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Mr. Coffee Maker Defect Responsible for Serious Burns | Injuries

Mr. Coffee Maker Defect Responsible for Serious Burns | Injuries A popular coffee maker is responsible for at least fifty reported instances of burns. The popular Mr. Coffee which has sold hundreds of thousands of units is now being recalled by the manufacturer because of a manufacturing defect. Consumers had reported that they suffered serious to moderate burns as a result of hot steam from the product or burning hot coffee. Apparently the defect existed in the water chamber of the product, which would steam water and the built up pressure would release in to unsuspecting consumers faces. Burns injuries are painful and can require long term treatment or care. A burn is usually classified in certian degrees from 1st degree to 6th degree burns. The degrees measure the intensity of the burn, with one being the lowest. If the victim suffered 1st degree burns, they are usually superficial. While 2nd and 3rd degree burns are deeper leaving the injured party seriously injured. A full list of burn degrees can be found here. Mr. Coffee product can be considered a design defect, which forces the steam out causing injury. A design defect is one which makes the product inherently defective as a result of a design defect. When a product is defective all commercial sellers can be liable. In this case, retailers both online and in-store, distributors and wholesalers can be liable. Also, if you received the item as a gift you are still entitled to recovery if you have been injured. California law allows for you to recover even if you were not the purchaser of the product. Contact a personal injury attorney today who deals in burn injuries. Our burn injury lawyers Los Angeles can help you understand and evaluate your case.
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