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Jauvia Lawsuit 2013 – Class Action Claim Information

Jauvia Lawsuit 2013 – Class Action Claim Information This article is written to provide important information for individuals who have suffered serious medical health complications due to the type 2 diabetes medication Januvia. If you or a loved one have take Januvia (containing sitagliptin phosphate, an orally-active inhibitor of the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP-4) enzyme) and are now suffering from pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer the information provided below may be of help. If you have any further legal questions after reading this article feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit

Most of us have received notices by mail from courts asking us to join a class action complaint or that we are already members of a class action. Class action lawsuit are designed for the purposes of judicial efficiency in instances where multiple potential plaintiff have a valid cause of action against one liable party. In a class action claim one representative will be chosen as the head of the class. That individual and his attorneys will seek legal on behalf of the entire class of injured parties. Federal Civil Procedure Rule 23 provides the basis for class action lawsuits where a representative member of a class may file a claim on behalf of others where the class is so numerous that joinder of all members is impracticable.

Should I Join a Class Action Against Manufacturers of Januvia or Seek an Independent Claim

Attorneys from our law firm advise victims of defective drug to seek legal consultation before making a decision regarding joining a class action lawsuit. Class action lawsuits are designed to view plaintiffs (ie victims) in the aggregate. Each plaintiff in a class action lawsuit is not permitted to a greater sum of money, regardless of the extent of their injury In other words class action lawsuits do not look at an individual victims specific facts including the severity of the injury suffered, total life costs, or rehabilitation care. For example; if the per class member settlement of a class action lawsuit is $100,000 the damages you suffered amount to $450,000 you will only receive the $100,000 allotted to each member of the class. More so members of a class action lawsuit will be forever excluded from bringing additional future legal action against at fault parties. Thus joining a class action will forced a plaintiff to accept the terms of the settlement whether or not they are financially sound or beneficial.

Compensation Available for Victims of Dangerous Type2 Diabetes Drugs

Victims of dangerous side effects associated with the use of Januvia are entitled to compensation for all their losses. The estimated value of a lawsuit cause by diabetes medication will depend on several factors including Medical expenses including hospitalization costs, cost of cancer diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
  • Requirement for future medical costs, life care costs, disability costs, and rehabilitation care.
  • Level and extent of Pain and Suffering associated with the side effects of Januvia
  • Amount of wages lost from inability to work and loss of future income due to disability
Legal Assistance: If you or a loved one have been diagnoses with pancreatic cancer or thyroid cancer due to the use of the type 2 diabetes medication Januvia and have any legal questions you want answered feel free to contact our law offices. Reach us toll free at (855)385-2529. All consultations with our attorneys are free of charge. Further Information Statute of Limitations for Filing a Lawsuit Against Manufacturers of Januvia Link Established Between Type 2 Diabetes Medication and Cancer

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