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Seguro de atropello y fuga Liberty Mutual

liberty mutual insurance hit and run accident lawyer injury medical bills consultation compensation sue A hit and run accident can be very jarring, as most accidents are. The sudden crash can shock you. If you have been in a car accident before, you should know the procedure to getting the other party’s contact and insurance information. But what if the other driver simply speeds off? What if you were on a bicycle or walking along the road when you were hit by the car, and you have no reliable way to get help? There are a lot of ways that hit and run drivers can wreak havoc with their choices, and it is a problem for both insurance agencies and victims. Liberty Mutual is among the most popular auto insurance companies in the country, and they offer coverage for hit and run accidents. Acquiring this coverage can be difficult even with the proper policy due to how insurance companies behave. Our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, will do everything in our power to win you the compensation you deserve if you were in a hit and run accident.

Causes of Hit and Run Accidents

Hit and run accidents happen primarily at night time when there are fewer eyewitnesses around. A lot happen on side streets when there are few drivers on the road. A driver may run a stop light or a stop sign and crash into another, but upon seeing no one else around, will speed off. It is also possible for hit and run accidents to happen in parking lots; drivers simply rash and then flee, hoping they are not noticed amid the large gathering of vehicles. It does not help that many vehicles are the same relative colors, and not all have identifying features like bumper stickers or damage. It often comes down to remembering a license plate, but if it’s dark or if you’re disoriented, this may be next to impossible. Drivers often flee the scene when they do not have any insurance to cover expenses. They may not be able to pay for any repairs to their own vehicle or any medical bills let alone another party’s. To them, the best option is to simply leave the scene so that they are not held responsible. They also may be escaping potential criminal charges – some drivers have warrants out for their arrests, drive with a suspended license, or drive under the influence. Drunk drivers are a common cause of hit and run accidents – if they get caught, they could face severe penalties. Driving without insurance or under the influence can result in fines, suspended license, and even jail time if an accident causes injuries. A hit and run accident can be a cause of serious injuries. These damages include:
  • Distensiones y desgarros musculares
  • Daño nervioso
  • Daños faciales
  • Huesos rotos
  • Esguinces
  • Fracturas
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas
  • Daños en órganos internos
  • Hemorragia interna
  • Dedos y miembros amputados
  • Quemaduras
  • Laceraciones
  • Abrasiones
  • Conmociones cerebrales
  • Lesiones craneales cerradas
  • Coma
  • Paraplejia y tetraplejia
  • Muerte
If you were involved in a hit and run accident, it is wise to seek compensation from Liberty Mutual so that you do not have to sink into debt.

Types of Liberty Mutual Insurance Options

Liberty Mutual offers various types of coverage for its customers. There are basic plans for collision and liability. The state minimum coverage required in California is $15,000 for bodily injury, $30,000 for bodily injury to two or more people, and $5,000 for property damage. You can elect to add comprehensive collision coverage to your vehicle, which will allow you to recover compensation no matter whose fault the accident was. Similarly, you can add personal injury protection to your policy. This lets you receive compensation for medical bills, lost property, lost income, funeral fees, pain and suffering, and more. This is often selected to be used in addition to or instead of your personal health insurance plan. Uninsured motorist coverage is available to cover you in the event that a fellow driver in an accident is driving without insurance. Hit and run accidents fall under this category, as the insurance agency merely treats them like they had no coverage. There is the option to add uninsured motorist coverage for property damage to your policy, although it has a deductible and is not available everywhere. You may also add uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage. It is not required in California to purchase uninsured motorist coverage. However, if you do not have any other insurance plans, you will be unable to go to Liberty Mutual for coverage if you are hit by someone who fled the scene of the accident.

Can my Liberty Mutual car insurance cover my medical bills if I was involved in a hit and run accident?

Yes, you Liberty Mutual car insurance can cover your medical bills if you were in a hit and run accident, but only if you have a plan that includes uninsured motorist bodily injury or personal injury protection. You will be able to receive payment in these scenarios. If you do not have uninsured motorist coverage, you will be on your own.

How can I sue Liberty Mutual for a hit and run accident?

It is likely that Liberty Mutual will do everything it can to preserve its profits and not pay out your claim. The auto insurance business makes its money on denying claims, and if you were in a hit and run accident, the company will see no reason to compensate you – the other driver should be found and held accountable, they reason, so they won’t pay. It is, however, against the law for the insurance agency to act in bad faith with respect to your claim and policy. Some insurance agents will deliberately mess up a claim, ignore it, or make you a very low offer that will not cover anything. They often get away with these actions because there are no legal actions taken against them. We will make sure that the insurance agency is held accountable if you were in a hit and run accident. To sue Liberty Mutual, you will need adequate proof. We recommend following these steps for your hit and run lawsuit:
  • Go to the doctor immediately for medical treatment
  • Do not hesitate to get medical treatment; if you do, your injuries may worsen, and the Liberty Mutual agent may debate the validity of your claim
  • Print copies of MRI results, X-ray results, medical receipts, prescriptions, doctor’s notes, and more
  • Haz fotos de tus lesiones
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident and the damage done to your vehicle
  • If possible, acquire video or surveillance footage from a gated lot or business, or use dashboard camera recordings to help show the circumstances of the hit and run
  • Interview eyewitnesses who saw the event and include their testimonies and statements in your claim
  • File a police report and request a copy once it has been finalized
After you have gathered your evidence, you should seek out a lawyer with experience in hit and run accident claims against Liberty Mutual. You might not have any legal background at all, and if you try to seek medical compensation, the chances of success are low. You need adequate and expert legal representation to ensure that your case is handled appropriately. We will hire expert witnesses to testify on your behalf and we will make sure that the insurance agent is always working on your case. We will negotiate a fair deal and won’t give up until we are satisfied with the result.

What is the statute of limitations on a hit and run lawsuit?

California has a 2-year statute of limitations on personal injury claims, which includes hit and run lawsuits. You must file the claim within this time frame or you will not be able to secure any compensation at all. Taking legal action quickly means you are prepared and your evidence is preserved – failure to sue will result in no compensation at all. It is possible for the statute of limitations to be extended beyond the 2 year deadline. Minors cannot sue, so their statutes won’t begin until they turn 18 years old. Incapacitated individuals also cannot sue, so they can hold off until they return to health and functionality. Many individuals simply do not know how long the deadline is and the time limit ends up expiring. Our lawyers promise to never come close to missing the statute of limitations.

Let Us Help You

Downtown LA Law Group has long helped victims of hit and run accidents take legal action against their insurance companies like Liberty Mutual. We will take every action necessary to net you the restitution you deserve, including going to court if we must. Our aggressive lawyers are known for their commitment and their dedication to clients. We have won hundreds of millions in recovery and know the best ways to succeed with your lawsuit. Call our law offices today for a free legal consultation. You can learn more about the process and what your claim may be worth. If you hire us, we’ll also give you our zero fee guarantee. You will pay no out of pocket expenses for our representation; we will cover the costs and will get paid only if we win, and the money will come from Liberty Mutual’s settlement. If we lose, we are paid nothing whatsoever. The Downtown LA Law Group is here to help you sue Liberty Mutual for a hit and run accident. Contact our firm at (855) 339-8879 para obtener más ayuda.


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