Moving Truck Accident Attorney | Rental U Haul Injury Lawsuit

As experienced and dedicated truck accident litigators we are passionate about representing victims of serious truck accidents including moving truck crashes, moving van accidents and U-haul trailer accidents due to defective trailer parts or poor maintenance. There are many causes of moving truck and U-haul truck accidents: Some of the most common factors contributing to serious truck accidents are as follows:

  • Inexperienced U-haul truck drivers – Unfortunate for many on the roads truck rental companies furnish trucks and trailers to drivers who lack the proper experience to handle large vehicles.
  • Distracted Driving – With the common use of the Cell Phone, Smart Phones, and Text messaging drivers on our roads are more distracted and inattentive than ever before.  New California and Federal legislation has attempted to curb the rising tide of distracted driving accidents.
  • Negligent Driving – Common  acts of negligence or the road include speeding, fatigued or sleepy driving, neglecting roadway directions, and failure to yield at stop sings and traffic lights.
  • Truck Defects – Including tire defects and tire blowouts, break defects, and failure to maintain road worthy trucks, vans, and trailers.

Truck Rental Liability

U-haul trailers can pose a great danger to motorists on California Roads

A common question asked by many of our clients is whether the rental truck company can be held at fault (liable) for injuries in an accident involving the rented truck.   Rental truck liability can be limited by the waiver in the terms and conditions that are signed by individuals renting the vehicle.  Other restrictions on liability may be placed by specific California and Federal laws limited the liability of truck rental companies.  However possible unorthodox avenues of litigation may be possible against truck rental companies for the renting of defective trucks, and against parts manufacturers for defective truck trailers and hooks.

Defective Truck and Trailer Manufacturer Liability

In many instance defective auto parts are the chief cause of truck accidents. Generally there are three way attorneys for an injured client are able to prove the existence of a defective product. (1) Defect based on the original design o the product: usually cause by the failure to property test the product before its sale to consumers. (2) Manufacturing defect: usually caused by failure to property manufacture the good because of attempts to reduce the cost of the manufactured good. In these circumstances one needs to show that the manufactured product was divergent form the intended design. (3) Labeling Defect: Usually arising out of a failure to properly warn its known dangers.

What form of Compensation can I Receive for my injuries

Recovery for your damages in traffic accident involving U-haul rental truck and moving vans is dependent on many factors.  A dedicated and experiences personal injury attorney will be able to establish a claim for compensation based on such factors as.

  • Medical Expenses – Including Emergency Room Visits, Doctors appointment, hospitalization, medication and rehabilitation
  • Loss of Income and Impairment of earning capacity
  • Future Special care and disable care needs including life care, nursing, and vocational rehabilitation
  • Pain and Suffering including Mental distress, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress PTSD
  • Punitive Damage – where possible

Time Period For Filling a Lawsuit: Victims of personal injury are allotted a specific time period for filing a lawsuit in the court of law. The statute of limitations for filing a case is determined by the jurisdiction where the case will be tried. For example the statute of limitations for filing an injury lawsuit in civil court in two years from the date of the accident, while it is six years in the state of a Maine. The find the statute of limitations for filing a personal injury claim in your state see here..

Legal Help: An experienced and dedicated accidental injury attorney will able fight for your right to compensation.  At the DTLALAW Group Seeking vindication of your rights is our job.  Our legal team is skilled and knowledgeable in general car accident injury laws and specifically Trucking accident cases.