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Why Do Dog Leashes Snap Off and Cause Eye Injuries?

Dog leashes even with normal use can snap off and pop back up to injure the eyes of the owner. The typical eye injuries to using a dog leash can include:

  • Damage to eyes
  • Blindness when leash snaps back
  • Loss of visual acuity
  • Blunt trauma to the eyes
  • Full-thickness macular hole
  • Zonular rupture
  • Vitreous prolapse in anterior chamber of the eye
  • Neck injury

People who are injured by a dog leash think that they have to suffer in silence, but you don’t. It is possible for you to call our law office at the DTLA Law Group, and talk to our legal team about your personal injuries today.

Can Dog Pulling on Leash Cause Miscarriage?

By pulling too hard on an ill-designed dog leash, it can lead to a miscarriage of a pregnant woman. If you pull too hard on a leash for a dog, and the leash snaps back at you, it can cause serious damage to a growing fetus. This can cause serious health issues for a pregnant woman, including:

  • Muerte
  • Hemorrhage
  • Bleeding internally
  • Pain
  • Infections in the pelvis
  • Cervical damage
  • Huesos rotos
  • Sepsis
  • Organ failure
  • Uterine perforation
  • Uterine rupture

If you have experienced or suffered a miscarriage, as diagnosed because of using a dog leash, you need to call our law office immediately. We are on your side, and can talk to you about the next steps to initiating a lawsuit on the merits of your case.

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Why Did My Dog Leash Break Off and Cause an Injury?

There can be a good reason, bad reason or no reason that your dog leash broke off and caused you an injury. Dog leashes have been recalled in the past, and there is no telling if your particular dog leash was on a prior recall list or not. Except that if it was on a prior recall list, then the manufacturer is going to be at fault for this type of accident. Either way, the manufacturer is responsible for a serious injury as the result of a dog leash being used in the proper way, to walk a dog.

Dog Leash Hand and Wrist Injuries

Dog leashes can put an enormous strain on your hand and wrists. This is the start of a serious injury when a dog leash is able to pull your hand and wrist, sometimes quite literally out of the sockets. You can expect a dog leash to strain and pull the muscles in your hand and wrists, and can even fracture a finger or over extend a joint as well. If this has happened to you,

Dog Leash Finger Injuries

Finger and distal phalangeal skeletal with soft tissue injuries are highly common with the use of dog leashes. A dog leash can injure the owner’s fingers quite easily, and even cause an amputation of the fingers. When there are open injuries of the fingers, it can include:

  • Laceraciones
  • Open wounds
  • Closed wounds
  • Nail trauma
  • Fingertip injuries
  • Mini-compartment syndrome
  • Dislocation of the fingers
  • Collateral ligament injuries
  • Distal phalanx injuries
  • Permanently broken nails
  • Crushing injuries of the fingertip
  • Exposed bone injuries
  • Finger deformities
  • Fingers broken
  • Painful stiffness in finger joints
  • Severe crushing injuries of the finger
  • Fingers caught in the dog leash and amputated
  • Permanent nail bed crushing injuries
  • Avulsion injuries

If you have been injured by a dog leash, you can call the DTLA Law Group right now, to get the legal advice you require in this type of situation.

Soft Tissue Injuries from a Dog Pulling on a Dog Leash While Walking the Dog

There are many soft tissue injuries that can be sustained when a dog leash pulls the owner of the dog too far. Many times, it is the defective dog leash itself, that provides the issue when being used by the dog owner. But the dog owner won’t know that the dog leash is a problem, until it is used when trying to walk the owner’s dog. Typical soft tissue injuries that can result from using a dog leash that is defective include:

  • Neurovascular injuries
  • Foreign bodies snapping back onto the owner
  • Piercing the owner’s eye
  • Severe pain and lacerations from the leash
  • Compartment syndrome
  • Necrotizing fasciitis
  • Loss of sensation in the hand, wrist or fingers
  • Loss of nerve function
  • Loss of circulation in the hand
  • Injury due to underlying structures
  • Deep cuts and lacerations from the dog leash
  • Damage to the tendons in the arm or shoulder
  • Shoulder popping or displacement
  • Deep cutting wounds to the hand or arm
  • Lacerations with deep infections
  • Torn skin
  • Scars on the skin
  • Requirements for skin grafts to missing skin areas
  • Skin tension
  • Abrasiones
  • Hematomas
  • Ruptured blood vessels
  • Tearing of the skin
  • Tearing of skin tissue
  • Avulsion injuries
  • Damages to skin around the wound
  • Open chronic wounds
  • Perforation of skin tissue

Our legal team is ready to go over your personal injuries sustained as a result of using a dog leash. You can talk to us in confidence, and we will review your case with you right now. It is easy to pick up the phone and give us a call today. You can talk to a lawyer with experience in personal injuries right now!

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We are here for you when you want to talk to someone about your legal case. You can best believe that we will listen to your concerns and answer all of your questions. Just put in a call to our legal team of attorneys, who specialize in personal injury claims regarding dog leash injuries. You can call us to talk to a lawyer with a solid specialty in serious and debilitating personal injury claims.

Can I Sue for Personal Injuries from Using a Dog Leash?

Yes, we can sue if you have personal injuries that you sustained after using a dog leash. You can call us in our Los Angeles legal office, to talk to our case lawyers who can file a lawsuit on your behalf. You will feel comfortable talking to our case attorneys in Los Angeles, and we can sue to get you the money you deserve in a full settlement in this type of personal injury case.

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We are able to offer to you a free consultation when you give us a call right now. We make this offer every day, but it will start the process to help you recover if you are injured by a dog leash. Just give us a call today, we are waiting to talk to you now.

hurt, you will potentially receive a larger settlement offer than if you only suffered minor injuries. The insurance agent wants to preserve profits and not pay out settlements, and we aim to bring you the maximum settlement available under the law. Our goal is to secure you compensation for the following:

  • Facturas y gastos médicos pasados y futuros en concepto de cirugía, hospitalización, medicación, fisioterapia, etc.
  • Salarios perdidos si no pudo trabajar o no pudo volver a hacerlo en el futuro.
  • Daños materiales para cubrir la pérdida de objetos y efectos personales
  • Indemnización por daños y perjuicios para compensar traumas emocionales, ansiedad, TEPT, miedo, etc.

No debe esperarse que usted pague la factura de todos estos gastos si, en primer lugar, no fue responsable del incidente. Una reclamación por producto defectuoso puede permitirle recibir la indemnización que necesita para pagar estos daños.

La promesa de nuestra empresa

Nuestro objetivo en el Downtown LA Law Group es asegurar que usted está totalmente cubierto por sus pérdidas si usted fue herido a causa de un producto defectuoso. Nuestros abogados de responsabilidad por productos defectuosos son conocidos como los mejores de la ciudad, y tenemos años de experiencia y numerosas críticas que nos respaldan. No nos detendremos ante nada para conseguirle hasta el último centavo que se merezca, incluso si eso significa acudir a los tribunales para defender sus derechos.

Para una consulta legal gratuita, llame a nuestras oficinas legales hoy. Todas las consultas son confidenciales y su información privada o los detalles de su caso no serán compartidos con nadie. También le daremos nuestra garantía de cero honorarios en su caso. No nos pagarán a menos que y hasta que ganemos. Si perdemos, no cobraremos nada. De cualquier manera, sus finanzas no se verán alteradas por buscar ayuda legal con nosotros.

No dude en ponerse en contacto con Downtown LA Law Group si desea demandar a Belkin por lesiones derivadas de un banco de carga defectuoso.

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