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El Cajon Car Accident Attorneys

El Cajon car accident attorneys A car accident can be a terribly frustrating time, especially if you were caught completely off guard. You may have been rear-ended while at a red light or a car may have swerved across traffic and struck you head on. No matter what the type of accident, you should try to remain calm and pursue legal action from a reputable attorney. Our Abogados de accidentes de coche en El Cajón en el Downtown LA Law Group can make sure that you are properly treated and that you are given the compensation you deserve. We know how difficult it is to handle a car accident claim by yourself, and we will gladly represent you against the insurance company.

Reasons For Car Accidents

Many times, car accidents occur because of reckless driving. Someone may be texting while behind the wheel or he may not be paying attention to the road. He could absent mindedly turn or take his eyes off what’s in front of him. As a result, he could easily crash into another car. If you’re hit by someone while out driving, you should be prepared to take legal action, especially if it can be shown that the other driver was negligent. Some of the ways other drivers can cause accidents include:

  • Exceso de velocidad
  • Tailgating
  • Failing to signal while turning or switching lanes
  • Merging improperly
  • Turning left into oncoming traffic
  • Turning into crosswalks against traffic signals
  • Saltarse semáforos en rojo
  • Ignoring stop signs or coming to a rolling stop
  • Ignoring right of way laws and proceeding as normal
  • Driving while drunk, intoxicated, under the influence of drugs, or similar
  • Driving while overtired or exhausted

In addition to these driver errors, there could also be causes not directly attributed to the operators of the vehicles. For example, accidents can occur thanks to:

  • Inclement weather, like snow, rain, fog, sleet, and more
  • Defects in the road, like potholes, dips, and more
  • Sudden curves, hills, drops, and narrow streets
  • Vehicle defects, such as tire problems, brake trouble, engine issues, and more

If you can show that you were implicado en un accidente de coche that was caused because of the negligence of another party, you could take legal action. Our team of car accident attorneys in El Cajon will be able to walk you through the legal process and handle your case for you.

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Potential Injuries From Car Crashes

Some car crashes result in certain injuries at a higher rate than others. For example, many rear end crashes cause victims to suffer whiplash and neck injuries because of the sudden force that moves their heads around. Those who get broadsided, or T-boned, may suffer greatly debilitating crushing damages to one side of their bodies, and they may be pinned between the cars. Of course, in some instances, few injuries occur; these individuals are very lucky. Some of the injuries we have seen include:

  • Lesiones cervicales y medulares
  • Conmociones cerebrales
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas
  • Lesiones craneales cerradas
  • Huesos rotos y fracturas
  • Sprains and dislocations
  • Daño nervioso
  • Músculos desgarrados
  • Lesiones de rodilla
  • Daños en la cadera
  • Miembros amputados
  • Hernias discales
  • Crushing injuries and puncture wounds
  • Quemaduras
  • Cicatrices permanentes
  • Paralysis, both partial and total
  • Lasting neurological damage
  • Coma
  • Muerte

The severity of your injuries will play a part in the settlement offer you’re given. If you have suffered greatly debilitating injuries that make it hard for you to live or work, you could receive a fairly sizeable offer. However, if you merely suffered small damages that would quickly heal and would not impede your ability to work, you may not receive much money at all. It will be our job to negotiate the fairest deal for you from the insurance agent, as he will likely try to prevent you from getting a worthwhile settlement. In addition to your injuries, the insurance agent will consider your age, your career, how much of the accident was your fault, and more. You should make sure your injuries are properly documented and that you have received medical treatment for the best chance at maximum compensation.

Procedure After A Car Accident

It is advised that you follow this procedure if you have been involved in a car accident. You’ll be adequately prepared for your lawsuit and you won’t have much room for error.

  • Get medical treatment at once, even if you feel you weren’t injured (insurance agents will consider gaps between the injuries and the treatment as a red flag)
  • Haz fotos de tus heridas
  • Photograph the damage to the vehicles
  • Record or take photos of the scene of the accident
  • Collect the personal details, contact information, and insurance information from the responsible driver
  • Interview eyewitnesses, bystanders, and passengers for their testimonies and statements regarding the accident
  • Request a copy of the police report from the cops who showed up t investigate; this report will be available at the station after it has been finalized after a few days
  • Hold on to any important documents, such as medical notes, paramedic notes, receipts, and more that can give your claim additional support
  • Get in touch with a skilled car accident lawyer in El Cajon who can handle your case for you, as many individuals will try to proceed without legal representation and wind up receiving nothing for their efforts

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If you were not physically harmed in the accident, you will likely not need an attorney; you can simply provide an estimate from a mechanic detailing how much it will cost to fix your car and you can provide a copy of your pay stub or bank statement to show how much money you lost out on from missed wages. It is usually much easier to negotiate these damages as they are smaller and there is not much room to argue. It is highly recommended to hire an attorney if there were any physical injuries, though, as the insurance agents can claim that you were not hurt to the extent that you were, that you didn’t need such treatment, and more.

Car Accident Compensation

A car accident can leave you greatly injured and in debt to various parties. You may owe money to the hospital and to the mechanic, and your insurance company may not cover much of the damages at all. As a victim of a car crash, you should take legal action against the responsible party and pursue your rightful compensation. Our team of Abogados de accidentes de coche en El Cajón will do all we can to secure you the money you deserve. We will see to it that you’re covered for the following:

  • Medical bills from the past and future, including hospitalization, surgery costs, medication fees, ambulatory transportation costs, physical therapy sessions, and any other treatments you may need for your injuries
  • Lost income from absent days at work brought about by your injuries, as well as additional income from days you will miss because of recovery or other medical procedures
  • Property damage that will cover the repair costs for your vehicle and can replace or fix any personal items that were lost or harmed in the accident
  • Pain and suffering, which covers fear, anxiety, PTSD, emotional trauma, and other forms of mental anguish

A car accident may be so severe that it could tragically take the lives of some involved. If a family member or loved one were killed in a car accident, you could potentially receive wrongful death damages that cover the funeral and burial expenses, the medical bills and pain and suffering prior to the death, loss of consortium, the loss of expected inheritance and savings, and more. In other situations, an individual may directly try to harm you, such as by running you off the road or repeatedly bumping you until you crash. This intentional assault, or gross negligence in some cases, can result in punitive damages. These damages are sometimes viewed as excessive by the courts, though, and are difficult to win. You may have trouble securing them without the assistance of a skilled lawyer.

Statute Of Limitations For Car Accident Lawsuits

In the State of California you only have 2 years from the date of the injury to file a claim to collect compensation after damages from a car accident. This lawsuit must be filed within the deadline or you will not be able to collect any compensation in the future. The statute is in place to ensure that claims are filed efficiently and so that evidence does get lost or corrupt in the meantime. The longer you wait, the more murky a claim will get, and the harder it will be to prove who was negligent and who was not at fault.

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There are a few exceptions to this two ear statute, though. The most common is seen when the individual is involved in an accident prior to the age of 18. The victim can wait until he turns legal age before aving to adhere to the statute. Further, the defendant may have left the state for a period of time, which would rfreeze the time limit until he returned. You cannot simply leave and expect the statute of limitations to run out, thus freeing you from legal consequences. In some cases, the injuries you suffered were so severe that you were left mentally or physically incapacitated. This can cause you to not be able to file a lawsuit. You can take action once you return to functioning health. Some individuals may be confused and unsure of how much time they have left to sue for damages. We will gladly file your claim for you and make sure you never miss a deadline. Let our El Cajon car accident lawyers handle your case, and you won’t have to worry about time limits or statutes of limitations as well. We’ll take care of everything for you.

Choosing DTLA

Nuestro bufete de abogados de Los Ángeles, el Downtown LA Law Group, can help you receive the compensation you deserve if you were hurt in a car accident. We will work around the clock to bring you every penny you’re owed to cover the different expenses that racked up from the crash. If we need to go to court, we will do so. Call our offices at (855) 339-8879 for a free legal consultation with an expert attorney. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we will always give you the advice you need. If you want a second opinion, we will give you one as well – you should not have to suffer through poor representation or a lawyer who will not strive to bring you what you need. If you want to hire us to represent you and handle your claim, we will give you our garantía de comisión cero. This is a promise that you won’t have to pay a single cent for our services. The money we earn will come out of the settlement we bring you. If we lose your case, you do not pay us anything. This way, your finances are left untouched from start to finish – you have nothing to lose by seeking legal assistance with our firm. Don’t let a car accident drain you. Call the Downtown LA Law Group en (855) 339-8879to speak with one of our Abogados de accidentes de coche en El Cajón hoy.


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