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Valor medio de las reclamaciones por lesiones en scooter Bird

How many times have you seen a cluster of electric scooters on sidewalks? To many, these clusters of scooters-or nests-are an eyesore. For many others, they represent convenient alternative methods of transportation that can quickly get them from point A to point B. Many of these scooters are Bird scooters. Bird was founded in the summer of 2017 as a sustainable transportation option for some of the most congested and popular areas. Bird scooters provide members of the community with quick access to rental scooters. Without having to worry about returning the scooters to designated docks or charging stations, scooter riders with effective last-mile transportation options. Average Value of Bird Scooter Injury ClaimsAlthough Bird has been very successful, the dangers of electric scooters have overshadowed the company’s success. Many people have been involved in accidents while riding electric scooters, including Bird scooters. Were you involved in an accident while riding an electric Bird scooter? Did your Bird scooter accident result in injuries? If your Bird scooter accident resulted in injuries, you might have many questions-especially questions regarding the value of your claim. For answers to all your questions and a thorough evaluation of your Bird accident claim, you must seek legal assistance immediately. If you would like to discuss your Bird accident with our attorneys and discuss the potential value of a Bird scooter accident case, you must contact Downtown LA Law Group at your earliest convenience. Downtown LA Law Group is a personal injury law firm dedicated to helping victims and their family members recover the compensation that they deserve. Although Bird scooter injury claims are fairly recent to the legal field, our attorneys are prepared to handle your claim and help you reach a successful claim outcome. If you are ready to begin your legal process against Bird after your scooter accident, you must contact our attorneys at Downtown LA Law Group.

Bird Accident Claims FAQs

As mentioned above, you might have many questions regarding the potential value of your scooter accident claim. Our law firm is often approached with victims of Bird scooter accidents with some of the following questions:

  • How much is a Bird injury lawsuit accident worth?
  • How much is a case of a victim getting injured by a Bird scooter worth?
  • How much is my case worth if I was injured while riding a Bird scooter?
  • What is the average value of a Bird Scooter injury case?
  • What details affect the settlement amounts for Bird scooter accident cases?

As you can see, many of these questions revolve around the value of a claim. Unfortunately, personal injury accidents, such as scooter accidents, can often lead to a variety of unexpected financial struggles. For instance, any injuries suffered could lead to medical bills. Injuries can also affect a person’s ability to work to pay off these medical bills and normal everyday expenses. Over time, bills can accumulate and leave victims and their family members in unimaginable debt.

Valor medio de un accidente de Scooter Lime

En Downtown LA Law Group, our attorneys understand your situation. Although helping you fight to recover the compensation that you deserve cannot reverse the harm caused by your scooter accident, it can help you and your family to overcome some of the sudden financial difficulties that resulted from the accident. More information regarding the potential value of your Bird scooter injury claim can be found below.

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The Factors that affect the Value of Your Bird Injury Claim

What are the average settlements for Bird scooter injury lawsuits? A Bird scooter injury case can be worth much more or much less than you might have assumed. The truth of the matter is that the value of your Bird scooter accident claim can vary depending on the details of your accident. Some of the factors must be thoroughly evaluated to determine the value of your Bird scooter injury claim are discussed below:

  • The injuries you sustained – all injuries suffered during personal injury accidents are associated with specific values. Minor injuries could be worth up to $25,000, while moderate injuries could be worth up to $75,000. Consider some of the most common injuries caused by scooter accidents; foot and ankle injuries can be worth tens of thousands of dollars and sometimes hundreds of thousands of dollars. Victims of Bird scooter injuries could suffer many more injuries besides foot and ankle injuries; therefore, the value associated with their injuries can significantly increase the potential value of their claims.
  • Whether you were comparatively negligent – a victim’s comparative negligence can also affect the value of a claim. If a victim’s negligent actions led to the accident and his or her injuries, the victim will likely be found comparatively negligent. For instance, if you were struck by a Bird scooter after you jumped into the bike lane to avoid a hazard on the sidewalk, you might be found comparatively negligent. Comparative negligence is established with percentages; therefore, the value of your claim (or the compensation that you could recover) would be decreased by the percentage you were found to be comparatively negligent.
  • Los límites de la póliza de seguro que se aplican – the value of your scooter injury claim could also be affected by the insurance policy limits that apply to your claim. A policy limit is the maximum amount of coverage available or the maximum amount of damages that a claimant could recover. If a policy limit is too low, the victim might not be eligible to recover the full value of their claim. What policy limit applies to your claim against Bird? Unfortunately, because Bird is self-insured, information about their insurance is virtually unavailable to the public.

In addition to the factors listed above, there are many other factors that could affect the value of your claim against Bird. If you would like to further discuss the details that could affect the value of your scooter injury claim against Bird Scooter, you must contact the attorneys at Downtown LA Law Group. Our attorneys will provide you with all the information you need to file a successful claim against Bird.

Average Value of Bird Scooter Injury Claims lawyer lawsuit case compensation liability personal injury sue

Sample Verdicts and Settlements

There have not been enough scooter injury claims against Bird; therefore, there is not enough data to establish the average settlement value of a Bird Scooter injury claim. However, consider the following sample claim values:

  • $22,000 – the victim suffered a strained hand that caused severe pain.
  • $80,000 -the victim suffered an accident which resulted in a broken right wrist.
  • $88,600 -the victim was riding a mini scooter (illegally) when he was involved in an accident with a police vehicle. The victim sustained a severe foot injury.

If you would like more information about the average payout for claims with similar injuries as your Bird scooter accident claim, you must póngase en contacto con los abogados de Downtown LA Law Group lo antes posible.

Scooters defectuosos de Lime

The Compensation Available for Your Bird Injury Case

What is the average compensation that you could receive for your Bird scooter injury claim? As mentioned above, there are many factors that could affect the Bird accident case settlements that victims of Bird scooter accidents could receive. Although only an attorney experienced in Bird electric scooter injury lawsuit settlement amounts, you should be familiar with the following categories of compensation:

  • Gastos médicos
  • Pérdida de ingresos
  • Dolor y sufrimiento
  • Pérdida de consorcio
  • Daños punitivos

Regardless of the details of your claim and the compensation that you could receive, the attorneys at Downtown LA Law Group will consistently fight for your right to recover the maximum amount of compensation available for your claim. As previously mentioned, our attorneys have a thorough understanding of how your scooter accident has impacted your life financially. Because of that, they are committed to helping you recover the compensation that is rightfully yours. If you would like to discuss the compensation that you might receive for your claim, you must contact our attorneys as soon as possible.

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What to do after a Bird Scooter Accident

Sin duda, cobrar una indemnización por su siniestro es esencial. Sin embargo, para seguir teniendo derecho a recibir una indemnización, debe seguir los pasos adecuados inmediatamente después de su accidente. Algunos de los pasos más importantes que debe seguir después de su accidente se enumeran a continuación:

  • Evalúe su situación. ¿Cuál es la gravedad del accidente? ¿Cuál es la gravedad de sus lesiones? Si puedes moverte con seguridad, debes ir a un lugar seguro alejado del tráfico que viene en sentido contrario.
  • Haz fotos. Las fotos que tomes deben incluir el lugar del accidente, los daños sufridos por el scooter y tus lesiones (si son visibles).
  • Recoger información sobre los testigos. Si hubo testigos de su accidente de scooter, debe recopilar su información para consultarla posteriormente. En muchos casos, los testimonios de los testigos son esenciales para llegar a un resultado exitoso de la reclamación.
  • Póngase en contacto con las autoridades locales. Si otro vehículo estuvo involucrado en su accidente de scooter Bird, es esencial que presente un informe de accidente. El parte de accidente será una prueba esencial.
  • Busque atención médica. Tratar sus lesiones lo antes posible es esencial para el resultado de su reclamación. Debe buscar atención médica independientemente del tipo de lesiones que haya sufrido en su accidente.
  • Informe del accidente a Bird. A través de la aplicación móvil, debes ponerte en contacto con la compañía e informarles de tu accidente. Debes tener cuidado con la información que revelas, ya que todo lo que reveles puede ser utilizado en tu contra y en tu reclamación.
  • Buscar asistencia jurídica. Debe ponerse en contacto con un abogado experimentado lo antes posible.
Los Angeles Bird Scooter Abogados de Lesiones

Si cree que su accidente con el patinete Bird fue causado por un producto defectuoso, también debe seguir estos pasos adicionales para preservar su derecho a presentar una reclamación de responsabilidad por producto contra Bird:

  • Quédate con el patinete defectuoso. En las demandas por responsabilidad civil por productos defectuosos, el producto defectuoso es la prueba más importante. Por lo tanto, debes intentar llevarte el patinete defectuoso a tu casa para guardarlo. Si no puedes quedarte con el scooter defectuoso, debes hacer muchas fotos en las que se destaque el defecto que causó tu accidente y tus lesiones.
  • Deja el scooter como está. Si te llevas el scooter defectuoso a casa para guardarlo, puede ser tentador manipular el defecto o incluso intentar repararlo. Si alteras algo en el scooter, destruirás tu principal prueba. Para evitar que Bird alegue que usted creó el defecto, debe asegurarse de que se conserva el defecto del scooter.

Si usted hace todo lo mencionado anteriormente, no debería encontrar ninguna dificultad al intentar presentar una reclamación y recuperar la compensación. Para obtener más información sobre el resto del proceso para presentar su reclamación por accidente de scooter Bird, debe ponerse en contacto con nuestro bufete de abogados lo antes posible.

Cosas a saber después de un accidente de Bird Scooter

Downtown LA Law Group-Bird Scooter Abogados de accidentes

Si está listo para presentar su demanda contra Bird, debe ponerse en contacto con los abogados expertos en accidentes de scooter de Bird en Downtown LA Law Group lo antes posible. Usted podría beneficiarse de nuestras consultas gratuitas y de nuestras segundas opiniones gratuitas. Durante nuestras consultas gratuitas y segundas opiniones gratuitas, nuestros abogados experimentados estarán disponibles para responder a todas sus preguntas, abordar sus inquietudes y guiar su demanda por lesiones con el scooter Bird hacia un resultado exitoso. Podría beneficiarse de nuestra asistencia legal incluso si su reclamación se ha visto afectada anteriormente por la incompetencia de otro abogado. Estos servicios legales gratuitos están disponibles como parte de nuestro Garantía de cero comisiones. Nuestra garantía de cero honorarios asegura que nuestros clientes nunca tengan que preocuparse por pagar honorarios legales por adelantado. Nuestro estricto estatus de contingencia también asegura que nuestros clientes no tengan que pagar nada hasta después de que nuestros abogados ganen sus demandas. Si desea discutir su Reclamación por accidente de scooter Bird con nuestros abogadosdebe Contacto inmediatamente.

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