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Statute of Limitations Lawsuit Against County Government

Statute of Limitations Lawsuit Against County Government The statute of limitations is the time period an injured victim has to file a case in civil court. The jurisdiction where the harm, accident, or injury took place determines the statute of limitations which would apply. Individual who fail to file their case in the court of law within the statutory period designated by law will be barred from recovery for the injuries they suffered. Common injuries involving county liability often include traffic accidents involving county owned vehicles such as bus lines and trucks, slip and fall, and construction accidents.

Time Period to File a Personal Injury Lawsuit Against County Government:

Local, state and federal governments have generally been protected from individuals who wish to file a lawsuit against them. Over the century the public immunity of government agencies have been voluntarily or statutorily waived allowing for the establishment of limited rights for private individuals to file claims for recovery. Claims against government agencies must first go through a administrative adjudication with the agency in questions. Such claims must be filed within 180 days from the date of the injury. Failure to file within the 180 timeline will eliminate a victims right to civil adjudication via monetary compensation. When An Agency Denies Your Claim: In the states of California, if an agency denies your claim after an administrative hearing a plaintiff will have two years from the date of the initial injury (or accident) to file a claim in civil court. Further Information: Accidents on Government Owned Property

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