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Abogado De Accidente En Guarderia De Perros En California

Dog Daycare Center Accident Attorney In California lawyer sue lawsuit compensation liability

If you love working with animals, a job at a dog daycare center could be your ideal employment option. Caring for and playing with other people’s dogs could be the perfect solution if you cannot own a dog or want to spend more time with these fantastic creatures. However, your image of the ideal job might change or at least fall into question when you are injured in a dog daycare accident while you are working.

Fortunately, you have a reliable resource to learn more about your rights as a California dog daycare center accident injury victim. The personal injury and worker’s compensation expert attorneys at DTLA Law Group are here to assist you with a free consultation. Our objective is to ensure that all injury victims and employees on the job understand their rights to compensation when they have been injured while working or because of someone else’s negligence.

Please get in touch with the staff at DTLA Law Group today to request a free consultation. We are here 24/7 to answer your questions and help you understand how to move past this upsetting and possibly costly incident that occurred while you were working at a dog daycare center. It is essential to realize that you have options, and we will explain them to you and assist you in moving forward if legal action is the best way to protect yourself and your financial future.

Understanding California Worker’s Compensation Benefits

As an employee in California, you are fortunate to have access to one of the country’s most comprehensive worker’s compensation programs. When you are injured while at work, the program provides the money you need for your medical care and even some lost wages in many instances. In addition, the program requires all employers to participate so that workers have the assurance of protection and benefits in the event of an accident or injury while they are working.

If you are injured on the job, in most cases, you will be eligible for the following four benefits:

  • Medical coverage to pay for your hospital or doctor’s bills, surgeries, rehabilitation, therapy, medical devices or aids, and prescription medication needed for any injuries caused by a workplace accident
  • If your injuries are so severe that you cannot immediately return to work, you could be eligible for partial compensation for your lost wages
  • For injuries that prevent you from ever returning to your current role at the dog daycare center, you could receive permanent partial disability payments to compensate for your lost ability to work
  • In addition, if you cannot return to your job at the dog daycare center but could work in another job or field, you could qualify for vocational training for another career

As with any insurance program, many rules and guidelines surround any worker’s compensation claim. And the process can feel very intimidating if you are unfamiliar with it. And it is understandable for you to have questions concerning your qualification for worker’s comp. However, the expert worker’s compensation attorneys at DTLA Law Group are here to assist you in filing your claim and ensure that you receive the total and fair compensation you deserve for your injuries while working at the dog daycare center.

Dog Daycare Center Accident Attorney In California lawyer lawsuit compensation liability sue incident
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Common Dog Daycare Center Injuries Covered By Workers Compensation

Most employees go to work every day thinking about the tasks they must complete and how to best do their job, impress their supervisor or employer, and how to succeed and move up in the company. Rarely do employees dwell on any hazards or dangers associated with their employment. However, even in the best jobs at a dog daycare center, there is the potential for injuries from an accident.

Even if you are being careful and paying attention to your surroundings and the dogs at the daycare center, some accidents can happen, including these common issues:

  • Slip and fall on a wet floor
  • Tropiezo y caída
  • Laceration or puncture wounds
  • Quemaduras

These are just a few accidents that can occur during a typical workday. But in many cases, these incidents that sound minor can cause severe injuries such as:

  • Fractura o rotura de huesos
  • Articulaciones dislocadas
  • Soft tissue damage, including strains, sprains, and muscle tears
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas
  • Back, neck, and head injuries

These severe injuries will require a great deal of medical care that will quickly become very costly. And as an employee who was injured while working at a dog daycare center, you most likely have the right to seek compensation from worker’s comp for your injuries. The worker’s compensation experts at DTLA Law Group are here to assist you in securing the money you deserve to cover your medical bills and any qualifying lost wages through the California worker’s comp program.

Always Notify Your Supervisor Of Any Injury Or On The Job Accident

Because your worker’s comp claim is filed through your employer, as they have been paying for the insurance, it is vital to notify your supervisor or employer of any injury or accident incident as soon as possible. If your injuries are severe or life-threatening, call emergency medical assistance first and follow their recommendations. However, once you have gotten emergency treatment, be sure that you or a loved one contacts your employer if they are unaware of the injury or accident.

Not only will your employer need to know about the injury, but it is also crucial to know that there is a 30-day time frame for you to file any worker’s comp claim. If you wait more than 30 days from the incident to notify worker’s comp of the injury, you could be denied benefits. In addition, when you file a claim with worker’s compensation for your injuries, most medical care providers will directly bill the insurance provider, and you will not be facing a mountain of medical bills while trying to focus on healing and your recovery.

What If I Was Bit By A Dog While Working At A Dog Daycare Center?

As an employee at a dog daycare center, you could fall under the Veterinarian’s Rule regarding a dog bite. The rule states that by taking a job in a specific field, such as a vet, dog sitter, dog groomer, or working in a pet store or dog daycare center, you assume the risk of getting bit while on the job. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. The expert dog bite injury attorneys at DTLA Law Group will help you understand how these exceptions could apply to your case and how to best seek compensation for your dog bite injuries while working at a dog daycare center.

Dog Daycare Center Accident Attorney In California lawyer lawsuit compensation liability sue
Valuing A Worker’s Comp Injury Claim

Your legal team at DTLA Law Group will help you determine the value of your claim for workers comp based on your bills and expenses related to your injury. In most cases, the medical bills are sent directly to worker’s comp for payment. However, you might need to submit documentation for any items you purchased for your medical care, such as a medical device like a cane or bandages for wound care. You will also need to gather documentation for lost wages due to your injury to request compensation. The DTLA staff will assist you in every step of the process to ensure that you get the compensation that is owed you as a result of your injuries at work.

Why Choose DTLA Law Group As Your Dog Daycare Accident Injury Attorney?

At DTLA Law Group, our focus is always on our client and their well-being. We understand the added stress created by an injury, the added medical bills, and your inability to work and earn a living to support your family. We are here to assist you in moving past this life challenge and returning to your routine, happy life. Our staff is dedicated to providing as much guidance and assistance as possible when gathering documentation, explaining processes, and filing claims on your behalf. Our team will work diligently until you receive the compensation you deserve for your injuries, losses, and suffering due to a workplace injury.

In addition, we want to assure you that our low group works tirelessly for you without requiring any kind of deposit, retainer, or upfront payment. We believe that asking you for money in your time of need will only increase your financial challenges and stress. So instead, we never get paid until our clients are compensated for their injuries and losses. This is the best way to ensure that the legal system works for any injury victims, including those who are hurt while working at a dog daycare center.

Even if another law firm has told you that you have no right to a worker’s compensation claim, don’t hesitate to contact DTLA Law Group. We offer free second opinion consultations to ensure that every injury victim has a right to the justice they deserve. All consultations are free, and if you hire us to handle your legal matter, we never ask for payment until we secure the compensation you deserve. Contact our office today to schedule your free consultation.

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