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The Hilton Worldwide – Injuries from a Hotel Accident

The Hilton Worldwide is but one of many hotel chains that serve the country and the world at large. Because hotels host so many individuals per day, there is a general level of care and upkeep that must be afforded to the establishments. Some hotel owners and managers do not stress meticulous care, though, and wind up creating hazards and issues for the guests. Other times, hotel managers simply do not place the safety and security of their guests as a high priority. If you have been hurt in any type of incident at a Hilton Worldwide, whether it’s a sexual assault, slip and fall, shower accident, or anything else, you should contact our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group. We’ll gladly take on your case and ensure that you are appropriately paid for the injuries you suffered.

Types of Accidents at Hotels

You can sustain numerous kinds of accidents at Hilton Worldwide hotels. Because hotels generally have numerous facilities, multiple floors, and different sections, there is an increased risk of accidents. Some of the types of accidents include:

  • Resbalones y caídas: These types of accidents can happen due to torn carpeting, defective stairs, cracks in the sidewalk, broken handrails, slippery floors, materials or objects in the hallway, and more. Often, hotel workers will make haste to fix the issue, but sometimes, they are slow or do not care enough to put any warnings. Defective floors, though, may take some time to be noticed.
  • Sexual assaults: Sexual assaults can happen in hotels and hotel rooms by individuals who may or may not also be guests at the hotel. Hotels often rent out rooms for events and parties, and there may be guests there who are inebriated or who prey on others. There is also the chance that security guards or workers will take advantage of guests. Some hotels have a notorious lack of cameras and security to prevent this from happening.
  • Accidentes en piscinas: There are many types of accidents that can happen at the swimming pool, such as slips, trips, and inadvertent falls. They may occur because of slippery floor tiles or broken floors, broken or unscrewed ladders, broken diving board, and other issues. Pool accidents can also be very dangerous for children, as they may not know how to swim.
  • Accidentes en gimnasios: The equipment in the fitness room or gym may be broken or defective, which can lead to accidents. Heavy weights can fall and trap you, or cables can suddenly snap and cause you to fall or suffer trauma.
  • Furniture defects: The rooms themselves may have furniture within them that is defective or broken in some way. Chairs can collapse and showers may be too slippery or broken to safely have people use them. The risk of being injured in the hotel room is that it can be difficult to get help. It is also troublesome to assign blame, as a previous guest may have damaged the furniture or structure and not alerted anyone, and the staff could have missed it.

If you have found yourself involved in an accident at a Hilton Worldwide, you should gather the necessary evidence to file a lawsuit and take the steps towards getting your worthwhile compensation.

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Responsabilidad patrimonial de un hotel Hilton Worldwide

Injuries from a Hotel AccidentIn order to file a claim against a Hilton Worldwide hotel, you must show that the accident happened because of the hotel’s negligence. This involves proving premises liability in one of the following ways:

  • The property owner knew about the hazard and did nothing to fix it
  • El propietario causó el peligro
  • The property owner was not aware of the issue but reasonably should have been

Bear in mind that the burden of liability applies to the hotel as a whole even though the property owner may not be directly involved. For example, if an accident were caused because of a maid’s negligence, the entire hotel is still held responsible. As an employer, the hotel must ensure that its employees are following standards and protocol and that there is no risk of injuries.

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In order to establish premises liability, your evidence should show that you suffered an accident that could have been prevented. Some key evidence you can include in your claim can be:

  • Fotos de sus lesiones
  • Medical receipts and bills
  • Credit card statements showing that you were a guest
  • Pictures of the defective area
  • Photos or videos showing the lack of safety features or precautions
  • Security footage from the hotel
  • Eyewitness testimony and statements

An attorney can also hire expert witnesses to testify that certain troubles in the hotel should have been fixed or to point out a lack of care and an excess of liability. Further, you should bear in mind that it is important that you get your evidence together before you inform the hotel or file an incident report. If the hotel knows about the problem ahead of time, tey will likely try to fix it quickly or mask it so that you cannot get proof of how you were hurt.

Injuries from a Hotel Accident

The types of injuries you can receive are varied due to the myriad accident forms. Falls and similar incidents can result in blunt force trauma and bodily damage, while other incidents, like sexual assault, often lead to less visible damages. Some of the injuries that are possible include:

  • Conmociones cerebrales
  • Huesos rotos
  • Daños en órganos internos
  • Cortes y contusiones
  • Laceraciones y abrasiones
  • Daño nervioso
  • Rotura de músculos y ligamentos
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas
  • Lesiones de cadera y rodilla
  • Fracturas y esguinces
  • CRPS
  • Lesiones cervicales y medulares

Because of how dangerous some of the injuries are, you should always get medical attention as soon as you suffer an accident. The paramedics can treat you at the scene or you can go to the emergency room for treatment. Too often, individuals have decided against immediate treatment, only to feel the pain later on. This is often troublesome when they file a lawsuit, as the delay can be used as a piece to delay or deny compensation.

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Hilton Worldwide Accident Lawsuit Compensation

Hilton worldwide injuriesYou should not have to worry about paying off certain debts and expenses if you were the victim of an accident in a Hilton hotel. The business should be held responsible if the workers or property manager did not pay ample attention and allowed a hazard to be present. Forms of compensation you can earn include:

  • Gastos médicos pasados y futuros
  • Salarios perdidos en el pasado y en el futuro
  • Daños materiales
  • Daños morales

Some of the losses you suffered, like monetary debts for bills you could not pay, are easier to win back or recoup. Other damages, like pain and suffering for emotional injuries, are harder to secure. Thus, it is crucial that you employ a qualified lawyer with experience in hotel injuries to represent you.

Time Limit to Sue for Hotel Accidents

Reclamaciones por daños personales y premises liability claims have a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the injury to be filed. It is hard at times to understand when the deadline is for your claim, which can be troublesome if you have been injured and you do not recall exact dates. Often, the main reason that lawsuits go unfiled is because the victim does not file a claim within the appropriate time. There are a few exceptions to the statute of limitations. Some include:

  • Plaintiff is a minor (lawsuits can only be filed by adults, and anyone under the age of 18 years old can wait to file a claim; the statute would thus pick up on the plaintiff’s 18th birthday)
  • Plaintiff is too hurt to file a lawsuit (mental injuries and physical injuries may prevent individuals from suing)
  • Defendant is not in the state (time limit would be suspended until he returns to the state)

You should always make sure to speak with an attorney to guarantee that you do not miss any important details and that you file a lawsuit within the appropriate time.

Picking the Right Firm

Downtown LA Law Group has handled many lawsuits filed against the Hilton Worldwide. We know the most successful tactics for winning your case and will be sure to do all we can to secure you compensation. Our lawyers are known for being aggressive and for relentlessly pursuing everything you deserve. We will go to court if we need to and will stand beside you every step of the way with your claim. For a free legal consultation to discuss your case and your options, call our law offices today. We can answer all your questions and give you more information on what the legal process entails. We will also give you our zero fee guarantee if you hire us to represent you This will guarantee that you don’t have to spend a dime of your own money to pay for our services; we will only get paid if we win, and if we lose, we don’t collect a dime. You will never be in any sort of debt with our firm. For the best Hilton Worldwide accident lawyers, contact the DTLA Law Group de una vez.


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