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Injured High School Football Player Gets $2.4 Million

Injured High School Football Player Gets $2.4 Million School football injuries, can hold schools accountable:  For years students have been injured in athletic programs. However school districts have been slow to accept liability for these injuries, or to take steps to prevent them from occurring. Whether it is providing better protective gear or applying different standards, schools have been slow to accept change. A recent verdict can change that. It has been reported that the LAUSD school district is required to pay $2.4 million dollars for injuries suffered by a teenager during football tryout practice. The injuries suffered by the North Hollywood High School student were serious. It included a five way spine fracture requiring spinal fusion to correct the injury. It was reported that at the time of the injury the school failed to provide proper supervision or to provide protective gear. It is the duty of any institution who has such programs, to provide the necessary equipment and supervision. While the settlement may be sufficient to cover the past and future medical loss as well as the pain and suffering, it will not allow this teenager to live out his dreams. Schools are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of their students. When they fail to meet these standards, then liability is imposed. Our Attorneys Representing Student Victims of School Sports Injuries:  If your child has been injured in a sports related accident at a school contact our offices today for a free consultation. It is important to know your rights, speak with a personal injury attorney at Downtown L.A. Law today for a free consultation.
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