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Starbucks Accident Injury Lawyer

Starbucks Accident Injury Lawyer sue compensation incident lawsuit liability

Many current customers have no idea that Starbucks opened its first location in 1971, making it more than 50 years old. They are also shocked to learn that over 16,000 locations in the United States, including more than 3,080 in California. But that number seems more realistic when considering that there are 162 Starbucks in Los Angeles, 133 in San Diego, and another 93 in San Francisco. The company really has succeeded in placing them just around the corner from most households and businesses to ensure their robust market share.

But what started as a small and manageable series of coffee houses morphed into a huge chain in 1992 when the company went public. Locations sprang up on every other corner and in many grocery stores and malls. And with that sudden growth spurt came a loss of attention to detail in many facets of the business, including the maintenance and cleanliness of the stores.

Sadly, it was also about that time that many more Starbucks accident injuries began to occur in large numbers. Patrons suffered significantly more slip and fall and trip and fall injuries, bathroom falls, injuries from falling objects, burn injuries and defective cup hazards, and even assault and battery and sexual assaults in Starbucks locations.

If you have become the latest victim of a Starbucks accident injury, the staff at DTLA Law Group is here to provide the information and answers you need. Our team can be reached 24/7 to ensure you have the solutions you need when you need them the most. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the DTLA Law Group office today to request a free consultation with a seasoned Starbucks accident injury lawyer to discuss your incident in detail. Knowing that you have reason to file a Starbucks accident injury lawsuit will certainly help relieve your stress and worry about mounting medical expenses and other bills created by your Starbucks injuries.

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Common Injury Incidents Occurring In Starbucks Across California

When you walk into a Starbucks, you only want a tasty treat, cup of coffee, or some other refreshing and energizing drink. But what you get could be much more upsetting and costly. Sadly, there are countless injury accidents that happen in these stores each day. So you need to be aware of the common hazards and issues that could result in:

  • Slip and fall injuries – These injuries are often the result of a wet floor that was recently mopped, a spilled drink, or a leaking water line. You could suffer this accident near the doors if the floor mat is saturated with water, at the counter where you pick up your drink, in the restroom, in the parking lot, or on a sidewalk.
  • Trip and fall accident – injuries from trip and fall incidents are common when a floor mat is folded or damaged, electrical cords are running across the floor, the flooring surface is damaged, steps or changes in the flooring surface are unmarked, or there are boxes or cartons left on the floor in walkways. Trip and fall injuries are also common outdoors on a Starbucks patio, sidewalk, or parking lot due to poor or damaged surfaces, hazardous plants near the space, or holes in the ground near a walkway.
  • Assault and battery – Typically, assault and battery is attributed to a malicious act by another person, but the surroundings in a Starbucks can be a contributing factor. Spaces poorly lit, isolated, or lacking security can impact your ability to sue for injuries and losses due to assault and battery.
  • Sexual Assault – Victims of sexual assault typically blame the attacker. However, when the location is poorly lit, has no security, or is in a remote setting, Starbucks could share in the liability.
  • Injuries From Falling Objects – You might think of falling objects as only merchandise on a shelf, which is certainly a possibility. However, injuries can also occur if you are hurt by a falling light, sign, piece of art, décor item, or ceiling tile.
  • Burn Injuries – When you order hot coffee, you expect it could be hot enough to cause a burn. But you also expect the lid to be correctly placed on the cup and the cup to be free of leaks or damage that could cause it to leak. Hot liquid spills are also common reasons for a burn injury in a Starbucks.

These injuries and many others are possible in a Starbucks when the staff is not fully focused on protecting customers’ safety. If you have endured any of these injuries, you likely have reason to file a Starbucks accident injury lawsuit. The staff at DTLA Law Group is ready to evaluate the incident and injuries to help you decide if a lawsuit is possible and is the right solution to meet your needs.

When Can I Sue Starbucks For My Accident Injuries?

Just because you were hurt while in a Starbucks does not mean you can sue them. Instead, it must be determined that they failed to meet their obligation under premises liability and duty of care guidelines. These rules are in place to ensure that all business and property owners dedicate the appropriate time and resources to maintaining their space in a safe and hazard-free condition.

The level of care required is defined as the same as would be provided by the average prudent person. So you can imagine any issue or safety concern you might encounter and then think about how you would eliminate it in your home. For example, you would mop up a spill on the floor to ensure no one would suffer a slip and fall injury. You would replace a burned-out light to ensure no one tripped and fell in the dark or was harmed by another person in the dark and remote area. These are the same actions that are expected and required of Starbucks employees.

When the store staff fails to meet the minimum level of care required, they are said to be negligent in their duty of care. And if that negligence turns out to be the cause or a contributing factor in someone’s Starbucks accident injuries, the store could be liable for the victim’s expenses and losses due to the injuries they sustained. If you suspect that your injuries were due to a Starbucks team member’s negligence, please get in touch with DTLA Law Group immediately to discuss the details of the event and determine if you have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against Starbucks.

How Much Is A Starbucks Accident Injury Lawsuit Worth?

The value of your lawsuit claim will depend on the actual losses and expenses you incurred due to your injuries. There are no preset claim amounts for certain accidents or injuries. Instead, you will work with the DTLA Law Group legal team to compile all allowable expenses to include in your claim to determine the final amount. These expenses can include:

  • All current and estimated future medical bills for the treatment and rehabilitation of injuries suffered at Starbucks
  • The value of any personal property that was damaged or destroyed in the injury accident at Starbucks
  • You lost wages or income if the injuries suffered at Starbucks prevented you from working
  • The cost of legal fees and expenses from your DTLA Law Group Starbucks accident injury lawyer to prepare and litigate your lawsuit

When a victim’s injuries are severe or the recovery time is extended, it is typical to include a dollar amount to compensate the victim for the added pain and suffering of their injuries. This amount can be determined with the help of your legal team, as they will rely on previous cases with similar injuries to select a fair amount.

Starbucks Accident Injury Lawyer compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long Do I Have To Sue Starbucks?

As a personal injury victim, you have up to two years from the date of your injuries to file a lawsuit against Starbucks. However, if the claim is not filed with the court by then, you will lose the right to seek compensation. Contacting DTLA Law Group soon after the injury incident is the best way to ensure you and your legal team have the time needed to fully prepare your claim to ensure success.

Getting The Best Starbucks Accident Injury Lawyer

The Starbucks accident injury lawyers at DTLA Law Group are proud to have successfully handled cases in San Diego, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and throughout the state for personal injury victims like yourself. We believe that our client-focused payment policy is one of the top reasons Starbucks personal injury victims contact our office.

Clients discover that our free consultation is just the beginning of the steps DTLA Law Group takes to eliminate financial challenges for them. They are pleased to learn that we never charge any upfront legal fees or expenses when we are hired to handle their lawsuit. We only get paid after completing the case and getting them the funds needed to cover their legal fees and other expenses created by their Starbucks injuries. And finally, clients owe us nothing if we fail to win their Starbucks accident injury lawsuit. So, there is never any added financial risk for personal injury victims when they hire DTLA Law Group.

Please get in touch with our office today to learn more about your rights and how our staff will work tirelessly to protect them. The consultation is free, and you will never pay any legal fees until you have your verdict or settlement funds to cover your expenses.

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