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As the COVID-19 crisis unfolds, many in Los Angeles have been furloughed or seen jobs fully shut down. In turn many have been unable to pay rent or meet debt obligations. Los Angeles has provided a moratorium on rent. Thus, tenants are NOT required to pay rent so long as they give the landlord/property manager 7-days notice of inability to pay rent.

While you will have to meet your rent obligations at some point, it is not required that you do it now. Under the provisions of the new law, tenants will not need to pay rent. However, this does not mean the rent obligations is extinguished. It is merely pushed back. While some landlords are pressuring tenants to pay it is not required that the tenant pay back-rent at once. In fact the law allows you to make payment arrangements for up-to 12 calendar months.

Attached, we have provided a sample letter for your reference. Please make sure to read over the request and apply it as necessary to your current situation. We hope this helps our clients and others betters navigate the waters and get through this time.

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