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Jared Joyner Dies In Semi-Truck Accident Interstate 15 Freeway Cajon Pass

Jared Joyner Dies In Semi-Truck Accident Interstate 15 Freeway Cajon Pass A deadly crash claimed the life of Jared Joyner when a tractor trailer semi truck and Nissan sedan were involved in a collision. Mr. Joyner succumbed to his injuries as a result of the truck accident. Accompanying Mr. Joyner was a 7 year old boy who was airlifted by helicopter to the hospital and is considered to be in intensive care. According the reports the accident took place on Interstate 15 south of Cleghorn Rd. in the Cajon Pass. This stretch of highway is considered a dangerous area which has numerous fatalities every year. As a result of the accident other motorist who attempted to avoid the collision were involved in the accident. These innocent victims were seriously injured as well and are in critical condition pending treatment. What makes this area dangerous is the high wind conditions, steep grades and often times inattentive drivers. While the cause of the accident is not yet reported, our prayers and thoughts are with all injured parties and with the Joyner family. In cases where a family member suffers serious injury they will be able to submit a claim for damages for the injuries. Downtown L.A. Law Group has been contacted with regards to this accident and is currently investigating the reason for the crash. If you were injured in a trucking accident speak to an attorney about your rights. Do not make any statements to the insurance companies until you have spoken to an attorney about your rights. In cases where a wrongful death occurred remember that the family will be able to pursue a cause of action for the injuries.


This is a terrible tragedy.

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