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Caída y tropiezo con un scooter

scooter trip and fall accident lawyer injury attorney settlement

Our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, has been handling cases wherein a victim has fallen over a Bird e-scooter or Lime e-scooter. If you tripped over a Lime scooter and fell or tripped over a Bird scooter and fell, you may be able to sue the company for compensation for your injuries. The company should be held accountable, and with the help of an attorney, we can guarantee that your case will get the attention and treatment it deserve.

E-Scooter Information

There has been a large influx of scooters onto the streets of metropolitan and urban areas. They provide easy transportation for low costs, but they have raised questions about legality. Many accidents have occurred and various companies have shirked responsibility for covering victims in these incidents. Every week, we see many more cases of someone who slipped over a Lime scooter and fell or slipped and fell over a Bird scooter. In addition, you could fall over an Uber scooter and a Spin scooter. The numerous businesses have popped up and made it difficult for victims to receive what they deserve.

Injuries from a Scooter Trip and Fall Accident

Any trip and fall incident can be severe if you fall the wrong way or land on something very hard. Your arms could not break your fall in time, or you might have bags, a backpack, your phone, or other belongings in your hands. Falling on scooters can also be dangerous because they are usually placed in areas with a lot of foot traffic, or they are near curbs where cars may pull away in the street. In the worst scenarios, you could easily trip over a scooter and fall into the street, where you can be struck by a passing or parking vehicle. Some of the most common injuries that stem from scooter trip and fall accidents include:

  • Pierna rota

  • Fractura de tibia

  • Sprained your ankle

  • Conmoción cerebral

  • Lesión cerebral traumática

  • Lesión craneal cerrada

  • Injured your head

  • Brazo roto

  • Espalda rota

  • Daños en la médula espinal

  • Rib injuries

  • Hernia discal

  • Ruptured disc

  • Bulging disc

  • Daños en la médula espinal

  • Daño nervioso

  • Pérdida de sensibilidad

  • Daño muscular

  • Rotura de ligamentos

  • Cepas

  • Hemorragia interna

  • Daños en órganos internos

  • Hemorragia

  • CRPS

  • Heridas punzantes

  • Re-aggravation of previously existing injuries

  • Coma

  • Paraplejía

  • Tetraplejia

  • Muerte

These injuries may require immediate emergency treatment, and if you do not get medical help right away, you may be looking at permanent damage. It is highly recommended that you go to the doctor for appropriate help.

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Can I Sue If I Tripped and Fell Over a Scooter?

Yes, you can sue if you tripped and fell. If your leg got stuck or your foot got stuck on the scooter, for instance, you may have fallen over and hurt yourself. You can file a claim against the respective company if you fell over an e-scooter on the street.

How to File a Lawsuit for a Scooter Trip and Fall

Our law firm usually receives plenty of questions concerning scooters and accidents. Some of these questions include:

  • How can you sue Lime if you tripped and fell over a Lime E-scooter?

  • Can you sue Bird if you tripped and fell over a Bird E-scooter?

  • Can you sue Uber if you tripped and fell over an Uber E-scooter?

You should be aware, though, that you can only sue if you were physically hurt. If you broke your leg, broke your ankle, or broke your arm, you could file a lawsuit. Physical injuries are the prerequisite for personal injury claims. If you weren’t physically hurt, you cannot file such a lawsuit.

In order to sue, you will need to prove that you were owed a degree of care from the company. If you were not actively using or riding the scooter when you were hurt, it will be harder to prove that you were owed such a duty. However, there are very clear instructions present on these scooters and there are terms, rules, and agreements that all users should be aware of. One of the agreements is that the scooters will not be left in places where individuals can trip or fall, such as by doorways or in the middle of the sidewalk. They also cannot be placed in the street or somewhere they are blocking entrances, exits, pedestrians, or vehicles.

Personal injury lawsuits require these four points to be established as true:

  • You were owed a duty of care by the entity

  • The duty of care was breached in some way or violated in some manner

  • El incumplimiento del deber provocó un accidente o incidente

  • The incident resulted in actual physical harm

No matter what scooter company, they must ensure that their scooters are not dangerous. Therefore, if users do not place them in safe areas, the users might not be able to be blamed – they could easily say they put them where they were supposed to and someone else knocked them over. They could blame pedestrians or business owners for moving them. Because there is no way to assign blame elsewhere, it must rest on the scooter company itself.

To sue, you will need proof of the accident and the damages you suffered. Therefore, it is crucial that you seek adequate medical treatment after the incident. You will need to show the extent of the damages you suffered and the treatment you received to heal those injuries. You should not wait too long to get help from a doctor or make a visit – if you do wait, your injuries may worsen or become harder to treat, leading to worse, diminished, or compromised health. You also will risk the validity of your claim – the insurance agent who will handle it will not believe that you were seriously hurt or he will say that you were injured in some other incident not related to a scooter accident. Be sure to hold on to all X-rays, MRI results, medical charts, treatment summaries, prescriptions, doctor’s statements, and more from the visit to the hospital.

It is important that you have documented evidence, like pictures, of the injuries you suffered. You should illustrate how severe the damages were so that the agent can understand the extent. You may possibly heal quickly, which would make your claim more difficult to handle. If you have video evidence of the fall, you should also add that to the claim, as well as pictures of the scene of the accident, photos of the scooter and where it was placed, and more. You could acquire this evidence by asking businesses for security footage and by taking the photos as soon as you were hurt.

If there were any individuals, pedestrians, drivers, employees, or other passersby who were present when you slipped and fell over an e-scooter on the sidewalk, you could add their statements and testimonies to your claim. Additionally, if numerous individuals slipped over a scooter on the sidewalk and fell, you could band together in a class action lawsuit against the responsible company. This will allow all the victims to pool their evidence together and sue one party. The downside is that if many individuals slipped over an e-scooter and fell, the total compensation would be diminished, as it would be spread amongst everyone equally.

It is also highly recommended that you look for an expert lawyer with experience in e-scooter falling cases. Don’t just select any attorney; your goal should be to find someone with a specialty in the area. Search for a lawyer to sue Bird scooter when you fell over a Bird e-scooter on the street or an attorney who can sue Lime if you fell over a Lime scooter on the sidewalk. With the help of an attorney, you can focus on recovering from your damages while the case is handled. Our team can ensure that all your evidence is acquired and properly organized, and we will hire expert witnesses to defend you. You can simply spend time healing while we negotiate a fair deal from the company.

scooter accident lawyer incident injury bruise sprain compensation sue

Statute of Limitations for E-Scooter Accidents

If you slipped over a bird scooter and fell or slipped and fell over a lime scooter, you will only have a certain amount of time to file your claim. The statute of limitations is the time frame during which you can take legal action; if you do not file a claim, you will be unable to collect compensation. Your case will be rendered null and void and there will be no way for you to get your debts covered by the company. If you tripped over a scooter on the sidewalk and fell, you should take care to sue as quickly as possible. In California, the statute of limitations is 2 years from the date of the injury.

There are some scenarios, though, in which the statute of limitations can be extended past the deadline. This is possible if you were under the age of 18 years old at the time of the incident, for one. Minors cannot sue, but a parent or legal guardian can do so on their behalf. However, if the parent or guardian opts not to represent the minor, the statute of limitations will be frozen until the individual turns legal age. Additionally, it is a possibility that the accident left you in a state of incapacitation, whether physically (in a coma, for example) or mentally (such as with a nervous breakdown). The statute will thus not count down until you return to health or functional awareness. Finally, it is required that the defendant be in California; if he has vacated the state, the deadline will not count down.

One of the primary reasons that scooter accidents do not succeed is the victims fail to take legal action in time. If you tripped and fell over an e-scooter on the sidewalk, you should talk with our attorneys to guarantee that your case will be set in motion and you will receive compensation as quickly as possible.

Compensation from a Trip and Fall Scooter Accident

Victims often ask, “How much can I win if I tripped and fell over a Lime scooter on the sidewalk?” or “What’s the value of a case if I tripped and fell over a Bird scooter on the sidewalk?” or “What can I get if I tripped and fell over an Uber scooter on the sidewalk?” All of these questions are relevant. The value of a case is largely determined by the extent of the injuries you suffered and whether or not the accident was partially your fault. Some of the forms of compensation you can win from an accident include:

  • Medical bills from the past and future, which may cover surgery fees, hospitalization, medication, physical therapy, and more

  • Lost income from the past and future if you were unable to work

  • Property damage to replace or repair damaged belongings

  • Pain and suffering damages for emotional trauma, PTSD, fear, anxiety, mental scarring, and more

The insurance agent will look at your injuries and make an offer from there. He will generally try to reduce the offer as much as possible to preserve profits, but our attorneys will fight to negotiate a fair deal and ensure that your injuries and losses are fully covered. We can help you sue if you slipped over an e-scooter and fell.

The Best Law Firm in Los Angeles

The Downtown LA Law Group is one of the highest rated firms in the city of Los Angeles, and our settlements and case results speak for themselves. Our attorneys are highly aggressive and will not stop pursuing your rightful compensation until we are satisfied with the case results. If you tripped over an e-scooter and fell, no matter if it’s a Bird scooter or Lime scooter, we will help you take legal action and win you the money you need.

For a free consultation, call our law offices today. We’ll answer all your questions and make sure you know the ramifications and ins and outs of your case. If you hire us, we’ll also give you our zero fee guarantee, which says that you won’t pay us a single dime out of pocket. We only get paid if we win, and if we lose, we take no payment at all. Either way, the settlement will cover our fees, so the company will pay off your legal bills.

If you tripped and fell over a scooter, contact the Downtown LA Law Group at once to get started on your claim.

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