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Gilbert Street – San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall Lawsuit Attorney

Gilbert Street San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawyer lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue

The Gilbert Street Juvenile Hall in San Bernardino is known by several names, including the San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall, the San Bernardino Central Valley Juvenile Hall, and the Central Valley Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center. This youth detention center can be found at the same place as the juvenile courthouse at 900 E. Gilbert Street, San Bernardino, CA 92404.

The Central Valley Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center has a capacity of 260 inmates, though they are actually budgeted for 220. This is due to changes in the laws for staff-to-youth ratios, along with an overall reduction of children that need incarceration at a juvenile detention facility. When they first arrive at the San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall, inmates learn about the rules they need to follow during their stay. They also receive education about the Prison Rape Elimination Act, or the PREA – a federal law that established a “zero tolerance standard” for sexual assault in jails, prisons, and other detention centers.

In spite of this law, sexual abuse is still rampant in juvenile halls throughout California. And little to nothing is done by many of the administrators who are supposed to protect these children from being assaulted. As a result, inmates as young as 12 are abused for months or years by a predatory staff member.

Our Gilbert Street Juvie Hall sex abuse and assault lawsuit lawyers can advise you of your rights and legal options during a free case review. To explore the option of suing the San Bernardino Central Valley Juvenile Hall for sexual abuse, contact us today.

Gilbert Street San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawyer sue compensation incident liability
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Can I Sue for being Sexually Abused at the Gilbert Street Juvenile Hall?

Yes, you have the right to sue for sexual abuse that happened to you while you were staying at the Central Valley Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center. The term “child sexual abuse” includes all types of physical, verbal, and digital (texts, chat messages, etc.) interactions of a sexual nature between an adult and a minor. Those who are younger than 18 cannot legally consent to sexual activity under California law, so even if you never said no, you can still file a lawsuit for juvenile hall sexual abuse.

A lawsuit can be filed against the perpetrator of the abuse, but we must also consider the system that allows these people to take advantage of children at the San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall. In just about every case we investigate, poor management and neglect by the San Bernardino County Probation Department are the root causes of sexual assault and harassment at Gilbert Street Juvenile Hall.

To determine if the agency is liable for inmate sexual abuse, we need answers to a long list of questions, including:

  • Were the facility administrators aware of inappropriate behavior by the accused staff member, or would they have known about it if there was adequate supervision?
  • Were there previous allegations of abuse at the facility, particularly against the same employee?
  • When the administrators were made aware of the situation, did they contact the parents of the inmate and the authorities to ensure there was an investigation into the matter?

Sadly, we find that juvenile justice programs are overrun by decades of poor leadership and a failure to provide a safe and closely monitored environment for youth offenders. Sometimes, there is a culture of burying evidence, retaliating against “snitches,” and other examples of criminal behavior.

This is why juvenile hall sexual misconduct lawsuits are filed against the county, or the city or state depending on the agency that’s in charge of the facility. If you would like to learn more about the option of suing San Bernardino County for child sexual abuse, please contact our law firm.    

How can I File a Juvenile Hall Class Action Lawsuit against San Bernardino County?

If you would like to file a Central Valley Juvenile Hall sexual abuse class action lawsuit, simply contact our law firm at your earliest convenience. We have a dedicated team of class action lawyers who are ready to take immediate action on your case.  

Sexual abuse at a juvenile hall is a systemic problem, so there may be hundreds to thousands of victims that were taken advantage of by abusive staff members. We can help you join a lawsuit with these individuals and build a solid case with strong, irrefutable evidence. However, we want you to have a full understanding of the legal process before you commit to a class action claim. By scheduling a free consultation, you will have a chance to learn more about these lawsuits and get answers to any questions that are on your mind.

Statute of Limitations for a Gilbert Street Juvenile Hall Sex Abuse Lawsuit

The time limit for a lawsuit is based on whenever you turn 40 years old, which gives you 22 years from your 18th birthday to sue for sexual abuse at the Central Valley Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center. But you may have seen lawsuits in the news that were filed by people that are much older than 40. So, what is the exception that allows you to sue for child sexual abuse if you are past the statute of limitations?

California law has a discovery rule, where you can file a juvenile hall sexual assault lawsuit within 5 years from the realizing a physical or emotional injury. Most of the cases involve emotional harm in the form of mental health disorders. Victims often struggle with these issues for many years, but fail to realize their connection to sexual abuse during childhood because they are used to repressing those memories. The discovery of how the abuse has injured them may not happen until they seek help from a therapist.

Once they have an understanding of the psychological damage resulting from sexual abuse at San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall, they have 5 years to sue the county for monetary damages.

Average Settlement Value of a Central Valley Juvenile Hall Inmate Abuse Lawsuit

The average value of a Gilbert Street Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center sexual abuse lawsuit can range from $1,000,000 to $5,000,000 based on many details that are specific to your case. If you sustained multiple, severe injuries that were caused by gross negligence and misconduct, it’s possible that the amount of compensation will exceed $10,000,000 for a juvenile hall sexual assault. However, it’s safe to say most settlements for child sexual abuse are below $5,000,000 for each claimant.

Settlements for class action lawsuits against Central Valley Juvenile Hall can be between $150,000,000 and $500,000,000. But these payments compensate many victims that are represented by one lawsuit, so 9-figure case values are not unusual for a San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall class action claim.

Gilbert Street San Bernardino County Juvenile Hall Sexual Abuse Lawyer lawsuit liability compensation lawyer attorney sue
How Long will My Lawsuit Take to Settle?

We have found that the majority of child sexual abuse lawsuits take 12 to 24 months to settle if the victim is filing a lawsuit on their own. If you are part of a class action lawsuit, the amount of time to settle a Gilbert Street Juvenile Hall abuse lawsuit is probably 2 to 3 years. But timelines can vary significantly, with some cases being settled in a matter of months, while others take over 4 years.

Please note that over 90% of these lawsuits are settled by negotiating back and forth with the defendant. But these exchanges must be done in writing after each side has a chance to consult their attorney, and there’s no limit to the number of offers that can be exchanged back and forth. As a result, most lawsuits for the sexual abuse of a minor take over 1 year, and over 3 years if a settlement cannot be negotiated and the case goes to trial.

Free Legal Services for Sexual Abuse Victims

No one should have to choose between financial hardship and paying for an attorney when they are seeking justice for the harm they suffered at the San Bernardino Central Valley Juvenile Hall. That’s why we have a contingency fee structure, where all legal fees are recovered at the end of your case. Plus, we only get paid if you receive payment from a successful lawsuit, so you owe us nothing if we don’t win your case. This is the Zero Fee Guarantee we offer to all our clients, so you can rest easy knowing that you will never pay out of pocket if you wish to hire a juvenile hall sexual abuse lawyer.

To learn more about suing for sexual abuse at Central Valley Juvenile Detention and Assessment Center, contact us for a free case evaluation.

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