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Roof Collapse Attorney | Ceiling Collapse Injury Claims

Roof collapses can lead to disastrous consequences for individuals residing in homes or persons frequenting commercial buildings such as offices, restaurants, shopping malls, supermarkets, manufacturing facilities, and construction sites. A collapsed roof seldom happens in a gradual manner; it is often a sudden onset and leaves little to no time for a victim to react. Since such accidents occur overhead and feature debris that tumbles onto the head and upper body of individuals, serious injuries may result; at times, these injuries can be fatal. Examples of these injuries include:
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Brain Hemorrhaging
  • Neck Fractures
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Traumatic Eye injuries, leading to partial or complete blindness
  • Fractured Vertebrae
  • Facial Lacerations and Scars
  • Skull Fractures
  • Broken Noses
  • Broken Hands and Arms
  • Permanent Disfigurement
  • Other Permanent disabilities
  • Roof Collapse Fatalities, prompting Wrongful Death Claims
If you have sustained any of the above injuries due to a roof collapse in a private home or a commercial building, contact our premises liability roof collapse attorneys. We will fight for your right to compensation for the injuries you have suffered. Our goal is to make sure our clients are safe and healthy, and we work towards bringing you a settlement that will allow you to have no stress over medical bills or other accrued debts.

What Causes a Ceiling OR Roof to Collapse

Common causes of roof collapses are as follows:
  • Pile up of Snow: Failure to remove accumulated snow or ice from roof, LEADING TO LARGE BUILDUP OF WEIGHT




  • Failure to maintain property BY PROPERTY OWNERS



  • Placement of excess weight on the roof, SUCH AS WITH LIGHTS OR STORED MATERIALS

  • Attachment of excessive load or collateral load, OR USING THE ROOF TO ANCHOR MATERIALS THAT REST ON THE GROUND

  • Placement of Air-conditioning system without proper roof accommodations BY A LICENSED CONSTRUCTION WORKER OR AIR-CONDITIONING INSTALLATION EXPERT


Premise Liability: Property Owner Liability for your Roof Collapse Injuries

Landowners’ or land possessors’ liabilities vary greatly depending upon the classification of the victim. Generally, all visitors fall into one of three categories:
  • Invitee: An invitee is owed the highest duty of care. This person consists of any individual who is either expressly or impliedly invited to another person’s premises for their mutual benefits. These individuals often consist of consumers for businesses who enter premises with the intention of spending money and making purchases to acquire goods, while the property owner receives their money.
  • Trespasser: A trespasser can be described as a person who is not legally allowed to be present on the property. They are often awarded the lowest level of care; however, if the landowner is aware of trespassers, he must take certain steps to not intentionally harm them. Trespassers can have the law on their sides in numerous situations if the property owner does not take care of his property.
  • Licensee: Any individual who enters the premises at the owner or possessor’s consent for a nonbusiness or commercial purpose.  The most common example is a social guest. In order to recover as a licensee, a victim must establish (all three): 1. The owner or possessor knew or should have known of the dangerous condition, and should have known that it created an unreasonable risk of harm, and likewise should have known that the plaintiff would fail to discover the dangerous condition. 2. The owner or possessor did not make the condition safe or failed to warn the licensee of the condition. 3. The licensee did not know of the dangerous condition or of the risks involved.


Our experienced lawyers with expertise in premises liability claims can help you earn a sizeable settlement for your injuries stemming from a collapsed roof. You should not have to worry about bills when you are recovering from injuries; let our attorneys work to bring you the compensation you deserve. We can help you receive coverage for: Medical Bills, including surgery fees, hospitalization costs, medication and refills, physical therapy, and future medical treatments. Lost Wages, which were lost when you were forced to stay out of work due to your injury. Further, we can help you earn future reimbursement for wages that you will lose because of any ongoing medical procedures that will prevent you from working. Property Damage, which can apply to any belongings you had that were damaged, broken, or lost during the roof collapse accident. Items such as cell phones, laptops, and jewelry can have their monetary values reimbursed. Pain and Suffering, which includes any emotional damage you suffered because of the accident. You may suffer from psychological scarring, fear, PTSD, anxiety, and mental problems after a roof collapses over your head. Do not hesitate to contact our lawyers for more information on the potential earning areas of your roof collapse claim. One of our expert legal team members will be able to give you the necessary details you need to move forward with filing a claim.

Our ceiling collapse lawyers are here to help you receive compensation for your loss

Our aggressive and tenacious legal team will keep on the offensive until they make sure you have been fully compensated for your injuries and vindicated for your loss. We will go to trial and take on liable parties and their insurance carriers so that your rights are protected. We will take care of every legal detail and make sure you achieve the highest compensation possible for your loss; in the meantime, concentrate on the most important part of this process – your recovery. You should not be expected to stress over medical bills and insurance claims while recovering from injuries. Let our team of expert lawyers work for you to bring you a fair settlement, and you will have all the time you need to get back on your feet. Contact the Downtown LA Law firm today if you have suffered an injury at (855)385-2529 to receive a free case evaluation today! One of our top attorneys will be available to take your call, no matter what time it is. You can ask any questions you like about the legal process, your case, and what kind of action to take after a roof collapse injury. Our empathetic attorneys will listen to your questions and answer them to the best of their abilities. With Downtown LA Law Firm, you can rest assured that you are receiving the most attentive care possible. Further, if you select us for legal representation, you are given a zero fee guarantee on your case. This promises that you will pay no out of pocket expenses for our legal services – your savings will remain untouched throughout the whole process. If we lose your case, you do not owe us a cent; however, even if we win, our payment will come from the settlement we’ve earned for you, not from your bank account. We do this because we believe it is important to preserve our clients’ financial standings, and because we feel that no person should be refused legal services merely because he does not have the money to pay a lawyer. Remember: It is crucial to act quickly after you’ve been injured to report any accident-injury before any limitations can lower or extinguish your rightful claim. In many cases, there is only a time limit of two years from the date of the injury to file a claim. The quicker you act, the more likely it is to earn a settlement, as all the evidence will be fresh and ready to present to the insurance agency or to the court. Call us at Downtown LA Law Firm for a free consultation with one of our personal injury lawyers regarding your injuries from a roof collapse.
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