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Fall Accident Caused by Lack of Fencing Around Building Roof – Can I Sue?

Fall Accident Caused by Lack of Fencing Around Building Roof Can I Sue lawyer attorney liability

Were you injured by someone that jumped or fell off a building due to lack of perimeter fencing around the roof? Did your family die from being struck by someone that fell off the roof of a building? These are tragic accidents that could have been prevented by fences and barriers around the edge of the roof. Sadly, many property owners do not install these fixtures on their roof, and this can make them liable if patrons below are seriously injured or killed.

If you or your family member was harmed due to negligence by a property owner, contact a rooftop injury attorney at our office. You may be entitled to monetary damages from a wrongful death or personal injury lawsuit, but there is a limited amount of time to file a premises liability claim against the building owner. We are ready to take immediate action on your case, so call us to discuss your rights as a rooftop accident injury victim.

Fall Accident Caused by Lack of Fencing Around Building Roof Can I Sue compensation incident accident
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Perimeter Fencing Around Building Roofs and Other High Structures

Secure fencing around the perimeter of a roof, also known as suicide barriers, is a useful tool in preventing people from jumping off a roof. Some of these incidents are intentional, meaning the jumper wished to put an end to their life. But others may be intoxicated or trying to stage a stunt that goes horribly wrong.

No matter the reason, serious injuries and death can happen when someone falls off a roof, bridge, and other structures that are high off the ground. One method of preventing these accidents is the installation of suicide barriers, which consist of fencing, metal screens and nets. You often find barrier systems around observation decks and bridges, which are public locations where people can climb to the top and accidentally or intentionally fall off.

However, multi-story buildings should have perimeter fencing on the roof as well. Alternatively, buildings can use locks or door alarms to keep people away from the roof. Residential buildings often rely on such methods, but commercial buildings like hotels should have additional structures on the roof, as there is an increased risk of accidents.

In spite of the name “suicide barriers,” fencing on rooftops serves a bigger purpose than protecting someone from falling off the building. Another issue is the people down below, who are likely to be killed or severely injured. Being hit with a falling object – or person – can cause permanent disability, like brain damage and spinal cord injury. In the worst case scenario, the unsuspecting victim will die as a result of being injured by someone falling off the roof.

As you can see, it’s essential for owners of tall structures to install protective barriers for the sake of preventing falls from the roof. Other protective measures, like bars on the windows, may be necessary, especially if there is a known history of people jumping or falling out of the building.

So, what are your rights if you or your loved one was hit by a person falling off an unsecured rooftop? Keep reading to learn more about your available legal options.

Can I Sue if I was Injured by Someone Falling off a Roof?

While it’s not something most of us think about, accidents caused by people falling off the roof are not uncommon. This is especially true in areas like Downtown Los Angeles, which has no shortage of tall buildings. In fact, there is a cluster of hotels in DTLA known as the Downtown Suicide Triangle due to its high rate of suicides from people falling off the roof or out the window.

Clearly, this is a problem that’s been going on for many years, and thus, it’s reasonable to ask, “Can I sue if I was in an accident due to lack of fencing and barriers around the rooftop? If my family member was killed by someone falling off a roof without suicide barriers, can I sue the owner of the building?”

Yes, you can file a lawsuit for injuries and/or death against the owner of a structure that lacks perimeter fencing. Your right to sue is based on premises liability, a legal concept that holds owners responsible if they failed to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition. This includes not putting up protective barriers to keep people from falling off the roof when there is a known history of jumpers from the building or other structures in the area.

Fencing around roofs is essential in busy areas like Downtown Los Angeles, though all buildings should have security measures to keep people off the roof in the first place. Of course, there are roofs that are used for parties and special events, meaning people are regularly allowed to be on the roof. However, that makes it even more important to secure these areas with proper fencing and safety barriers.

The roof accident injury lawyers of DTLA are here to guide you through the legal process and bring you the highest possible settlement from a lawsuit against the property owner. Please take this opportunity to contact our law firm and schedule a free case evaluation.

How Much Time Do I have to File a Lawsuit?

All civil lawsuits, including personal injury and wrongful death claims, have a 2-year statute of limitations. As a general rule, you must file a lawsuit for monetary damages within 2 years from when you fell off a roof or was hit by someone jumping off a roof. In the event you are suing on behalf of a deceased victim, you must file a death by negligence lawsuit within 2 years from the date of death.

These are deadlines imposed by the California courts, so it will be very difficult to obtain an extension if you are past the 2-year deadline. That’s why it’s important to contact us right away and start the process of filing a claim against the responsible parties.

Average Settlement Value of a Rooftop Accident Lawsuit

The value of a rooftop fall injury accident claim can range from $250,000 to $5,000,000, based on the degree of injury and monetary losses associated with the incident. These include medical expenses, lost income, and pain and suffering, though you may be eligible for other damages depending on your circumstances.

If you are suing for wrongful death, these cases are generally worth between $1,000,000 and $10,000,000. Unlike a personal injury lawsuit, you are asking for damages that were caused by the death of a loved one, such as funeral costs, pain and suffering, loss of consortium, and loss of expected savings and benefits. A wrongful death lawyer at our office can explain these payments to you and ensure that you are fairly compensated for your loved one’s passing.

Fall Accident Caused by Lack of Fencing Around Building Roof Can I Sue Attorneys compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long will It Take to Reach a Settlement?

Settling a premises liability claim for negligence by a building owner can take 6 to 24 months. Cases involving jumpers that cause injuries to innocent victims are particularly complex, so we would say 1 to 2 years is a realistic timeframe to reach a settlement. It’s possible that your case may be tried in court, but we are able to resolve 95% of all lawsuits on behalf of our clients. Even if a court date is scheduled, it’s more than likely that we will settle your case through mediation of another method. However, negotiating a fair settlement for you and your loved ones can take at least 1 year for the vast majority of rooftop injury cases.

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Business and property owners have a legal duty to secure their premises and prevent injuries to guests and visitors. In addition, they must take measures to protect bystanders from accidents, like being struck by someone jumping off the roof. If serious injuries or death are caused by the owner’s failure to install suicide barriers or perimeter fencing, they may be sued for the victim’s harm and suffering.

If you are an injury victim or lost someone to a rooftop accident, please take some time to speak with one of our legal experts. We can offer you a free consultation on your rights and legal options, or a free second opinion on an existing accident claim. No matter where you are in the legal process, you’ll never pay out of pocket when you hire us to represent you. All of our expenses are recovered at the end of your case, and only if you receive compensation from a successful lawsuit. If not, you owe us absolutely nothing under the terms of the Zero Fee Guarantee.

Our legal team is waiting to assist you, so please give us a call at your earliest convenience.

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