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Radisson Hotel Injuries

The Radisson Hotel is a common location for guests to suffer injuries in accidents. There are many ways for the damages to happen,, often because the hotel was negligent in some way or did not have knowledgeable or careful staff and employees to fix issues. The presence of careless staff is a key cause of accidents, and unfortunately, hotel guests are often the ones paying the consequences. If you have been injured in any kind of hotel accident at a Radisson, you can call our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, for more assistance. We have years of experience handling such claims and will be able to bring you every cent you need.

Accidents at Radisson Hotels

Radisson hotels may have numerous areas of the establishment that are dangerous for people to be in, as well as facilities that could lead to injuries. It is not uncommon for hotels to employer workers who do not take their jobs extremely seriously, and further, for those managers to be not be on top of their duties and inspect and maintain the hotel when faced with such issues. A negligent manager may simply sweep problems under the rug. When the entire establishment acts in this way, it creates more dangerous situations for the hotel guests. Radisson hotel injuriesSome of the situations that can lead to accidents include:

  • Swimming pool accidents caused by slippery floors, diving boards that are broken, ladders that are not properly affixed to the pool, incorrect chlorine content or chemicals in the water, and more
  • Floor damages, like wet floors, torn carpeting, grietas en la acera, and other issues, which lead to trip and falls and slip and falls
  • Spa and gym accidents, caused by faulty equipment, broken machines, unfixed weights, hazards in the walkways, and lack of maintenance
  • Infestaciones de chinches and other vermin in the rooms, which may have been left by other guests or never cleaned by the cleaning crew
  • Collapsed chairs, broken bed frames, and broken couches that could lead to falls
  • Ceiling collapses, structural damage, door injuries, escalator and elevator accidents, and other problems with the hotel itself that can cause injuries
  • Agresión sexual, physical assault and battery, and other forms of intentional harm that may be carried out by vigilantes de seguridad, hotel guests, event patrons, hotel employees, and others

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Lesiones en el hotel Radisson

As a result of these accidents, you could be severely harmed. We have seen many clients suffer injuries like the following:

  • Conmociones cerebralesWhat You Should Do After A Hotel Accident
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas
  • Lesiones craneales cerradas
  • Huesos rotos
  • Fracturas
  • Esguinces
  • Cepas
  • Daño nervioso
  • Rotura de músculos y ligamentos
  • Daños faciales
  • Knee injuries and hip damage
  • Lesiones cervicales y medulares
  • Hernias y hernias discales
  • Electric shocks and burns
  • Parálisis

If you have been seriously injured, you should take legal action against the hotel. It is not fair for you to be held responsible for your damages and expenses if you were only injured because of the establishment’s negligence in the first place.

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Radisson Hotel Premises Liability

If you want to file a claim against the Radisson Hotel, you should be aware that it is a personal injury claim that requires you to prove that you were a victim of negligence. Negligence can be shown by establishing that you were a rightful guest who was owed a duty of care, and that the duty of care was breached in some way. Upon the breaching of the duty of care, an accident must have occurred, which then resulted in physical injuries. If there were no physical injuries, you will not be able to file a personal injury claim, and you would only be able to search for other, smaller, very specific damages.

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¿Cómo puedo protegerme de un accidente de ascensor?

However, if you were hurt, you can collect compensation. You may be able to file a premises liability lawsuit if the hotel manager acted in a certain manner. He must have done one of three actions to be sued for a premises liability violation:

  • The property owner or hotel manager must have caused the hazard or accident in some way
  • The property owner or hotel manager must have known about the issues and did nothing to fix it, alter it, or make it safe for individuals
  • The property owner or hotel manager may not have been aware of the issue at all, but reasonably should have been if he had had cared enough to be or had exercised more caution and attention toward the business or location

It can be difficult to prove liability if you have never handled a lawsuit before. Fortunately, our attorneys have years of experience suing hotels like the Radisson, and can ensure that you are on the right track for your lawsuit.

What You Should Do After A Hotel Accident

After a hotel accident, you should do all you can to prepare for your claim, gather evidence, and stay safe. Too often, individuals will further injure themselves or not collect the necessary proof for their clams. You can follow these steps below to ensure that your lawsuit is properly set up and so that you are in a good place health-wise:

  • Go to the doctor for medical assistance
  • Even if you weren’t hurt get treatment; there may be injuries that you didn’t notice
  • Do not delay going to the doctor; the sooner you go, the more likely it is that the insurance will believe you instead of say that you were hurt in another incident
  • Print out medical receipts, doctor’s notes, X-rays, and other treatment notes from the healthcare professionals
  • Photograph your injuries and damages you suffered
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident at the Radisson
  • Photograph any third-parties involved in the hotel accident and collect their personal details and insurance information
  • Interview eyewitnesses and bystanders who saw the accident happen or could attest to a hazard being present
  • Request copies of security tapes or surveillance video from the hotel to show what happened to you in real time
  • File an incident report with the hotel

The incident report should be the last piece of evidence you pursue. If you do not hesitate to let the hotel management know about your injuries or the trouble, the manager will likely try to mask the incident and erase your evidence. He will refuse to let you back in the room or area and will immediately try to fix it or quarantine it. This trouble will not be present if you document as much evidence as you can afterwards.

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You should also be careful about accepting any compensation from the hotel. If you do, the management can say that you were already given a fair deal, such as a free room, free vacation, or promo code.

Hilton Worldwide Hotel: Injuries from a Hotel Accident

Once you have gathered all of your evidence, it is important that you find an attorney who can sue Radisson Hotel for your injuries. One of our skilled lawyers can take on your claim and ensure that you are given the best compensation available. We will write the demand letter and negotiate a fair offer.

Earnings from a Radisson Hotel Lawsuit

The amount of compensation that you can earn from a lawsuit against the Radisson Hotel chain is dependent on a few factors, such as the extent and severity of your injuries, the impact the damages had on your life and career, the type of treatment you received, your age, your career choice, your level of negligence in the incident, and more. We will strive no matter what to bring you the fullest compensation we can. Some of the earnings you can receive include:

  • Medical bills from the past and future to cover hospitalization, medication, rehabilitation, and more
  • Property damage for any items that must be replaced or repaired
  • Income that was lost or could not be earned from the past and future due to the results of the accident
  • Pain and suffering damages for PTSD, anxiety, fear, and other emotional traumas

Many individuals who try to file lawsuits by themselves do not win what they deserve. They may be given very low offers or none at all because they are not skilled negotiators and because the insurance agent has all the power. It is best to avoid this pitfall by selecting an expert attorney who has experience in lawsuits against the Radisson Hotel.

The Premier Firm for You

The Downtown LA Law Group employs a seasoned team of litigators and professional paralegals to handle your claims. We have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in compensation for our clients and always put the victims first. We are up front and honest with you and will always keep you updated and in the loop about the progress of your case. Further, our lawyers are known for being aggressive and will always pursue your rightful compensation from the hotel and insurance agency. To discuss your case in a free legal consultation, call our law offices. All discussions are completely confidential and none of your private details will be leaked anywhere. We will tell you how much we believe we can win for your case and you can ask us questions about the legal process or the law. If you wish to hire us to litigate your claim for you, we will give you our zero fee guarantee. This promises that you will spend no out of pocket expenses and will instead be free from debts to us. We will only get paid if we win; the money will be taken as a portion of the settlement we win for you. If we lose, we don’t get paid anything at all, and you do not suffer a financial loss. Get started on your Radisson Hotel accident lawsuit hoy. Póngase en contacto con el Downtown LA Law Group to speak with an expert attorney.


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