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Average Cost Of A Car Accident Lawyer In California

Average Cost Of A Car Accident Lawyer In California attorney lawyer sue compensation incident liable

As the victim of personal injuries sustained in a California car accident, you are sure to have many concerns about the money you will need to cover your medical expenses and lost income as you heal. Even if the injuries are not severe or life-threatening, it can take weeks or months to be ready to return to a job that requires physical activity, standing for long periods, or good mobility. So, you will need to find a way to cover your daily living expenses without your typical income. Realizing the amount of money it could take to reach the end of your recovery could be staggering. Fortunately, the expert car accident injury lawyers at DTLA Law Group are here to help. However, there is a cost involved in securing a quality legal team to handle your claim.

Experts have recently determined that the average lawyer in California is billing out at about $300 per hour. At the same time, it is likely out of reach for most people, even if they could work full-time. It is shocking that the average person only has around $20,000 in savings. They are not likely to be able to spend it on a lawyer when they are hoping to make it stretch to cover their household expenses when injured and unable to work. If this sounds like some of the worrisome questions that are keeping you awake at all hours of the night, you might think that a call to DTLA Law Group for legal guidance is out of the question. But that is untrue.

Our firm is dedicated to meeting the needs of all personal injury victims, even those who are unable to pay the average cost of a lawyer at $300 per hour or more. All we ask is that you take the time to contact our staff to learn more. We have team members standing by 24/7 to take your call and help you understand how we can provide the help you need and a generous payment policy that you are sure to be able to afford. Our staff will schedule a free consultation with a skilled and experienced car accident injury lawyer to discuss the facts of your case and determine its legal merit. And if you have grounds for a lawsuit, our legal pros will explain how to move forward to seek the compensation you deserve.

But please understand that there is a time limit on filing your claim. So, you need to contact DTLA Law Group as soon as possible after your car accident. This will allow you the most time possible to decide whether to file a lawsuit while giving our experts the time needed to build your case.

Average Cost Of A Car Accident Lawyer In California compensation incident accident
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Critical Information About The Statute Of Limitations

All victims must work within the time limit set by the Statute of Limitations for their lawsuit. While the time allotted changes based on the legal matter involved, there is no flexibility once the time limit expires. The victim loses the right to seek justice and compensation for any damages or losses due to that specific event.

In cases involving injuries suffered in a California car accident, the victim is given two years from the date of the accident to file a case with the court. If their legal team has not completed the preparation and filing in that time, the victim loses the ability to seek compensation for their expenses and losses. Even if you are unsure you are willing to file a lawsuit to get the money owed to you, it is always advised that you contact DTLA Law Group and schedule a free consultation with one of our exceptional car accident injury lawyers to discuss your claim.

With the information our lawyer provides, you can take the time you need to carefully evaluate your options and make a well-informed choice about taking legal action. And that decision will always be yours to make. There is never any pressure or obligation to hire DTLA Law Group or to file a lawsuit. You are free to do what you feel is in your best interest and will be best for your future.

What Expenses Can Be Included In A California Car Accident Lawsuit Claim?

As you think about the medical expenses and other costs that are adding up due to your injury accident, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. You might never have imagined how missing a few weeks of work could destroy your budget and savings. However, understanding all the costs and items that can be included in your lawsuit compensation amount will help to ease your worry. The team at DTLA Law Group will help you compile all of the allowable losses and expenses that are allowable which typically will include:

  • All medical costs related to the injuries sustained in the car accident, which includes current bills and the cost of any future care that you will need, medical devices or equipment, prescribed medication, therapy, or rehabilitation, as well as emotional therapy to handle the trauma of the accident 
  • The replacement cost of any personal items or property that was damaged or destroyed in the accident
  • Your lost income if you are unable to perform the tasks of your job until you are fully recovered or if you miss work to attend medical appointments
  • All legal fees and expenses related to your car accident injury lawsuit

Knowing that your legal fees will be covered by the compensation you receive is a huge relief and an encouraging piece of information. It allows you to justify why victims typically pay 30% to 40% of their personal injury compensation to their legal team and how they can afford those expenses.

Do I Really Need A Lawyer For My Car Accident Injury Lawsuit?

If you have reviewed the police report and discovered that another party was given a ticket for causing the accident that caused your injuries or was considered at fault, you might feel less inclined to invest in a lawyer to handle your car accident injury lawsuit. You are at home and unable to work, so you might consider handling the legal filing yourself. However, that could be a very costly mistake.

Experts have determined that a case handled by a legal professional will be resolved for about three times as much as a similar case litigated by the victim with no help from a lawyer. And those are the best results you can hope to achieve. There are countless other cases that are litigated by the victim, which are either thrown out of court or do not result in any compensation for the victim.

But to more clearly illustrate why it is wise and advisable to laws hire a legal pro to handle your car accident injury lawsuit, let’s let the numbers justify the choice. Imagine you decide that your lawsuit is worth $100,000. Ideally, you do your homework and prepare the case correctly. As your reward for the hours invested, stress, and challenges you faced and overcame, you receive the full $100K in compensation.

Now, know that a lawyer experienced in handling car accident injury lawsuits will typically secure three times more than what you earned, assuming they would have delivered $300,000 in compensation to you before you covered their legal fees. Knowing that the costs could range from 30% to 40%, you are looking at $90K to $120K in legal expenses and fees for the average car accident injury lawsuit. But the impressive part is that you will get $180,000 to $210,000 based on the fees charged by your legal team.

The numbers prove that hiring an expert car accident injury lawyer from DTLA Law Group would net you roughly twice as much compensation as handling the case yourself. In addition, you would eliminate all the stress and emotional hardships of completing a lawsuit on your own. So, do you think it is worth sharing the compensation you receive to pay a legal professional so that you can also get twice as much? The answer seems pretty simple.

Average Cost Of A Car Accident Lawyer In California compensation lawyer attorney sue
The Added Confidence And Assurances Provided By DTLA Law Group

There is little argument for not hiring legal representation for your car accident injury lawsuit. But why should that legal team be the one from DTLA Law Group? That is also a simple answer. This firm offers the most client-friendly payment policy you will ever find. First, there are no legal fees required when they are hired to handle a lawsuit. They only get paid after their client has the compensation that will include funds to cover all legal costs. In addition, if DTLA Law Group fails to win a car accident injury lawsuit, the client owes the firm nothing. So, you are never at risk of owing more than you did before your lawsuit began.

Please make the time to contact DTLA Law Group as soon as possible to discuss the facts and details of your car accident injuries with a skilled and successful personal injury lawyer. The information you receive at your free consultation never has any strings attached. You can hire another firm or our firm or take no legal action. The choices are yours, and there is never any pressure to act quickly or act at all if you feel it is not in your best interest. The only priority for the DTLA Law Group staff is to ensure all car accident injury victims have the information and opportunity to make the choice that is best for them and their future.

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