión cero. This is a promise that you won’t spend any out of pocket expenses for our help. We will only get paid if we win, and the money will come out of the settlement we bring you; if we lose, you owe us nothing, and we will take the monetary losses of the case ourselves. We are also available to give you a free second opinion if you already have legal representation and wish to consider another option. For the best El Cajón abogados de lesiones personales, call (855) 339-8879 to get in touch with our representatives at the Downtown LA Law Group.

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