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Bicycle Accidents with Car Drivers: Who Is At Fault

Bicycle Accidents with Car Drivers: Who Is At Fault Los Angeles has some of the most congested streets and highways. As an alternate mode of transportation many commute using bikes. As a result of the current economic conditions there has been an incline in the number of persons who commute on bike. This has resulted in a record number of accidents involving bicycle riders and motorist. Motorists become frustrated when a bike is riding in their lane at a low rate of speed. Accidents occur when motorist attempt to pass these riders. Many times the other drivers crash into bicycle riders causing serious injury. Who is at fault in a bicycle accident with a car? Who is at fault when a motorist attempts to pass a bicycle? This is a commonly asked question. Riders are permitted to share the traffic lane with motorist. In fact motorists are cautioned to give the right of way to riders. It is advise that motorist should not attempt to pass a bicyclist and should provide proper clearance before they do so. However the fact is that most motorists do not wait patiently before passing a bicyclist on a traffic lane. In fact they attempt to squeeze or maneuver around the bicyclist often times scraping or hitting them. Impact sustained from this type of injury can be serious. Bicyclists are not given the same protection as a motorist. They are exposed to the elements and even slow impact collisions can be damaging. The law provides for bicyclist to have the right of way. If you have been involved in a bicycle accident in California contact our offices for a free consultation. Steps to take after your accident? The steps you take immediately after your accident are important. Step #1 Seek medical attention. Even if you are not experiencing immediate pain, make sure you speak with a medical professional. Often time’s injuries are not apparent immediately after impact. There can be internal bleeding which you may not be aware of until hours or days later. Other injuries including head, spine or back injuries are common. Consult with a medical professional immediately after your accident. Step #2 Obtain a copy of the police report. If you are involved in such an accident you need to obtain the name of the driver and all other pertinent insurance info. In the event that you are transported to the hospital via ambulance, police officers will likely have a copy of the report for your records. Make sure you obtain a copy of the police report, or contact our offices for help in doing so. Step #3 Speak to a bicycle accident attorney at Downtown L.A. Law. Unlike motor vehicles, bicycle accidents require a different level of knowledge. This includes knowledge of the particular vehicle code that applies to each type of accident. What is my case worth? Determining value of a case depends on a number of factors including, who was at fault, to what degree, amount of insurance coverage and damages suffered. This is why seeking proper medical attention is so important to the success of your case. Insurance companies will minimize any award if they notice that treatment was not provided. In many cases clients who are seriously injured are given “low ball” offers because proper medical treatment was not provided or recorded. If you have been injured speak to a qualified bicyclist accident attorney today. Make absolutely no statements to any insurance company until you speak with an attorney first. Your personal injury attorney will determine whether giving a statement is appropriate. More Information: Open Car Doors and Bicycle Accidents


Hello, I am an avid cyclists (minimum of 500 miles a month) doing a college paper advocating legislation to provide for a more regulated and safer cycling requiring all vehicle insurance to include accidents with cyclists as well as required cyclist licenses that would be give in conjunction with a test similar to that of a license applicant with the DMV. I know that most bicycling accidents do not involve motor vehicles. After doing some research I am unable to ascertain a rough estimate of bicycle and motor driven vehicles in which the cyclist at fault and what percent show the motorist a fault. Do you have any rough estimate of this?

Thanks for any information you may have even if it is an educated guess.


Dave Woodard

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