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Accident with McDonald’s Big Rig Causes Oil Spill, Closes 605 Freeway

Accident with McDonald’s Big Rig Causes Oil Spill, Closes 605 Freeway Freeway 605 was temporarily closed early Monday morning after a motor vehicle accident involving a big rig truck and several other vehicles.  The accident occurred around 4:08 a.m. on Monday April 8, causing a massive diesel oil spill on the freeway.  The accident happened on the southbound lanes of the 605 Freeway, just north of the Telegraph Rd. exit in Santa Fe Springs. According to reports, the accidents involved a McDonald’s big rig truck and three other vehicles. A 20 year-old man, Abel Padilla Jr. was also arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence (DUI) after making an unsafe turn, which ultimately led to the accident.  The initial crash created a dangerous obstacle course on the freeway for other drivers, where the McDonald’s truck was hit by a third car.  The third car was then rear ended shortly after by a fourth vehicle. The accidents caused a huge oil spill on the freeway, further complicating matters.  California Highway Patrol Officer Al Perez indicated that “the fuel tank of the big rig ruptured and diesel fuel spilled onto the roadway,” temporarily closing the 605 Freeway. The drivers of the vehicles were all adult males residing in the cities of Los Angeles, Pasadena and Paramount.  Two lanes of the 605 Freeway, including the fast lane and carpool lane were opened roughly one hour later, as crews were busy cleaning up the oil spill.


In my state, you are not allowed to have more than one non-family memebr in the car if you are driving and under the age of 18. While I rather hated this law when I was say, 14-17, after I was about 25, I have rather agreed with it.It does stink. And it stinks at how long it takes to even get simple repairs done. And how you really could be doing better things with your time.

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