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Abogados de accidentes de camión en Santa Clarita

SANTA CLARITA TRUCK ACCIDENT ATTORNEY There are over 5 million accidentes de tráfico per year, which is fitting given the number of cars on the roads. However, there are also over 500.000 accidentes de camión as well. These truck accidents are often more dangerous; even trucks that travel at the same speed as cars can cause worse damages and more severe injuries because of the difference in size. A simple colisión por alcance between two sedans may not give you more than some stiffness and sore muscles, but a rear-end from a truck could give you whiplash and other neck injuries. If you have been injured in a truck accident in Santa Clarita, you should take steps to pursue legal compensation from the responsible party. The Downtown LA Law Group can provide you with a skilled Santa Clarita truck accident lawyer who will handle your case for you from start to finish and win you the compensation you deserve.

What Causes Most Truck Accidents To Happen?

Truck accidents can be attributed to both normal automobile drivers and truck drivers. Many drivers may not know the best way to drive around trucks. They do not know how trucks take wide turns and use up a lot of space or how they have a harder time slowing down y stopping if something appears in front of them. Drivers may tailgate and not be visible in the truck’s mirrors, which can cause truckers to act without knowledge of their surroundings. Truck drivers can be found at fault as well. They must adhere to certain rules on the road, such as driving below the speed limit in the slow lane while on the freeway. If they violate certain rules, they place other individuals in danger. Often, truck drivers are employed by companies that need goods and merchandise transported from one location to another. The drivers will be on the road for hours at a time and will not take frequent breaks, not even to sleep that much. An exhausted truck driver can fall asleep behind the wheel, lack focus, or be too slow to react to other vehicles. This is but one of many reasons truck drivers get into accidents.

Others include:

  • Uncovered or unsecured load in bed of truck, such as dirt, gravel, wood, sand, pipes, metal, machinery, equipment, and more
  • Improper weight distribution of contents of a trailer, leading to swerving, fishtailing, or rollover
  • Hitch not secured to truck, causing trailers and utility containers to detach mid-ride
  • Driving while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or other substances
  • Reckless driving and distracted driving, such as using cell phones, paying attention to GPS systems, and more
  • Poor weather, like snow, fog, and rain, that makes it hard to see other cars and maneuver the truck
  • Truck defects, such as improperly filled tires that can blow out, broken tail lights or hazard lights, brake failure, and more
  • Lack of warning, wide load, or wide turn signs
  • Rough terrain, curved roads, narrow streets, hills and inclines
  • Careless choices, like turning without signaling, ignoring right of way laws, turning left into oncoming traffic, running red lights and stop signs, and more
These actions can cause various kinds of truck accidents. You may be involved in a choque frontal, a sideswipe, a T-bone collisiono un accidente por alcance. Each individual accident could have different resulting injuries; for example, sideswipes may not cause as much blunt trauma damage, but a head-on collision will.

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What Are Common Truck Accident Injuries?

Because truck accidents are usually more severe than accidentes de tráfico, the ensuing injuries are proportionately severe. If you were hurt in an accident, you could require months of medical treatment to recover from your injuries. The severity of your damage will also play a large role in the size of the settlement offer you receive. Some of the truck accident injuries we have seen include: Permanent damage can result from these injuries. You may never be able to walk again or you may have a constant pain in one of your limbs. You could potentially be unable to operate the same way you had before and have a predisposition to more injuries in the future. If you sustained injuries from a crash, contact a Santa Clarita truck accident attorney for more help.

What To Do After A Truck Crash?

If you were involved in a truck crash, you should follow these steps to ensure that you are protected and not at a disadvantage for your lawsuit. It is crucial that you get medical attention as quickly as possible. You can call the paramedics or go to the hospital to receive treatment; you will need to hold on to your receipts, medical bills, and notes from caretakers. Even if you don’t think you were injured in the crash, you should still see the paramedics. They will be able to evaluate if there are any injuries that are hidden by adrenaline or shock. There are two reasons you should get help immediately. The most important is your health – you should not take any risks and should ensure that you are healthy and not damaged. The second is the insurance claim – if the insurance agent sees that you were involved in the accident but waited weeks to get treatment, he could claim that you were not as hurt as you stated in the lawsuit. He could even say that you were hurt elsewhere and you’re trying to blame the injuries on the crash. Next, you should record the evidence of the crash and the consequences. This includes taking photos of your injuriesEl damage to your vehicleEl damage to the truck, the scene of the accident, and more. If there were any passengers, bystanders, or eyewitnesses who saw the accident, you can ask them to give you their testimonies to be written down or recorded. The police will likely show up to conduct an investigation and to get as many details as possible. You can solicitar una copia del informe policial from the officers to be sent to you once it has been finalized. You should take down the contact information and insurance details of the truck driver who hit you. This will allow us to sue the correct entity and pursue your compensation. Lastly, it is imperative that you get in touch with a Santa Clarita truck accident attorney. You may not have the knowledge or experience required to handle a claim by yourself and you will benefit greatly from having legal help on your side.

What Is The Value Of My Lawsuit?

The value of your truck accident lawsuit will depend on many factors, but the most important factor is your injuries. The insurance agent will consider the extent of the injuries, the impact they had on your life and career, the length of time it took for you to recover, and more. He will also look at your job title, age, and level of fault in the accident. If you were partially responsible, your settlement offer may be much lower than if you were innocent and struck by a negligent trucker.

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Some truck accident claims that result in copious injuries are worth over $1,000,000. There are various expenses that add up, including medical bills and non-economic damages. Some other cases are settled for less than $50,000 because there are no long-term injuries or the impact was not severe. Our lawyers will negotiate the best deal from the insurance agent. He may try to offer low amounts and argue that you were not that badly hurt, and we will be there every step of the way to ensure that you are fairly treated and represented. Our Santa Clarita truck accident attorneys are here for you.

How Much Money Can You Get From A Truck Accident?

You can receive millions from a truck accident if you were appropriately hurt or if there were highly negligent actions that contributed to the crash. We can help you earn various types of compensation for your damages, including:
  • Medical expenses (surgery, physical therapy, hospitalization, medication, future medical procedures)
  • Lost wages (and future lost income due to absent days from work, recovery time, and medical treatment)
  • Pain and suffering damages (PTSD, fear, anxiety, emotional scarring, psychological trauma)
  • Daños materiales
  • Wrongful death expenses in the event that a family member, loved one, or spouse was killed (funeral and burial expenses, pre-death medical bills and pain and suffering, loss of consortium, loss of expected savings and inheritance, loss of sexuality, and more)
  • Punitive damages (if a truck driver were grossly negligent in his duties or tried to harm you on purpose, you could win punitive damages which are additional forms of monetary compensation meant to punish the defendant; however, they are hard to win, and only a skilled lawyer can acquire them for your lawsuit)
If you wish to start your lawsuit to pursue financial compensation, contact a Santa Clarita truck accident lawyer today.

What Is The Statute Of Limitations For Truck Accident Lawsuits?

The statute of limitations for truck accident lawsuits is two years from the date of the injury. If you wait too long, you won’t be able to receive any compensation at all. The limit is placed so that cases are handled quickly and so that evidence doesn’t get lost or corrupted. You may be able to wait longer than two years if you are eligible for an exception. Common exceptions to the statute of limitations include being underage at the time of the accident, falling into a coma or altered mental state after the crash, and the truck driver fleeing the state to avoid a lawsuit. For help determining how much time you have left to file a claim, reach out to our law firm today.

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Nuestra empresa y usted

En Downtown LA Law Group can provide you with a qualified Santa Clarita truck accident lawyer for your lawsuit. We will aggressively pursue your rightful compensation and will not stop until we are satisfied with the offer. If we need to go to court to win your case, we are willing to do so. You should not be required to pay for your own damages from a truck accident if you were innocent and had no part in the crash. Call our firm today at (855) 339-8879 to set up a free legal consultation with one of our professional attorneys. We will answer all your questions and tell you how much we believe we can win for your case. If you want to know more about the legal process, we will gladly help you understand. Choosing us to represent you means you’ll get our zero fee guarantee, which promises that you won’t pay a single dime out of pocket for our services. We will only get paid if we win your case, and if we lose, you owe us nothing whatsoever. Get started by reaching out to a Santa Clarita truck accident attorney at the Downtown LA Law Firm.


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