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Scientology Sexual Assault Attorney

Scientology Sexual Assault Attorney liability sue compensation incident attorney lawsuit
Many People Complain of Sexual Assault, Forced Labor and General Assault Experiences from Living within the Scientology Community

There are many cases of people who were raised in or affiliated with the Church of Scientology, who now want to bring a legal action against the church officials for sexual assault, forced labor and other general assault issues. Stories from dealing with the Scientology’s leaders, David Miscavige, have been accused of human trafficking, and other violent crimes. These crimes are said to have been perpetrated against people who are children, who grew up in the ways of the Scientology church’s principles. Those children who are now adults, have complained of having to sustain continued:

  • Poor living and crowded living conditions
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Sexual assault
  • Regular verbal abuse
  • Physical abuse
  • Long interrogation sessions
  • Lifelong grooming from bullying tactics
  • Extreme abusive treatment
  • Being locked into rooms without food and necessities

If you have had an experience of being sexually assaulted by someone in the Scientology church at any age, you can call us for a confidential conversation about your sexual assault. You can trust us to keep your confidence, and we will be on your side to help you initiate a lawsuit based on the merits of your case. It is easy to make the first call to us to talk to a lawyer with experience in sexual assaults on our legal team. We can review your claim and personal injury medical bills, to help you get the recovery compensation that you deserve in this case. Although you may be talking quite extensively with your family, friends and coworkers about your claims and personal injuries, you really need to start the real conversation about your case with an attorney with expertise in personal injuries related to sexual assaults from being with the Scientologists and their group. Call us for free today, and we can talk to you about how to get you the recovery you need for your ultimate healing from this horrific event.

Scientology Sexual Assault Attorney lawsuit liability sue compensation
Our Latest Verdicts and Settlements

$54 Million

Sexual Assault

$1.93 Million

Security Guard Assault


Assault & Battery


Assault By Security Guard


Premises Liability


Back Injury


Back Injury


Head Trauma
Zero Fee Guarantee

We offer a zero-fee guarantee, and we can help you by talking to you whenever you call us for free. All that you have to do is to make the first call to us, and we will take it from there, to help you recover fully from your sexual assault in relation to dealing with and participating with the Church of Scientology.

Free Second Opinion Case Review / Experienced Lawyers in Sexual Assaults within the Scientology Community

You can call us now to get a free second opinion case review, and speak to our lawyers who can help with initiating a lawsuit on the merits of your claim. You will be best served to review your case with our experienced attorneys in Los Angeles today.

Can I Sue for Sexual Assault from Living within the Scientology Community?

Yes, we can sue for a sexual assault from living within the Scientology community. Studies show that a sexual assault can be committed by a stranger or someone well-known to you. In the Scientology community, many members had a high level of trust with the perpetrators of the sexual assault on them, because they were trusting and did not expect to sustain a sexual assault from someone in that community. Needless to say, many Scientology members were taken off guard, and were sexually assaulted by people within that religious community, who took advantage of a trusting relationship with the victim. You do not need to fear any “repercussions” once you have filed a sexual assault case against the Church of Scientology, and review your claims with our Los Angeles case lawyers who can file a lawsuit on your behalf. Just start the process to your healing today, by talking to our case attorneys in Los Angeles this afternoon.

Average Case Value of a Sexual Assault Against the Scientology Church

The average value of the sexual assault, will depend on the total expenses, pain and suffering, trauma and personal injuries suffered by the victim in these cases. A victim of a Scientology member sexual assault can suffer greatly, because of having a trusting relationship with the perpetrator. The victim may also have loss of income or overall earning capacity after a sexual assault, because of the lingering trauma associated with the assault. There can be long-term physical effects and emotional distress from a sexual assault trauma victim as well, which can make it difficult for the individual to resume a “normal” life after experiencing this type of trauma. For these reasons, a sexual assault experienced within the Scientology community can be valued at $100,000 to over $5 million.

Scientology Sexual Assault Attorney liability sue compensation incident attorney
How Long Does It Take to Settle and to Get Paid on These Cases?

It can take upwards of 4-7 months to settle and get paid on a case of sexual assault against a member of the Church of Scientology. We will carefully review your claim, and determine the value of your case based on your personal injuries, current and future pain and suffering, and all other expenses related to the case.

Statute Of Limitations – How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The statute of limitations in California for personal injury lawsuit filing is two years.

Call for a Free Consultation

You can call us today for a free consultation by picking up your mobile phone and dialing us at the DTLA Law Group at 855.339.8879. We are always here for you, and can review your claim from top to bottom, to get you the recovery compensation that you deserve in this type of personal injury case. You may still be under a doctor’s order for medical care, you can still call us now to review your claim for you. It is actually the best time to call us if the event is recently having occurred, as we can walk you through the next stages of recovery to help you to fully heal from your horrendous and traumatic event of being sexually assaulted by someone in the Church of Scientology.

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