Every year 4.5 million people in the United States suffer from dig bite injuries. Close to one million victims of dog attacks require immediate medical attention and tens of thousands require reconstructive surgery due to disfigurement and permanent scarring. Victims of dog bites are entitled to monetary compensation for their losses including all medical costs, cost of revision surgery for scarring and disfigurement, pain and suffering and lost wages.

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Common Injuries Causes by Dog Attacks: Common injuries resulting from attacks by dogs are as follows:

  • Facial Lacerations
  • Facial Disfigurement
  • Trauma to the Eyes
  • Lacerated Nerves – Resulting in Severe Nerve Damage and Paralysis
  • Broken Nose and Broken Limbs from falling
  • Loss of Body parts – Amputations of the hands, nose, ears
  • Lacerations to the body
  • Spinal Cord Damage
  • Brain Damage
  • Torn Knee and Ligament
  • Emotional Distress including Post Traumatic Stress and Feelings of anxiety around other dogs
  • Pain and Suffering

Dog Attacks particularly against children have witnessed increasing publicity over the past decade.  However despite great tragedies dog attacks remain a great danger to many residents of Los Angeles.  LA has witnessed a rise in the ownership of particularly harmful dog breeds which are prone to bite humans and cause severe dig bite injuries to those attacked.

Dog Breeds and Danger Posed to You or your Children:  It’s not common for every dog to have a vicious side; there are certain breeds that are more prone to inflict dog bites on victims. Common breeds to exhibit this type of behavior are Rottweiler’s, Pit Bulls [often referred to APT American Pit-bull Terrier], Presa Canarios, Dobermans, German Shepherds and breeds that have these partial mixes. Unfortunately, approximately 70% of dog bite victims are children and about 80% involve bodily harm and some end in fatalities.  One should be very careful and vigilant in the safety of their loved ones If a neighbor owns any of these breeds or your home is frequented by a person who brings any of these dogs to your place.

For more information on breeds of dogs most susceptible to causing dog bites visit the CDC Special Report on Breeds of Dogs involved in fatal human attacks.

Dog Bite Prevention: There are numerous steps parents and children need to take in order to prevent dog attacks. Some simple steps include

  •  Never approach unfamiliar dogs
  • When approached by an unfamiliar dog remain motionless
  • Never allow your children to play with dogs unsupervised
  • Avoid direct eye contact with dogs
  • Report any dogs not on their leash to local authorities and animal control
  • Do not run and scream while in the presence of a dog

Further information visit CDC’s dog bite safety and prevention

Compensation for a Dog Bite Injury – Filing a Personal Injury Lawsuit:

In order to maximize compensation to a victim of a dog bite an attorney  needs to be abreast of dog bite laws in Los Angeles, local ordinances, California personal injury laws, and legal procedure in  County Superior Courts.  You should not attempt to settle a dog bite incident alone. Full compensation for your injuries will likely require legal representation from a Dog Bite Attorney. The level of compensation available to dog bite victims is based on numerous factors including the severity of the injury and the permanence of the harm cause by the attack. There are several types of recovery available including

  • Compensation for medical and hospitalization costs
  • Cost of future medical needs including rehabilitation, reconstructive surgery for permanent scarring and disgruntlement
  • Lost wages, lost income and future reduction of salary because of the injuries you have suffered
  • Pain and suffering – including mental trauma, post traumatic stress, depression, and anxiety
  • Punitive damages – where possible

We advise any person who has been inflicted by dog bite to initially consult an attorney before talking to the dog owner or  insurance adjusters.  Dog owners are responsible for the actions of their dogs. That is why a tenacious and skilled Dog bite injury lawyer is needed to maximize your settlement.

Statute of Limitations for Filing Lawsuit Against Owners of Dogs: California Code of Civil Procedure Sections 335-349.4 places a statute of limitations of two years from the date of the injury or accidents to file a civil claim in the court of law.

Dog Bite Lawyer Representation:

Lawyer for Dog Bite Injuries

Dog owners have a duty to protect others from serious dog bites and dog attacks. In many cases dog owners home insurance policy covers dog bite injury claims.

We are professional and experienced Litigators located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. Our dog bite lawyer deals with cases involving all types of dog and animal attacks.  It is our priority to make sure you are compensated for the misfortune you have had to experience. We’ll take all the steps necessary to ensure that you are educated on all of your options available.

Cost of Litigation – How much do I have to pay to Speak with  Lawyer: Cost of Consultation with an Attorney:  Our Legal team of Dog Bite Litigators believe that you should never have to pay to speak to an attorney.  Many law firms will force you to speak to their secretary or assistant.  However when you call our Law Firm you will always be connected directly to a  personal injury lawyer Skilled in California Dog Attack Litigation.  We understand that victims of serious injuries need help with their claims and may have many complex legal questions which a secretary of legal assistant cannot answer.

Remember you WILL NOT Be Charged a penny UNTIL you receive compensation for your Dog Bite Injuries:  And we will work diligently so that we can maximize your settlement for the injuries pan and suffering you had to endure. Get your case started today by calling our office (855)385-2529 to begin your free consultation.

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