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Yorba Linda Truck Accident Attorneys

Yorba Linda truck accident AttorneysTrucks are on the road every day, delivering materials from one place to another. Drivers are often hired and must obtain licenses to operate the vehicles. However, there are many risks that come with driving trucks, many of which are due to the sheer size of the vehicles. They are hard to control and many drivers have numerous blind spots on the sides. If you are hit by a negligent truck driver, you can reach out to our law firm, the Downtown LA Law Group, for more help. We’ll expertly fight for your rights against the insurance agency and won’t stop until we have secured you a worthwhile settlement.

Why do truck accidents happen?

Truck accidents can happen for a number of reasons. In some cases, other drivers are to blame, whether by cutting off trucks or not obeying the signs on trucks saying that they make wide turns or have dangerously wide loads. Some truck drivers can be held at fault as well, though, and there may even be some additional factors that could carry some responsibility.
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Causes of truck accidents include:

  • Exceso de velocidad
  • Tailgating
  • Girar en sentido contrario a la circulación
  • Fatigued driving (common in drivers who are on the road for longer than the legally allowed limit of 14 hours)
  • Enviar mensajes de texto al conducir
  • Using the phone or GPS while behind the wheel
  • Truck defects (improperly filled tires, broken brakes, lack of secure parts)
  • Remolque mal enganchado
  • Improper weight distribution in containers or trailers (causing the entire container to tip over or dangerously swerve)
  • Uncovered or dangerously filled loads (often with sand, gravel, lumber, farm equipment, metals, and more)
  • Saltarse semáforos en rojo y señales de stop
  • Driving in other lanes besides the designated truck lane
  • Environmental issues (rain, snow, fog, sleet, steep hills, curved roads, potholes, and more)
A truck driver should always be acutely aware of his surroundings and do everything he can to not harm anyone else. Truck drivers hold commercial driver’s licenses and are on the road often enough that they should be capable of not harming other drivers or pedestrians. If you have been hurt by a truck driver, it is in your best interest to call our truck accident attorneys in Yorba Linda. We will make sure that the truck driver and the company he works for are both held accountable for your damages.

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What Injuries Can I Receive In A Truck Accident?

A truck accident is often much more dangerous than a accidente de tráfico. This is because trucks are much larger and have the ability to cause more impact and force due to their size. Most truck drivers are not hurt in moderate car crashes, but the victims are often severely wounded and their cars left completely totaled. You are more likely to suffer extensive injuries in truck accidents, including:
  • Huesos rotos
  • Fracturas
  • Miembros amputados
  • Daños en órganos internos
  • Lesiones cervicales y medulares
  • Lesiones de rodilla
  • Daño cerebral
  • Conmociones cerebrales
  • Lesiones cerebrales traumáticas
  • Parálisis
  • Daño nervioso
  • Músculos desgarrados
  • Heridas punzantes
  • Lesiones por aplastamiento
  • Coma
  • Muerte
Yorba Linda truck accident AttorneysThese injuries can have a permanent effect on your life, and you should not be unfairly compensated for the damages. It is important that you speak with a truck accident lawyer in Yorba Linda who can file your claim on your behalf and bring you coverage for your injuries.

¿Qué debo hacer tras un accidente de camión?

It is often confusing and troublesome to be involved in a truck accident. You may very well not know what to do or what steps to take. It is important that you follow a procedure to have the best chance of success with your lawsuit, but also to make sure that you stay healthy and do not potentially risk any greater damage.
  • Get medical attention from the paramedics or go to the doctor as quickly as you can
  • Hold on to your medical documents, doctor’s notes, healthcare facility receipts, and more
  • Haz fotos de tus heridas
  • Get surveillance footage or security camera videos
  • Take pictures of the scene of the accident and the damage to your vehicle and the truck
  • Interview eyewitnesses for their statements on what happened
  • Ask the police for a copy of the police report if they showed up
  • File an incident report with the truck driver’s company
  • Write down the insurance information and contact details of the responsible truck driver
  • Call a skilled lawyer to help you with your case
It is very important that you get help from a truck accident lawyer in Yorba Linda. You may not know how to negotiate with an insurance agent and you may not have an ounce of legal knowledge. Our attorneys are experienced and well-versed in truck accident lawsuits, and we will make sure you get the medical help you need while we handle your case.
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What Compensation Can I Receive In A Truck Accident Lawsuit?

As a victim of a truck accident, you can receive copious amounts of compensation for your injuries. You can be totally covered for the different types of expenses that racked up. We will strive to bring you the maximum settlement available under the law; you will not have to owe any money by the time we finish with your case. Our lawyers promise to work to secure you damages like the following:
  • Coverage of medical expenses (surgery, physical therapy, medication, and future medical treatments if necessary)
  • Reimbursement of lost wages from the past and future if you were unable to work due to additional recovery time
  • Disability pay if you were left unable to work for the foreseeable future
  • Property damage if your car were harmed or if your personal items and belongings were lost or broken
  • Pain and suffering damages (PTSD, fear, anxiety, and other forms of psychological suffering)
  • Wrongful death expenses if a loved one died in the truck accident (funeral costs, burial fees, pre-death medical bills, pre-death pain and suffering, loss of consortium and relations, loss of savings and inheritance)
  • Punitive damages (handed out when the driver intentionally harmed you or acted with gross negligence, but these additional forms of monetary compensation are difficult to win)
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You should be fully compensated for your damages, and you should not try to handle your case by yourself. You may not be able to negotiate a fair deal at all, and the insurance agent could pressure you to agree to a very small sum. We will work around the clock to bring you the highest settlement value possible. Póngase en contacto con nuestra Yorba Linda truck accident lawyers para obtener más ayuda.

How Long Do I Have To Sue For A Truck Accident?

In California, the statute of limitations to sue for a truck accident is 2 ears form the date of the injury. All personal injury lawsuits generally adhere to this 2-year limit. If you fail to present your evidence and take legal action before the deadline, your claim will be thrown out. This will prevent you from getting coverage for any expenses and you will have to pay for your damages out of pocket. The statute of limitations prevents plaintiffs from taking a long time to file claims and capitalizing on weak points in the defendant’s life or business. It allows ample time for the plaintiff to gather evidence and set up a case, while the defendant can show his side as well. If you wait a long time, your evidence may become corrupted, get lost or destroyed, or otherwise be ineffective. You should take care to file a claim within a quick and reasonable amount o time for the most effective chance of success.
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In some cases, the statute of limitations can be extended. These situations include:
  • Underage plaintiffs (statute is extended and begins upon the individual turning 18 years old)
  • Mentally compromised plaintiffs (statute starts once he returns to functional state of mind)
  • Physically incapacitated plaintiffs (statute begins once he returns to regular life, such as out of a coma)
  • Defendant’s location (statute is extended while the defendant is out of the state, and resumes when he returns)
Talk a nuestro Yorba Linda truck accident attorneys to determine how much longer you have to sue and what you can do to ensure that you do not miss a deadline. If you need us to, we will file your claim for you and take on your case so that you run no risk of missing any important dates.

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