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New York Double Decker Party Bus Death – who should be liable?

New York Double Decker Party Bus Death – who should be liable? A teenager was pronounced dead in New York Friday evening as a result of injuries suffered from hitting his head against an overpass. The facts allegedly state that the hatch on a double decker bus was opened and the injuries occurred after the victim placed his head outside. Reports show that the security guard on the bus was on the first floor of the bus when the incident took place. High impact head collisions result in serious brain injuries. Surviving victims often suffer traumatic brain injuries, requiring long term care. In this tragic case the bus operator should be held liable as well as the security company. Facts indicate that there was knowledge that the hatch had been tampered with. However, the security guard went downstairs to notify the bus driver that the bus hot. If the driver or security guard knew that the passengers were opening the hatch, certain measures should have been taken to avoid potential injury. Additionally, it is possible that the hatch was opened in order to reduce the temperatures inside of the bus. While further discovery would be needed to affirm any of these facts it is important to hold responsible parties liable for injuries suffered. If you have been injured as a result of injuries from riding a bus, speak to a personal injury attorney. You may be entitled to compensation for your injuries. Family members of those who have been fatally injured can bring a wrongful death lawsuit for their injuries. Dealing with these types of injuries. Speak to a personal injury attorney today to better understand your rights.

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