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Average Mirena Case Settlement – Value of a Lawsuit

Average Mirena Case Settlement – Value of a LawsuitThe Mirena IUD is a contraceptive birth control device used by thousands of women across the country. Our law firm receives numerous inquiries from women who have suffered serious medical complications due to the use of defective Mirena implants. One of the most common questions asked by prospective clients to our attorneys is, “What is the value of my case?” or “What is the average settlement amount for Mirena claims.” The estimated value of a case involving defective medical devices is predicated on numerous factors unique to the individual including the extent and severity of the injury, lost wages and loss of future income, pain and suffering associated with injury,  and whether there is a requirement for future medical procedures and rehabilitation care. A more comprehensive analysis of your case by a trained legal representative is necessary to determine an estimated value of your specific case. Asistencia jurídica: Feel free to contact our law offices after reading this article To received a free no-cost review of your claim for injuries caused by DIU Mirena. Llame gratis al (855) 339-8879


The Mirena IUD has been linked to instances of pseudotumor cerebri in individuals who use it. Scientists have evaluated numerous cases and determined that there is a marked increase in likelihood between the two factors. The article stated that Mirena IUD users were seven times more likely to develop pseudotumor cerebri. Pseudotumor cerebri is a condition that affects many different kinds of people, but it is most commonly seen in overweight women who are at child-bearing age. It is named such because it mimics the symptoms of a brain tumor (pseudo means fake or false); pressure on the cranium is increased for no reason, leading to effects that come from seemingly no cause. A tumor would put pressure on the skull and nerves; pseudotumor cerebri also causes the same pressure, which can extend to the optic nerve and ear canal. Eventually, blindness can set in from the amount of pressure being placed on the nerve, and treatment options become limited. A Mirena IUD should not have any effect on vision or cranium pain. If you feel any pain that mimics symptoms of a migraine, cluster headache, or similar, contact a doctor immediately and bring up your IUD. You will be adequately informed of the next step from there.

Factors in Determining the Estimated Value of Your Case

Severity and Extent of Injuries Suffered: A calculation of current and future medical costs is one of the most important factors in determining the value of your case. Medical expenses will be based on medical diagnosis by a trained physician, medical bills, hospitalizations, and necessity for medication, future medical procedures, and rehabilitation care.

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Salarios perdidos y pérdida de ingresos futuros: Victims of defective contraceptive medical devices are entitled to full recoveries for loss of wages and a loss of future income due to their inability to work. A vocational expert will be able to calculate not only the monetary amount an individual has lost but also any future loss or reduction in income due to disabilities or inability to work in the same field. Impacto en la vida: Impact on your life is a significant factor in determining the value of your case. Questions that will be asked and must be determined by a jury regarding life impact include:
  • How has the injury you suffered changed you?
  • How has your life been different as a result of this accident?
  • What are you not able to enjoy any longer?
Such answers require not only psychological evaluations and expert testimony but specific stories from the injured party, such as detailing how this injury has changed your sexual relationship. These are all facts that should be recorded in a journal where possible. Dolor y sufrimiento: In most jurisdictions in the United States pain and suffering is calculated on a per diem basis. That is a jury must evaluate and then place a daily monetary value or your level of suffering including emotional distress. The jury will then multiply that number by the amount of days you are expected to experience pain and suffering. So, for example, a jury places a daily value for pain and suffering of $500.00 per day, multiplied by 1,500 days. Thus, the value for pain and suffering will amount to $750,000.

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Maximizing the Value of My Case

So, how do you increase the value of your case? Through our experience, we have identified several key factors needed to boost or increase your personal injury settlement.
  • Medical Reports: Make sure the law firm representing you will submit full medical reports to insurance carriers and at fault parties. It is important that your medical reports be evaluated properly
  • Assess future medical complications: It is important that you make sure you have fully healed. It most cases it is not advised to start settlement negotiations until you have reached a full or maximum healing potential.
  • Be prepared to file: While this is not always the case, your attorney needs to be prepared to file a lawsuit. Filing a lawsuit is not the same as filing a claim with the insurance carrier.
Representación jurídica: If you have any further legal questions and would like to speak with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney regarding your case, feel free to contact our law offices. Our team of attorneys is available around the clock for you to learn from. When you call us, you are able to receive a free legal consultation on your case. We welcome you to ask any question you may have, and we will offer our insight and advice on how to best proceed forward in filing a Mirena IUD lawsuit. We believe that you should have all the information necessary moving forward with a personal injury claim and that you should be well aware of how the claim process works. Additionally, we believe you should have ample medical knowledge about pseudotumor cerebri and other any side effects that can arise from using the Mirena IUD. If you choose us, you also get a zero fee guarantee on your claim – we do not take any payment for our services until  we win your case, and all of our fees come from your settlement, not your pocket. You may already have a lawyer who abides by the same contingency fee principle. However, many lawyers are content to hurry cases along so they can collect their percentages; they are content with settling for drastically less than what you deserve so they can earn quick paychecks. Derecho del centro de Los Ángeles does not operate like that. We care about our clients and getting them the maximum settlements possible. If you feel that your current attorney is treating you unfairly, not giving your case enough attention, or settling for less so that he can get paid quicker, call our firm today, and we will give you a second opinion of your case, free of charge. We will tell you what we expect you can receive and what we believe we can win for you. Don’t be taken advantage of by a law firm that doesn’t put your best interests first. Póngase en contacto con nosotros to receive a free legal consultation or second opinion on your claim. Más información: – Statute of Limitations for Filing a Mirena LawsuitMirena Class Action Lawsuit InformationMirena Injuries – Perforation of the Vaginal Wall

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