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Accident Attorney for Arm Injury caused by Car Accidents and Workplace AccidentsSerious arm injuries are those, which cause disfigurement or loss of mobility as a result of the accident. They can occur at work related incidents and its aftermath can be devastating. Due to reduce mobility injured victims are often forced to deal with an entirely new way of life.

Many injuries require intensive care, post-treatment and long term care and rehabilitation; while many other require domestic help to survive.  Additionally these injuries can have an enormous pain and suffering element.  If you have been injured at work, or been a victim of an auto accident, dog bite or slip and fall accidents and sustained arm or shoulder dislocation injuries contact our personal injury attorneys for a free no cost consultation regarding your claim. (855) 385-2529 – For more on our personal injury Law Firm visit our main page.

Arm Injuries Caused by Car Accidents Severe hand and or arm injuries are common in high impact accidents. This generally occurs when the victims hand in trapped between a certain part of the car. In such cases the impact can have a crushing force, often leaving the victim in an enormous amount of pain.  Severe arm and shoulder injuries are also common in motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bicycle accidents, and truck accidents. While many treatments are available, they are unlikely to bring the victim to full pre-accident mobility.

Additionally, many surgeries such a fusion therapy can forever alter the mobility of your hand. And victims are forced to make difficult choices between either electing to have the surgery or having long-term pain and suffering. Often time’s surgery is the only available remedy to minimize the pain and suffering. However, these surgeries can come at a serious price and are the only available option. Victims can also require secondary or post-op surgeries, which are minimally evasive, but can nevertheless be expensive and painful. You should be compensated not only for the cost of these surgeries, but also for the pain and suffering. Other compensation should include the cost of potential medical treatment.

Liability for Injuries: Monetary compensation for injuries at work or negligence acts of others

Liability can either be accepted by the party causing the injury or denied. In cases where the injuries are accepted then liability is not at issue. However, your claim for injuries can be fully denied, even-though you were not at fault. If liability for your injuries has been denied you may require proper legal representation. Often times insurance companies will either attempt to deny liability where it exist, or accept liability, but attempt to enter into a quick settlement.

You should be aware that any settlement offered by the insurance company can limit any future rights you may have. Insurance companies will routinely deny you care and coverage for future medical costs. Additionally, you may have to pay substantial medical expenses out of pocket. In such cases you may not elect to have the best possible care. Rather you may limit treatment because of the high cost of seeking treatment. An attorney can help by using what is known as a medical lien. A medical lien will allow your physician to provide treatment and deduct their expenses after a settlement is awarded. This often times allows for you to seek the best treatment without having any up-front costs.

Accepting Insurance Settlements: Seek Legal Assistance before accepting any insurance adjuster settlement

 It is strongly advised that you do not seek any settlement from an insurance company until you have consulted with an attorney. Insurance companies can actually reduce the settlement you would have, if you had worked with an attorney. While it is true that an attorney will receive a percentage of your settlement-contingency fee agreement-it likely that your settlement will be substantially greater with the help of an attorney.

Your attorney can evaluate past, present and future medical cost along with pain and suffering. These figures will be presented to you insurance company and if a viable settlement is not reached you will be able to file a lawsuit. Representing yourself with insurance companies leaves you open as an easy target. Many clients contact us after they have already signed the settlement agreement and by that time it is too late for an attorney. Such agreements are almost certain to contain a release clause that forever releases the insurance company from future liability. So it is sometimes expeditious and attractive to accept immediate settlements it can be costly in the long term.

Workplace Injuries: Workers Compensation benefits may not be enough to recoup for your serious injuries

Work related injuries are common and often time’s people make the mistake of electing to use workers comp rather then pursue other means. Should I use workers compensation when dealing with my injuries? You should consult with an attorney to determine what works best. These consultations are usually free of charge and can be highly informative. Our firm offers free consultations when dealing with these types of issues. We can give you all of your options and help you decide what works best. Sometimes choosing to use your workers compensation insurance is the best remedy. However, this is not always that case.

Many times treatment from physicians can be slow and inadequate. It is important to know the full extent of your injuries and their future life implications. Such physicians can fail to offer you the proper advice because they are on retainer by your employer. It is important to have an unbiased opinion regarding your injuries so that you can better understand which what to do.

California Severe Arm Shoulder and Hand Injury Lawyers are here to help: Downtown L.A. offers all of our clients the opportunity to consult with us for free. Whether it is at one of our three locations, or via telephone or e-mail we are here to help. If you have found the information on this page informative and need more assistance feel free to give us a call. Our arm injury lawyers Los Angeles can help with your claim. Contact us toll free (855) 339-8879

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By submitting this form, you agree to receive telephone calls and text messages at anytime, which include hours outside of business hours (8:00 am PST – 9:00 pm PST). This is so that we may reach you as soon as possible in order to consult on your potential case.


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