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Value of a Truck Accident Lawsuit | How Much is My Injury Case Worth

Value of a Truck Accident Lawsuit | How Much is My Injury Case Worth Trucks pose a serious risk of catastrophic harm because of their relative size and weight discrepancy in comparison to other motor vehicles on the road.  A common question asked by many of our clients who come to us for legal representation is what the value of their case is. Below is helpful information regarding the potential value of a personal injury case involving a truck collision. Form more information feel free to contact our offices toll free (855)385-2529.

The Value of a Case: There are numerous factors involved in determining the financial value of a personal injury lawsuit. Some of the most important factors are as follow.

1. Extent of the Injury:  According to statistics published by the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration truck accidents are the most dangerous type of roadway collisions. Victims often suffer from multiple injuries requiring hospitalization, surgery and rehabilitation. Some of the most common injuries cause by truck accidents include.
  • Brain Injury
  • Spinal Cord Injury – resulting in paralysis, paraplegia and tetraplegia
  • Facial scarring, lacerations, disfigurement
  • Bone fracture – cracked ribs, hip fracture, clavicle fracture and fractures to bones in the limbs
  • Broken nose
  • Traumatic eye injury resulting in the loss of vision
2. Permanence of the Injury / Life Impact: In many instances victims of serious injury which result in permanent disabilities. Victims of permanent disability may required life care, nursing care, transportation, constant rehabilitation and medical treatment often resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars in costs. 3. Pain and Suffering Associated with the Injury:  Pain and Suffering include emotional damages and compensation for the actual physical pain suffered. In a Per Diem jurisdiction the value of pain and suffering will be calculated on a daily basis. So for example of you have suffered from 300 days of pain from a broken clavicle in an truck accident the jury will calculated the daily monetary compensation for your pain and multiply it by 300. ($130 dollars per day X 300 days = $39,000). 4. Los Wages or a Loss of Future Income cause by Injuries Suffered: Loss of income can play a significant element in determining amount of damages recoverable in an auto accident cause of action. For example a client that is paid $300 a day and has missed 10 days of work due his injuries is entitled to $300 X 10 or  $3000 in lost wages. Is some instance victims of permanent injuries are not able to work in the same field as they had before the accident. The loss of future earning capacity is calculated by vocational experts which will consider factors such as age, earning capacity, family earning capacity, social status and more to come up with a reasonable estimate. This number will then be presented to the court. How Can I Increase My Chances of a Full Recovery for My Injuries:  By far the most important advice one can give you regarding a traffic accident matter is to receive advice via a legal consultation from a trusted personal injury attorney with unique insight into truck accident lawsuits. Retaining an attorney to serve as your legal representative in the court of law is the most significant factor in increasing the probability of a favorable verdict or settlement in your case. Contacting and Attorney: All consultations with an attorney from our Injury Law Firm is free of charge. To schedule your free consultation contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529.

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