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Loss of Income After an Accident

Loss of Income After an Accident

Loss of Income Lost Wages and Future Income Recovery – Accident Injury Attorney

Personal injury due to traffic accidents, dog bite, slip and fall, medical malpractice or workplace incidents can result in serious injuries preventing a victim from resuming his daily work schedule for an extended period of time.  Under California Civil Law plaintiffs in Personal Injury cases are entitled to recovery for the wages they have lost due to inability to work.

Calculation of Lost Income:

Valuations for lost income due to personal injury must be calculated through expert testimony by a Vocational Therapist.  A personal injury attorney handling your lawsuit must be able to provide you with expert witnesses including vocational therapist in order to increase the probability of a just and complete settlement of your damages. Other important evidence that will be looked at by a court in calculation lost wages and future loss of income include, Pay Stubs, Employer Verification, and Past Taxes.  Other sources of income other that your job should also be accounted for in any settlement discussions.  For example if you owned and operated an Ebay store which you are no longer able to run can be calculated in your settlement negotiations.

Damages must relate back to injuries suffered:

When filing a personal injury claim a victim is able to claim different types of damages.  Damages that will be accepted by the court will be those which relate back the acts of the defendant which caused the injury.  If a victim was not able to work due to injuries suffered from the acts of a defendant than recovery for those damages should be accepted by a court of law.

Our Personal Injury Attorneys can help you receive compensation for your lost wages and future loss of income

If you have any further questions regarding lost wager of future loss or reduction of income due to your personal injury claim contact our Personal Injury Attorney at the Downtown LA Law Group. We


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