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Malibu High school Toxic Cancer Risk Class Action Lawsuit Information

Malibu High school Toxic Cancer Risk Class Action Lawsuit Information Our law firm is currently investigating possible class action and single party claims for the exposure to toxic chemicals resulting in cancer by students, teachers and faculty at Malibu High; a school administered by the Santa Monica – Malibu Unified School District. Attorney Assistance: If you or a loved one attended Malibu High School or were employed there as a teacher, or a members of the staff or faculty and have suffered from thyroid cancer or any other type of cancer contact our law firm toll free (855)385-2529. All confidential legal consultations with our esteemed mass tort – personal injury attorneys are provided free of charge.

Exposure to Toxic Substances Resulting in Development of Thyroid Cancer:

According to the latest information the cause of the numerous health complications to staff and students may have been the existence of soil contaminated with PCB’s, volatile organic compounds, pesticides, and hazardous substances. In 2011 thousands of cubic yards of contaminated earth was removed in and around the school. Three teachers form the high school have developed stage one thyroid cancer over the past 6 months. Apart from the development of thyroid cancer clusters other potentially serious medical health complications which may have arising due to soil contamination in and around Malibu High include, the development of chronic migraines, and skin rashes.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit – How Do I Join A Class Action:

Class action lawsuits can be filed where there are a large number of plaintiffs with a similar claims against a liable party. Class action lawsuits require certification with the court. Certification requires the showing of several elements present in the case. 1. Numerosity: A large number of victims so as to make filing a single party claim as opposed to a class action lawsuit impracticable. 2. Commonality: The existence of a similar or nearly identical issue of fact or law present in all members of the class. 3. Typicality: The claim of the class representative is typical of the claims of the other class members. 4. Adequacy: The class representative has the resources and legal assistance to pursue a winnable case against the defendant. Compensation Available for Victims Cancer Causing Chemicals and Toxins: In the State of California victims of serious harm due to the negligent or intentional conduct of others are entitled to financial recovery for all harms suffered. An estimated value of your case will be dependent on several significant factors. A brief list of the most important factors are as follows…
  • The extent and severity of the harm suffered
  • Hospitalization and medical expenses including future medical and rehabilitation care
  • Pain and suffering including emotional distress and Post Traumatic Stress
  • Los wages and a loss of future earning capacity resulting from long term or permanent disability
  • Availability of Punitive Damages – punitive damages can be awarded when the at fault party acted with an intent to cause harms or reckless disregard for the life and health of others.
Legal Assistance: If you would like more information regarding your legal right to file a single party or class action lawsuit for the contraction of serious health issues including thyroid cancer

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