Types of Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are dangerous. According to the National Highway Safety Administration rollover accident have a higher fatality rate that most other kinds of roadway crashes. Rollover accidents accounted for 35% of all roadway deaths.

There are two main types of roadway rollover accidents. A Detailed description of each one is provided below.  More information on Rollover Safety Can be found here.

Tipped Rollover Accidents: According to government statistics ‘Tipped’ rollovers account for nearly 95% of all Rollover crashes. A Tipped rollover accident takes place when a vehicle slides sideways as it leaves the roadway into a non paved surface. As the vehicle slides its tires dig into the soft soil. The inertia of top half of the vehicle is moving forward as the lower half remains in place resulting in the tipping of the vehicle.

  • Guardrail: Another typed of tipped rollover accident takes place when a vehicle hits the Guardrail as it veers of the road. Again the top half of the vehicle continues its trajectory as the lower half’s momentum is halted by the impediment.

Un-tipped Rollover Accidents: Un-tipped Rollover Crashes account for only 5% of all rollovers in the United States. Such accident usually occur with top heavy vehicles. Un-tipped rollovers usually take place when drivers attempt to avoid high speed traffic accidents. The swerving of the vehicle results in an unbalance in its weight distribution resulting in a rollovers.

Rollover Accident help line: If you of your loved ones have been injured in a Rollover accident including single vehicle rollovers you may be entitled to compensation for your damages. To speak to a attorney regarding this matter call (855)385-2529