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Class Action Lawsuit Proposed Against Houston Astros

In 2017, the Houston Astros were accused of using technology to determine the opposing catcher’s signs. Players in the dugout would bang on a trashcan to signal to the batter what pitch was coming, thereby significantly increasing the chances that the batter would secure a hit. Sign-stealing is allowed in the MLB, but the use of technology to steal the signs is expressly forbidden.

The incidents culminated in the Astros winning the 2017 MLB World Series against the Los Angeles Dodgers. This was not discovered until two years later, in 2019, after the MLB led an investigation. As a result, many fans are displeased with the results of the series, and wish to receive some kind of compensation from the Houston Astros. One Dodgers fan in particular, as shown in this KTLA news clip, wishes to join a class action lawsuit against the organization. He claims that the costs of a Dodgers game are extremely high, and the illicit activities of the opposing club should warrant reimbursement. He proposed reimbursement for the costs of parking, food, beverages, and ticket costs.

The MLB has requested that the rest of the league not comment on the investigation, but that is not going to deter fans and those affected by the decision to abandon pursuing rightful compensation.

Filing a Class Action Claim

In order to file or join a class action claim, plaintiffs who were affected must all come together and present their evidence. Each game of the seven-game 2017 World Series had between 43,000 and 54,000 spectators present in the stadiums – which could be upwards of 200,000 individuals, an estimate that account for those who attended more than one game. With more than 200,000 pieces of evidence, a class action claim can be a large success.

When sports teams host games, it is expected that the product will be what the spectators paid for. Many events, including sporting events, concerts, and shows, offer refunds if there are changes to the billing. For example, some concerts may lose headliners or combat sports may have fights fall through, which would allow the fans the option to receive reimbursement for their tickets. These scenarios often occur in the weeks or days prior to the event, though. When a sudden change happens during the event or it is compromised in some way, it is more difficult to acquire a refund due to unforeseen circumstances. There may be liability, terms, and other conditions written into the contract.

It can be argued that the Houston Astros robbed the spectators of a fair series, but it can also be argued that there would not have been additional games (and therefore additional costs) had the team not cheated. The cheating can be used as grounds to pursue the different losses the spectators suffered.

With hundreds or thousands of individuals coming forth about the loss of money due to the cheating of the Astros, there can be ample evidence to launch a class action claim.Despite the World Series occurring in 2017, you still have sufficient time to join a class action lawsuit against the Astros for monetary reimbursement. The league only just ruled that the cheating occurred. Once a class action lawsuit has been filed, you can join and pursue your deserved compensation.

Compensation from Suing the Houston Astros in a Class Action Lawsuit

The fans who were present at World Series are actively campaigning for reimbursement of the costs of the attendance. The tickets themselves could cost upwards of $800, while parking may cost more than $25 itself at the stadium. Dodger dogs and other food offered at the venue may cost more than $10 per meal, and beers and alcoholic beverages often exceed $10 per small 8oz cup. This adds up when you consider numerous beverages and food and if you went to the event with another individual. Taxes also jack the prices up at the stadium.

A class action lawsuit against the Houston Astros can seek full reimbursement of these costs. Be aware, though, that a class action claim contains evidence from numerous plaintiffs, not all of whom are on equal footing. For instance, some attendants may have paid for very expensive seats, while others may not have had any food or may not have driven to the game. This plays an important role in the potential compensation that can be awarded.

A class action claim results in the business awarding a singular lump sum as a settlement. This settlement will then be distributed evenly among the plaintiffs – some may find only partial reimbursement, for example.

Our goal is to ensure that the settlement awarded by the Houston Astros is enough to satisfy each and every fan’s losses. We know that it can be incredibly frustrating to feel as though your money was wasted, even more so because of cheating at the hands of the team. We will pursue the largest settlement available.

Choosing Our Firm

The Downtown LA Law Group has a history of successful class action claims and victorious lawsuits. We know the best methods for securing a group of plaintiffs the restitution they deserve. Our aggressive lawyers will fight around the clock for the maximum compensation and we will not rest until we win. If we have to go to court to fight for your rights and the rights of thousands of fans, we are more than willing to do so.

Call our law firm in Los Angeles today to talk with one of our attorneys in a free legal consultation. We will walk you through the legal process, tell you more about the class action lawsuit requirements, and answer any questions you may have. We will also tell you more about our zero fee guarantee – we will not receive any payment from you or any other plaintiff throughout the case. We will only have our expenses paid if we win, and the Astros will cover the legal fees as a portion of the settlement. If we lose, we do not get paid at al, and we eat the costs of the case ourselves.

To sue the Houston Astros and join a class action lawsuit for reimbursement due to cheating at the 2017 MLB World Series, contact the Downtown LA Law Group today.


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