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Detenido un médico de Newport Beach por agredir sexualmente a sus pacientes

Newport beach doctor arrested for sexual assault of patients lawyer attorney sue lawsuit compensation

Dr. William Thompson IV, 56, was arrested at his Newport Beach practice for sexual abuse of his patients. Thompson specialized in infections disease in LGBTQ+ patients. According to the Orange County District Attorney’s Office, he sexually abused at least nine of his patients under the rouse that it was necessary for medical exams.

According to the DA’s office, Thompson faces multiple counts, which include:

  • Eight counts of sexual penetration by means of fraudulent representation of professional purpose,
  • Three counts of sexual battery by fraud, and
  • Two felony counts of forcible oral copulation.

According to reports, six patients disclosed that they were sexually assaulted between 2016 and 2020; they were subject to “tests” that were not medically necessary. These “tests” included anal exams and forcing at least one male patient to perform oral sex on him. Further investigation resulted in the identification of three more victims – for a total of nine victims.

Thompson bonded out on a $100,000 bail and is scheduled for arraignment in early November. The investigation continues, and the authorities are urging any other patients who were sexually abused by Thompson to come forward.

If you or a member of your family suffered sexual assault at the hands of this doctor, it is important that you contact the authorities. However, it is just as important that you contact a lawyer with experience in sexual abuse cases against doctors as soon as possible. Here at the Downtown L.A. Law Group, our lawyers have decades of experience handling these types of cases and fighting for the rights of our clients. Contact us today to speak with our trusted sexual abuse lawyers.

Newport Beach Doctor Arrested for Sexual Assault of Patients liability sue compensation
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The Effects of Sexual Abuse

Medical sexual abuse can include touching a patient inappropriately, photographing or recording a patient without consent, making inappropriate jokes/comments about the patient, making any sexual advances, doing things to the patient under sedation, performing unnecessary medical exams, typical to genitals and other private areas.

Sexual abuse can result in significant harm, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Of course, sexual abuse can cause sexually transmitted infections, genital injuries, injuries to reproductive organs, tears, lacerations, and bruises, for example. It is also important to note that sexual abuse can have lasting mental and emotional consequences. Victims can suffer depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety disorder, panic disorder, etc. Victims of sex abuse are also at a higher risk of developing drug addiction and of committing suicide.

When the abuser is someone as trusted as a doctor, the victim can develop mistrust towards all other medical professionals, which can prevent victims from seeking care when they really need it.

Can I Sue the Doctor that Sexually Abused Me?

Yes – you could have the right to sue for the sexual abuse that you suffered. You could file a civil lawsuit for the sexual abuse that you suffered even if the doctor is facing criminal charges (as these are separate cases). For more information about your right to sue, we recommend that you seek legal assistance with the experts here at our law firm as soon as possible.

¿Cuánto tiempo tengo para demandar?

This is a very important question, as failing to file a claim on time can result in losing the right to sue entirely. Victims of sexual abuse who were adults at the time of the abuse have ten years to file a lawsuit (in California, other deadlines may apply in other states). We understand that it can be very difficult for victims of medical sex abuse to speak up and take action, so we urge you to reach out as soon as possible. Your right to sue is time-sensitive, so it is important that you get help sooner rather than later.

¿Puedo obtener una indemnización?

Based on the details surrounding your claim, you could be entitled to receive compensation. Some of the different categories of compensation available for recovery could include the following:

  • Gastos médicos
  • Pérdida de ingresos
  • Dolor y sufrimiento
  • Daños punitivos
  • Daños triples
  • Gastos jurídicos

Every claim is different, so there is no way for you to know how much your doctor sex abuse claim can be worth or the specific compensation that you could be awarded without first speaking with a lawyer. An experienced lawyer will be able to evaluate the details of your claim and determine the value of your claim.

What is the average value of sexual abuse claims like mine? What type of compensation will be available for recovery? How long should I expect to wait for my case to settle? If you have found yourself asking these questions, it is important that you seek legal assistance as soon as possible. Our doctor sexual abuse lawyers are committed to getting victims the highest recovery available. Whether our team has to negotiate a settlement or take a claim to trial to reach a verdict, our clients can be sure that they will be awarded the maximum recovery available for their claims.

Newport Beach Doctor Arrested for Sexual Assault of Patients compensation lawyer attorney sue
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Were you sexually abused by your doctor? If so, you could certainly have grounds to file a lawsuit. Do not hesitate to reach out to the experts here at our law firm at your earliest convenience. Our legal team is more than ready to take care of your claim, fight for your rights, and help you secure the settlement that you are owed. We understand how difficult it can be for victims of sexual abuse to come forward to seek justice. Because of this, our team is committed to making the legal process as simple as possible. If you are ready to speak with our lawyers, contact us today.

Our firm offers free legal services, which include free consultations and free second opinions. During these free legal services, our lawyers will be available to answer all your questions, address any of your concerns, and ultimately provide you with all the information that you need to begin or continue your claim. If you would like to benefit from these free legal services, contact us today.

Our Zero-Fee guarantee ensures that our clients never have to worry about paying any upfront legal costs to speak with our lawyers. In addition, our team works strictly on contingency; therefore, our clients will actually not be required to pay anything unless their claims are successful. If you do not win, you will not be responsible for paying anything.

Contact our doctor sexual abuse lawyers today.

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