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Loss of Pregnanacy – Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Information

Loss of Pregnanacy – Motor Vehicle Accident Lawsuit Information Miscarriages can happen after a car accident. Despite what an insurance company will tell you, they are more common than not. However, insurance companies will attempt to deny your claim based on non-material medical evidence. Insurance carriers will request to see medical history to find a single event to deny your claim. It is important to handle your claim with care and diligence. If you have suffered a miscarriage after a car accident, know your rights before making any statements.

Insurance Companies Request for Medical Records

This is one of the first tactics of insurance companies. They will request to see all of your medical records. In fact they will even request to see records that are not pertinent to relevant to your claim. Why? Because they know if they can locate anything in your medical history that can show a pattern of miscarriage then your claim can be denied. This is routine practice by insurance carriers with respect to these types of claims. Generally they will ask you to fill out some forms which will essentially release all pertinent medical history from you provider. They will then comb through these records in search for a “link”. Even if the link is weak, they will use it to deny or limit your claim. In cases where the miscarriage happened immediately after the accident, insurance companies will look at remote facts. These facts will include whether you have a prior history of miscarriages, how many children you currently have, age, whether you smoke, drink or exercise. How you answer any one of these questions can be detrimental to your claim. Most conversations will be recorded-with your permission-and again listened to in order to analytically evaluate the claim. Remember, claim are being evaluated, not to test for merit, but to search for a way to deny. So should you release your medical records? Ultimately, these records will be released, but only to the extent necessary to evaluate the scope. This means that the records will release information for a very short period of time. As a result the insurance companies cannot wholesale evaluate your medical records without justification. For example giving them limited access will not permit them from obtaining records of something that happened 5 years prior, which has no significance to your claim.

Getting Help for a Fetal Miscarriage after a Car Accident  

It is advisable to speak with an attorney. This should be done before you speak with the other parties insurance company. Make sure you know your rights. Here is a checklist of what you do when speaking with insurance companies regarding your accident.
  • Make absolutely no statements with regards to your accident.
  • Do not release your medical records, unless it is in a very limited capacity.
  • Review your records before releasing them to any insurance claims adjuster.
  • Keep records and copies of all medical bills for evaluation.
If you have suffered a miscarriage from an auto accident, contact an attorney. Downtown L.A. Law Group offers free consultations on all cases and we are here to help you with your claim.

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