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Accidentes de Peatones en Torrance

Torrance pedestrian accident lawyers | Pedestrian accidents statisticsEach year, there are nearly 6,000 estimated pedestrian deaths on the roadways in California. Many of these deaths are preventable if drivers pay more attention to the road and if pedestrians take every precaution necessary while walking. Pedestrians have a right to be safe and drivers should do all they can to not harm others. If you were walking and you were struck by a vehicle, you may be able to receive the maximum compensation available under the law for your damages. Our Torrance pedestrian accident lawyers can ensure that you are wholly covered by the insurance agency. At the Downtown LA Law Group, we dedicate ourselves to our clients. We know how difficult it is to be involved in a accidente de peatón, and we encourage you to contact our firm for help with your lawsuit.

Who Would Be Considered A Pedestrian?

A pedestrian under California law is defined as anyone who is on foot or on transportation that isn’t a bicycle, such as roller skates or a skateboard. Additionally, disabled individuals in wheelchairs can be listed as pedestrians as well.

What Are Some Of The Causes Of Pedestrian Accidents?

Pedestrians can be in danger no matter where they are in the streets, whether on aceras or in the middle of pasos de peatones. The accidents can occur if the pedestrians are not careful or if the drivers are negligent. The majority of accidentes de peatones can be attributed to two things. The first is the time of day at which the accident occurs. Most pedestrian accidents happen at night time when there are fewer cars on the road and visibility is at its lowest point. Pedestrians may think that they are safe, but in reality, they are much more difficult to be spotted and could escape a driver’s field of vision. This is especially true if the pedestrian is wearing dark clothing or in a section of the street that is particularly dangerous. Drivers have been known to proceed as usual down streets only to suddenly see a pedestrian in front o them – and by that time, there is almost no way to stop the car. The second factor is alcohol. Alcohol was found to be a contributing factor in nearly half of pedestrian accidents, whether in the system of the victim or the driver of the car. The drivers have a higher risk operating a vehicle while under the influence, but the pedestrians have lowered reflexes, no inhibition, and poor decision making as well. Some pedestrians are erratic when drunk and cannot walk straight; they stumble and fall, and at times, fall right into oncoming traffic. Others have simply fallen asleep or unconscious in the middle of the street and been run over. Additional causes of pedestrian accidents include:
  • Drivers texting while on the road
  • Speeding through stop signs and red lights
  • Ignoring right of way laws at crosswalks
  • Not looking when pulling out of parking lots and structures
  • Pedestrian wearing dark or non-reflective clothing at night
  • Jaywalking
  • Inclement weather causing visibility issues or difficulty handling the vehicle
  • Children running into the street
If you were hurt in a accidente de peatón, you may be able to sue the responsible driver for your worthwhile damages. Although pedestrians generally see cars before they get hit, they may still be caught off guard. They could be going through a crosswalk that tells them to proceed or at a walkway in the middle of the road with most traffic stopping for the individual. All it takes is one negligent driver to cause an accident and inflict serious injuries.

What Are Some Pedestrian Injuries?

Because of how much more vulnerable pedestrians are than passengers in vehicles, their injuries are often much more debilitating. Those in cars have the luxury of seat belts preventing them from being ejected, air bags protecting their upper body from overly jerky movements and trauma, cushion seats and interiors to absorb some of the impact of crashes, and much more. In fact, some cars are even autonomous enough that they can avoid impact better than most humans can while controlling them. Pedestrians have none of these protections. They are merely dressed in their regular clothes; they closest thing they have to cushions might be backpacks or duffel bags, or helmets if they are riding skate boards and such. They will still take the full force of the crash into their bodies. Injuries in pedestrian accidents can include:
  • Lesiones cervicales y medulares
  • Rotura de brazos y piernas
  • Lesiones de rodilla y cadera
  • Conmociones cerebrales
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas
  • Closed head injuries.
  • Daños en órganos internos
  • Miembros y dedos amputados
  • Músculos desgarrados
  • Daño nervioso
  • Parálisis
  • Coma
  • Muerte
You may be involved in a accidente con fuga as well. It is possible and likely that you will suffer worse injuries if the responsible driver rushes off and there is no one around. Many individuals have passed away because there were no other people around who could call an ambulance.
Torrance Abogados de Accidentes de Coche

How Many Pedestrian Deaths Occurred In 2016?

2016 alone feature 5,997 pedestrian deaths nationwide. Many of these fatalities occurred in California, the most populated state with a high number of vehicles. Although walking is not the primary mode of transportation in California, there are still people who walk at various points of the day, whether it is to go the last mile to work or to spend time around town.

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Further, over ten times as many pedestrians are hurt each year in collisions.

Can A Pedestrian Sue If Hit By A Car?

Yes, a pedestrian can sue if hit by a car. You can file a personal injury lawsuit against the responsible party; the basis of this lawsuit is negligence, which shows that the responsible party was careless or reckless in some way. If you wish to succeed with your claim, you must be able to prove the four points of negligence: that you were owed a duty of care by the driver, the duty of care was breached, the breach caused an accident, and the accident resulted in physical injuries. All drivers owe people on the road and in the streets a duty of care to not harm them, which can be broken by careless or reckless driving and decision making. Importantly, you must have been actually harmed if you wish to file a personal injury claim. The presence of injuries will allow you to collect medical compensation and other damages. On the other hand, if you were not physically harmed, you will only be able to collect minor damages for property repair costs and reimbursement of wages at work. The good side is that you will likely not need a lawyer if you do not suffer any injuries. The agente de seguros es más probable que pague una pequeña indemnización a diferencia de uno grande que cubriría un tratamiento médico extenso. Es en su mejor interés para contratar a un abogado que pueda demostrar que el conductor fue el negligente en el partido. Es probable que sea muy difícil de probar si usted no tiene años de experiencia legal.

¿Puede ser culpable un peatón?

Un peatón puede ser considerado culpable si contribuye de algún modo al accidente. Por ejemplo, si lanza un objeto contra un coche y provoca el accidente, es probable que se le considere totalmente culpable. Por otro lado, si simplemente jaywalked (cruzó en un tramo no especificado de la carretera sin paso de peatones ni señal), puede que sólo se le considere parcialmente culpable, sobre todo si había examinado diligentemente la carretera y el conductor iba con exceso de velocidad o no prestaba la debida atención.

¿Qué pasos debo dar tras un accidente de peatón?

Si ha sufrido un accidente con un peatón, es importante que siga este procedimiento. Le ayudará a mantenerse seguro y a reunir pruebas suficientes para su demanda.

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Tu salud es lo más importante, por lo que debes contactar con los paramédicos o acudir al hospital lo antes posible tras un accidente. Te tratarán de tus lesiones o te programarán futuras intervenciones. Si espera demasiado, la compañía de seguros puede alegar que no estaba tan lesionado como declaró; un intervalo entre el accidente y la visita al médico puede parecer sospechoso. Es beneficioso para su salud y su demanda que acuda rápidamente al médico, aunque crea que no se ha hecho mucho daño. Las pruebas de sus lesiones pueden ser recogidos en forma de fotografías y vídeos. También sería prudente tomar fotografías del lugar del accidente. Si alguna testigos o transeúntes que presenciaron el accidentepuede pedirles sus declaraciones. Usted debe póngase en contacto con la policía para que puedan llevar a cabo su propia investigación y para que usted pueda obtener una copia del informe policial. Por último, le conviene contrate a un abogado experto en accidentes de peatones en Torrance que pueda llevar su caso por usted. Usted puede estar gravemente herido después del accidente y no tienen la capacidad de negociar, o simplemente no tienen las habilidades y experiencia. Nuestros abogados trabajarán para traerle un acuerdo seguro, y usted no tendrá que preocuparse por retrasar su recuperación debido al estrés y otros factores.

¿Cuánto puedo ganar en un juicio por accidente de peatón?

Las víctimas de accidentes tienen derecho a numerosos tipos de indemnización. Lucharemos para que todo quede cubierto y nos aseguraremos de que no tenga ningún gasto. El accidente no fue culpa suya y no se debe esperar que usted cubra los daños. Algunas de las indemnizaciones que puede recibir incluyen:
  • Cobertura de facturas médicas pasadas y futuras
  • Reembolso de los salarios perdidos por días de trabajo perdidos en el pasado y en el futuro
  • Daños materiales
  • Daños morales
  • Gastos por homicidio culposo si un familiar o ser querido falleció en el accidente
  • Daños punitivos si el conductor responsable cometió una negligencia grave o intentó perjudicarle intencionadamente.
Es posible que no puedas comunicarte con el agente de seguros si presentas una reclamación. Es muy probable que el agente niegue su reclamo y no trate de negociar un mejor trato. Por esta razón, se recomienda que contrate a un abogado calificado en accidentes de peatones en Torrance que pueda demandar por los daños que le corresponden.

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Downtown LA Law Group cuenta con un equipo de abogados con décadas de experiencia en el manejo de accidentes de peatones. Podemos ayudar a las víctimas de accidentes de Torrance y haremos todo lo posible para proporcionarle la restitución que se merece. Lucharemos agresivamente por sus derechos y no pararemos hasta que estemos satisfechos con la oferta que nos hagan. Llegar a nuestra firma hoy para una consulta legal gratuita con un abogado con experiencia. Le diremos cuánto creemos que vale su caso y puede hacernos las preguntas que desee. También le daremos nuestra garantía de cero honorarios si nos contrata, lo que le asegura que no tocará sus ahorros personales para nuestros gastos. Sólo cobraremos si ganamos, y la compañía de seguros correrá con los gastos legales. Si perdemos, usted no nos pagará nada en absoluto. Póngase en contacto con Downtown LA Law Group en Los Ángeles en (855) 339-8879si necesita un Torrance accidente peatonal abogado.

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