Average Transvaginal Mesh Settlement or Verdict

Average Transvaginal Mesh Settlement or Verdict

Transvaginal mesh is a medical implant used to treat symptoms of Pelvic Organ Prolapse and Stress Urinary Incontinence. Introduced into the market in the in the 1990’s mesh implants have become a mainstay of the American gynecological community in their treatment of female reproductive and urological complications. Despite their increasing use, medical implant manufacturers and medical doctors failed to disclose to patients increasing evidence of severe adverse reactions resulting from the implantation transvaginal mesh.

Our los angeles personal injury attorneys speaks with many women who have suffered serious medical complications due to the implantation of TVM (transvaginal mesh) devices. One of the most common questions asked by our perspective clients to our attorneys is, “What is the average settlement amount in a Transvaginal mesh lawsuit.”

Speak With an Attorney for a Free Case Value Estimate: Every transvaginal mesh injury claim contains a set of factors unique to its own. Thus, a clear calculation of an estimated settlement or verdict requires a thorough analysis on a case by case basis. This article is written as a template only and should not be used to estimate the value of your own claim. For a detailed and accurate case analysis of your claim contact our law firm. All consultations regarding your claim are completely confidential and free of charge. Call toll free (855)385-2529.

How Much is a Transvaginal Mesh Case Worth

The estimated settlement or verdict for a Transvaginal Mesh implant lawsuit is dependent on several factors of varying significance including the severity of the injury, requirement for revision medical procedures, and life care costs. Some of the most significant factors in determining an estimated settlement amount are presented below.

1. The Severity of the Injury: The magnitude of the injury suffered is a major factor contributing to the value of a transvaginal mesh lawsuit. Some of the most common medical complications include erosion of the vaginal mesh through the vaginal mucosa, severe pain and discomfort, sexual dysfunction or inability to perform sexual intercourse without great pain, vaginal Infections and vaginal bleeding, incontinence of the bowls, urinary and bladder control issues, and vaginal Contraction and shrinkage.

2. Need for Revision Surgery – TVM Take Down Surgery: Sadly in many cases victims of TVM implant defects will require multiple surgical procedures in order to remove the inserted device and relieve the grave pain and suffering experienced. Hundreds of women have had to suffered the excruciating process of multiple transvaginal mesh take down procedures. In one case a victim had to undergo 18 revision surgeries resulting in a verdict in excess of three million dollars. Each transvaginal mesh takedown surgery may cost a patients tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses, as well as lost wages, pain and suffering and emotional trauma. Plaintiffs who file a claim are entitled to recovery for the cost of those procedures.

3: Lost Wages and Loss of Future Income: Plaintiff in defectively designed and manufactured medical devices are entitled to recovery of lost wages and future loss or reduction of income. In such instances vocational experts will be able to determine the estimated life time reduction resulting from injuries suffered.

4. Pain and Suffering: Pain and suffering calculations are made by juries who place a per diem (daily) monetary value of the physical and psychological hardship of a plaintiff. Such calculation take into account the level of physical pain suffered, and level of mental anguish evidenced through diagnosis of depression, anxiety disorders and PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). An example of a hypothetical pain and suffering calculation is provided here.

  • Client suffered from the daily pain of transvaginal mesh defect for the past 300 days and another 365 days for future pain and suffering adding up to a total of 665 days. A jury places a daily (per diem) monetary value for pain and suffering at $500.000. Thus the value for pain and suffering will be ($500 X 665) or $332,500.

5. Loss of Consortium: This is a claim that is often brought by a spouse of a victim. In many instances women are not able to perform sexual intercourse with their perspective husbands. In certain husband may recover damages against a third person for loss of consortium, resulting from a negligent or wrongful act of such third person.

6. Availability of Punitive Damages: Generally punitive damages are awarded in a small percentage of cases. However juries hearing vaginal mesh cases has shown a proclivity to award punitive damages to plaintiffs. In a recent case a New Jersey jury awarded a victim of transvaginal mesh implants $7.76 million dollars in punitive damages on top of a $3.35 million dollar verdict for the injuries. Punitive damages awards are designed to punish a defendant so the they will no longer act in a manner that can result in further injuries. According to the jury the manufacturers of the mesh implant knew of the dangers associated with its use but failed to warn patients and their doctors.

Attorney Review – Second Opinion of Your Case

Our law firm is able to provide victims of defective medical devices with a free no cost case evaluation. Furthermore we are able to provide victims who have an active claim with another law firm with a case value assessment where we are able to estimate the potential value of the damages you have suffered.

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I’m not satisfied with the lawyer that I now have and I am trying to find someone who has my best interest.

Dear Shirley,

I am in the same perdiciment as you are. I’m totally dissatisfied with the lawyer I have now also. Please let me know if there is a Lawyer out there who really cares about other human beings and have the clients best interest at heart.

If you don’t mind of askIng. . . who is your lawyer I hope I don’t have the same one

I need a second opinion

I am very curious as to what settlements most people are receiving. I just got mine and it is EXTREMELY low considering it has been 4 years since I filed with my lawyer. I had the mesh implanted, had to have a partial removal and have had a lot of distress to say nothing of the cost of securing info asked for and mailing documents back and forth. Any suggestions where I can find out what other people are getting?????

I am seriously, seriously damaged and was told I would get a very low amount. It is sickening when I hear of million dollar verdicts and I am teetering on the edge with permanent painful injuries. Why the disparity?

We didn’t get any settlement as of yet. Ethicon and JOhnson and Johnson. It seems to me like this case will never end and I am not able to live a normal life since this has been implanted into me. It’s frustrating to say the least. I hope all this waiting pays off because to be honest no amount they can offer will take away the fact that we will never be the same again. I am still searching for a doctor to take it out so I can have a chance at a sense of a normal life. I still have inconstinence because the revision surgery was a complete fail, and i am worse than I was when they first put the sling in. I have so much pain in intercourse, and I don’t know if anyone has heard of vaginal shortening but that is what I experience along with all the infections I get. Its a complete mess. I can’t even fathom what others are going through. I just had repair for a recticil still not sure where that came from because i had so many surgeries to include I had a partial hysterectomy. It’s crazy and I just want it to end and I just need a doctor to take it out. I am willing to pay whatever price to get it taken out. If anyone has any other doctor they know that does the removal procedure let me know because I have tried an out of state doctor and still on the waiting list. I can’t wait any longer.

I too am waiting on my settlement, I had to have revision surgery 6 months after the hysterectomy because it failed and I went into complete pelvic organ prolapse. I filed in 2011 and still waiting, my atty has told me that it is now on the desk of the settlement board so we basically see the light at the end of the tunnel. I can know longer have intercourse with my husband because the pain is intense, not to mention the constant pain in my lower back, abdomen and legs!!! This only gets worse too. My attorney hasn’t told me an amount, she said it varies, so we shall see. I did however, file for an advance on my law suit because I have bills that need to be paid and trying to keep from losing my home!!!! So all prayers would be greatly appreciated, I hope to hear from them tomorrow with an answer, they did call and ask me how much I was needing, so I am taking that as positive sign. Has anyone else received advanced funding from their law suits?

I too am waiting on my settlement, I’ve had 2 pelvic mesh surgeries ,1 pelvic reconstruction surgery, 9 pelvic surgeries removing pieces of the mesh. The last time my Gyn/Uro Dr. Michael England ranked top in the nation, he’s in F ort Worth Tx. He h as saved my life, he’s the only Dr that would remove the remaining mesh cause I kept being to l d that my bladder would prolapse again. The mesh has eroded into my bladder and has done so much nerve damage that I can’t hardly walk, stand, run and can’t work anymore. I’ve had 59 pelvic surgeries ( pelvic and cystoscopes, urethral dilations), cystocele/rectocele. Since 2000,, I have Interstitial Cystitis of the bladder and severe chronic UTI, kidney infx. I’m in horrible pain 24/7 I’ve had probably over 1,000+UTI’s. My cousins friend has had 4 surgeries and hardly and any complications and just settle Ted and got $389,000. I read online a lady with CR Bard had 9 s urge rise settled won 2..2 million and another woman got 54.9 million. I received a letter in January and said I should be hearing something in a few months. I’ve called 2x and no returned calls. So praying.

I have had a settlement through one of the law firms filing class action law suit. Out of $113,000 they settled for me I will get $66,000. They do not have compensation for future surgeries built in and I thought they would. So I am disappointed because I don’t know what the future holds. I am searching for a doctor I trust to remove mine. There are some really good websites out there for us. Women who have had problems. One such site suggested SW Medical Center in Dallas has a doctor that removes these successfully, and so does UCLA. I am going to research that, since I live close to Dallas

I have ready Dr. England’s reviews and they scared me off from having surgery from him. You would recommend him to me?

I hope for all you ladies and myself on behalf of my mother can get this case settlers properly. My mom was fighting this issue for some time. And unfortunately she passed away 3/15/16. So luckily I found paper work mom was working on. I informed the lawyer of her passing and they are strongly working on it now. She was in North Carolina. Glad we have a forum we can talk about it. I miss my mother and i am so glad she’s no longer in pain but we miss her so much :,(

I am not sure where you live but I found a Doctor in Los Angles Califorina.. Dr. Raz and his team at UCLA (Frank Clark Urology Center) He was booked for months but I was able to get the next best under him Dr. Kim right away. They were more than glad to remove it and replace it with more natural way. Unfortunaly I can not go into anymore details because my case is still pending. But I can give you their phone number 310-794-0206. I hope this helps and I wish you all the best.

I have had two revision surgery after a hysterectomy and I can no longer be sexual with my husband because the pain is so bad. And I can not have another surgery due to a terminal illness so I am stuck and the art I have said I would recipe less then 4.000 it is just so unbelievable that I am dieing and can not enjoy my last few months with my husband please pray for us.

I just got my settlement and it is only $20,000 and the lawyer gets half!!! I haven’t been able to have the reconstruction surgeries because I don’t have insurance. I will need several because the mesh is no longer visible from a CT Scan. It is embedded into my vaginal wall. I just passed my 5 year anniversary of having this terrible thing put into me. 5 long years of severe daily pain, recurring kidney infections and bladder infections, and no sex because, we let’s face it, who wants to be stabbed further. I am now looking for a different lawyer. One that will represent me only and not be a part of the big class action suit. That was a waste of the last 2 years for me. I am so upset. I just want the money so I can have the surgeries I need to hopefully lead a normal life. I live near Dallas, so if anyone has any leads on doctors or lawyers, please let me know. Thank you for letting me vent!!!

I have been suffering for years my insides are destroyed. I can’t even count how many surgical procedures I have been though because of the mesh. The mesh did so much damage that after several reconstruction procedures no more can be done. I now have to have a interstitim system just to make my bladder work. I have autoimmune disorders and have been diagnosed with rhumitoid arthritis,osteoporosis, potts syndrome, fibromyialgia. And the list goes on. I’m only 51 years old. I’ve been working with an attorney for the last five years and I’m no farther along than when I started. I seriously think they are hoping I die before they settle.

What lawyers has everyone had? I keep hearing they are in settlement talks. I’ve heard this for 2 years, the manufacturer is boston scientific. I have had the revision surgery and it helped some. I was curious about settlement amounts also.

I have had 4 surgeries and need another. A doctor told me that Boston Scientific sling is better than Johnson & Johnson mesh he took out and I’m having the same problems as I had with the Johnson & Johnson mesh. I’m in pain all the time and I’m sad all the time. I can’t work because of this and it just gets worse. Our bills are piling up on us and we probably won’t have a place to live for much longer. I’ve explained all this to my attorney and they say it will be years before I see anything

I’m scared to have the revision surgery.. I don’t want to be worse. I have PTSD in a bad way. I’m afraid my bb insides will fall out in public or I man pee myself so I haven’t left my home in 2 1/2 years. I’m alone no car no nn power or water and can’t get an advance from these companies cuz I haven’t had the revison surgery. I don’t know what to do and my attorney isn’t helping. I never know what’s going on and I’m just another female making them money so they can pay for their lobster while I can’t even eat cheap hamburger. I am at the end of my rope and don’t know how much more I can deal with. Good luck to all of you I pray this ends soon for everyone

there is a fantastic surgeon outside Dayton, Ohio named Dr. Arlan Ashby. He is kind ,compassionate, and experienced in removing this crap. His practice is called Southwest Ohio Urogynecology, and is located just outside of Dayton, in the suburb of Centerville, Ohio. His phone number is 937-436-9825. Tell them I told you to call. He got all the mesh out of me, after many others told me it couldn’t be done or that they wouldn’t do it.

Thank you so much Miss Klein I’ve been researching the internet for a long time now

J only had one surgery but it corroded, the surgeon can’t find it. The AMS only going to pay me 9,000. I worry about possible surgeries. By time attorney takes all his money and the medical bill paid off, there won’t be much for me. I not accepting it. No justice here

Dr. Jose Maceda
Crozer Hospital
Chester, PA

I had the mesh put in June 2008. Another surger 2 months later because the mesh came through into my vagina. I found this out the first time I had sex after the surgery and it actually cut my boyfriend. I’ve now had a total of 6 surgeries. My last 2 were to remove the mesh. My doctor who is one of the top doctors here in Utah that deals with this told me “it’s like a wine glass that has shattered. You can do your best to sweep up the pieces, but unless you vacuum the whole area there will still be shards of glass. Unfortunately, there is no way to vacuum you out”. I have been in my law suite for over 4 yrs now. I’m in the process of claiming my second bankruptcy, My medical bills are out of hand. I have severe damage done to my pelvic floor and nerves in my back. Tons of infection, painful sex, and tons and tons of tears. Us women were done wrong and I’m frustrated that this just keeps going on and on. It’s criminal in my eyes. We’re not talking about our toes here. We’re talking about the very most intimate part of our body’s. To see the pitiful settlements that women are getting, if any really makes me feel even more hopeless. What’s the fricken hold up? These manufactures make billions of dollars ever year. They need to pay for what they’ve done to us. They won’t be affected because the industry is so rich. We will be effected for the rest of our lives. Their like criminals getting away with murder.

Make mo mistake, they aren’t like criminals, the ARE CRIMINALS.

Good Morning, I would recommend the surgery to remove the implant. I recently had mine removed by Dr. Kim at UCLA, unfortunately they were not able to remove the anchors of the sling. I am still healing from the surgery. The anchors are still giving me problems.

Hello, I live in S. California and had the mesh sling inserted about 9 years ago. Mine was made by Boston Scientific. For the last 2 years I have seen a female specialist at U.C.L.A. (ob/urologist). She did a surgery to remove some of the mesh but not all of it. The law group that I signed up with is in Texas. I have recently been told that the settlement monies will be settled within the next 3 months. The amounts range from $9,000 – $90,000 depending upon the specifics including surgeries.

I had mesh surgery in 2008, within 18 months I had it removed after it eroded through my vaginal wall. I filed the MDL lawsuit in 2013 and received notice of settlement offer back in April 2016. Still have not seen any money yet..wondering why my lawyer can’t find out more about a time line for this, I have asked, and I am told they will notify me of any news. Feel like a mushroom on this settlement offer.

Dr. Maceda implanted mesh in me.

Was your Lawyer with Monstyn Law firm?

I started my case 7 years ago. I just now got the paper work that Its going before a judge.

My mother was offered $9000 and after lawyer expenses and allocated ??? amounts she will only receive $2000. She does not want to sign the papers. I dont know how to help her.

I need a lawyer for my case. Does anyone have recommendation of top lawyer that would possibly be interested in taking my case?

Have you heard about your settlement? I just received my settlement papers November 23, 2016. I was awarded 70,950.00 from Ethicon before lawyer fees etc. I called the attorney today and they said I will actually receive about half of that amount once fees are paid. I had to have the mesh sling removed 2 1/2 years after it was implanted. I had a different type of sling inserted and surgery for a rectocele. I have had vaginal pain daily for years! It’s a shame that the lawyers take so much money when we are the ones suffering!

Same here bur i got half urs…and i have additonal surgeries too. If we refuse to settle and they wont represent us on contingency for court on suit can we switch lawyers?court

I was sent a letter of the amount of money that i was going to get through my settlement and was shocked how low the amount was, so I’m trying to get another attorney.

I just received notice that I’m getting $9000. I don’t know how much of that I’ll actually see though.

That’s awful. Have you not any surgeries? Without revisions or removal, and medical records of treatment & care, then unfortunately the settlement won’t be much if anything.

I am still waiting to hear of my settlement from Caldera. I have had 2 surgeries and may need a third if I agree. Unable to have sex, in constant pain and despite Caldera going to court last June continue to hear nothing. Because I had to have 2 surgeries so close together I lost my job and now struggle monthly to stay afloat. I also have a pending lawsuit with Boston Scientific as I was implanted with mesh from these 2 companies. Unfortunately by the time all is said and done the courts and lawyers will be the biggest winners. My lawyer just keeps telling me that payouts have not been decided by the courts yet and does not seem to think there is anything else he can do to expedite matters. So pain continues, financial problems continue, and having a loving relationship with hubby is a no go, but hey why should anyone but me care!

Settlements will be low for claimants that have not had a revision surgery or medical care. I received a fair settlement but have required 4 surgeries to remove mesh and significant treatment for complications. I know I’m going to get a lot of backlash for saying this but if you have no treatment how can you expect a large settlement? How can it be expected that they should just take your word for it?

Alicia, do you mind sharing your settlement amount?

I too am waiting for settlement for my ethicon mesh claim thur an attorney and have been waiting since 2011 I am getting very upset with the attorney that I have out of texas. my bladder issues is no better since I have had the mesh implant starting to get infections and that is causing other issues. I am starting to hurt and have cramping quit often. my attorney keeps telling me that they have not settled as of today. Not sure how to go about checking to see if a settlement has really been awarded

Very interested as well. I’m part of a multilitigation lawsuit against Boston scientific and had one mesh revision surgury and another 6 months lady to remove the mest. Curious as to what I’m getting. My layers tell me it’s in the process of setteling now.

I have same situation I got offer low amount I don’t feel compensated totally lost ,I feel my attorney is not on my side after 4 of sending papers

I highly recommend Dr Lisa Jambusaria with Urology Associates in the Nashville TN area. She removed the large mesh that had eroded thru my vaginal wall, causing severe pain. I was also having severe pain in my lower back and colon, and also felt like something was cutting into my bladder. It was a difficult surgery considering my age (70) but well worth it! Dr Jambusaria trained at Vanderbilt and specializes in removing vaginal mesh. You can look her up online and check out her qualifications…she’s good.

I had my bladder sling put in March 2005 and from August 2005 to July 2007, I had 5 additional surgeries to repair the damage by the ObTape. I have multiple, lengthy scares ranging from my abdomen to my upper thighs from the multiple abscesses caused by the mesh. I originally contacted a product liability attorney in January 2007, but because there was only 3 months that remained of the 2 year reporting period, he turned down my case. I subsequently had no other choice but to file my case via the mass tort MDL in October 2011. I am now a 60% service-connected disabled veteran and had all of my surgeries done at the Dayton VA Center by Dr. Feust who has since moved on. I am still in the prime of my life at the age of 56 … except for all of this crap. I am still waiting to hear anything regarding a settlement and it has been almost 6 years. Is there an average norm timeframe that most cases experience? Is it common practice for a plaintiff to be given an estimate of what their case may settle for?

Hi everyone, I had my surgery in 2010, lawsuit against Boston Scientific I had the transvaginal Sling surgery, now the Dr’s I have been to stated it was impossible to have surgery because it’s already imbedded in my tissues and muscles. I have had No sex since this time totally impossible, also to examine me they had to put mt sleep because the pain was so horrific!
What happens to our bodies to those that cannot have it removed, the urologist said when he came out from surgery that he could not remove the mesh because I would be in worse shape than I am now? Incontience unabearable, wear thick pads wherever I go and I night, UTI, chills all the time, pain, So I can’t get well because they cannot take it out? Now What/


What law firm did you use? I am trying to pick the right one that is concerned for me and what I have been through and will work to get me the most in a settlement. I’m seeing a lot of them settle for less and by the time all the fees/expenses/health insurance pay backs, they receive little to nothing? I am scheduled to have my TVT removal soon. Any help or guidance would be appreciated.

I certainly got self centered attorneys regarding Transvaginal mesh. They are holding the bulk of my settlement, I suppose just because they want to. I’m trying to find a Legal Malpractice attorneys. If you switch attorneys, they can and will get paid the 40% too.

No alycia these companies already lnow what the situation is these things go in one way and winde up trunong intp wire white is a dangerous. Foreign body inside of a woman with farcical organs inside.And believe me just because there may not be a proplem now so many could arose.have had to negative pap smear s and a one blood in my colon.I I guess I shpuld wait and see what with happen .my gyn did scopes and looked at ot the mesh and said it was still on place and he would not recommend anyone even trying to tale it put because taking it put partially will reall cause spme seripus issues.The main reason os because there are only 2 or 3 drs that can remove it pther don’t want to touch you and even the pne the can take some out there will always be some left insode yoi.So my dr said the layers will just take the millionsband move on now to the hernia cases not.They told me little are no money , and I believe them But Karma will get them.

Dr Kamran Sajadi in Portland Oregon took mine out and made me 100% again .

I hope and pray you get help. I haven’t had revisión surgery but I was hable to get a cash advance. Please keep looking. Good luck

it was 2009 for me. I had a grade 3 POP, had repair on vaginal floor, sling and rectocele (sp?) Here is the not so fun fact about all this, my doctor told me not to worry, he wouldn’t use mesh because of all the controversy and complications. I was very happy to hear that. But in March 2017, I had to go to a new doctor and I found out that my old doctor DID Use Mesh, In fact he used 3 different ‘kits’. Surprise! Now I know back in 2012 why I was having pain, shooting pain, and at random times feeling like I was having menstrual cramps, other times I felt like I was having labor pains. I told the doctor about it then in 2012 which was the last time I saw that doctor because he just up left town overnight. ( oh and his notes on my patient file mentioned he discussed SQ Lesions and surgery, I figure probably first signs of erosion but none of THAT was mentioned to me )I had other symptoms but had no idea it was from mesh, because I was told I wouldn’t have mesh. I have bleeding, pain in more ways than I care to disclose, have frequent UTI’s ( which I hardly ever had). I have erosion in 3 areas, one of which has gotten quite a bit larger over the past 6 months, and is causing me the most pain, and to the point where sex is becoming a problem. I hate all of that. I really Hate the Doctor that lied to my face, patted my shoulder and told me not to worry right before he implanted defective products in me. I have to have surgery to remove what they can, but I have to wait until February to see the ONE specialist we have here before anything can be scheduled. I have been stressed out ever since finding out that I have mesh, and it is breaking / eroding through. I’ve researched and looked for doctors that specialize in these medical issues. I’ve searched an contacted a few law firms, and one actually was willing to take my case, but I contacted a local attorney who referred me to a law firm in Corpus Christi. I called and spoke with the attorney today and I’m sending him all the information I have. He is my light at the end of the tunnel and seems to be genuinely concerned about the mesh issues, and has handled many of them. Some advice I would give to anyone who has had surgery, with or without mesh involved, should Request a copy of The Day’s Operation Notes. It has in detail what was done, how it was done, what was used down to the number of cotton balls. If I had known to ask for the operation notes, I would have known that the doctor used mesh, and would have been able to confront him. But he left town. I know where he is practicing, he is in Boca Raton, Florida. I’m going to ask if there is anything I can file against him. At the very least file a complaint. That’s it in a nutshell, for now I have to wait. Im hoping that at this point none of us will have to jump through the hoops to prove that THEY are responsible for THEIR Defective Product being marketed. As far as the doctor knowingly implanting defective material in me, it was unethical in my opinion, and I will at least file a complaint. Im sure I am not the only patient that he mislead.

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