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Festool Plunge Cut Circular Saw Defect Recall – Lawsuit Information

Festool Plunge Cut Circular Saw Defect Recall – Lawsuit Information Festool USA has recalled its popular plunge circular saw for possible laceration hazards caused by the device. According to the recall notice the device has the potential for causing lacerations to those who use it. These lacerations can be dangerous if they cut against an artery or deep into a vein causing massive blood loss. In other cases deep lacerations can result in nerve damage and tissue damage. Depending on the location of the cut it may require long term procedures such as plastic surgery to repair any injury. If you have been injured contact a personal injury attorney to get a better understanding of your rights and make sure to follow these steps.

Cause of Injury Manufacture Liability

A manufacturer will be responsible for putting in the stream of commerce a defective product. All that is required to show that a product was in fact defective, is that it failed to perform in the manner for which it was intended. If the device fails to operate in the manner for which it was designed it is considered a defective product. To prove a product is or was in fact defective a lawsuit will need to be filed against the manufacturer of the device. In certain cases it is advisable to join in all of those involved in the sale of the product. All parties in the commercial sale of the product will be held responsible for injuries sustained. Steps After My Accident: If you were injured as a result of this product it is important to discuss your rights with a personal injury lawyer. Make sure to not dispose of the product until it has been inspected and evaluated. Make sure that you do not make any comments to product manufacturers or any insurance company. Most importantly document and photograph both the defective product and any injuries you sustained. It is important that you understand your rights with respect to defective products. Never attempt to negotiate with the insurance company without knowing your rights. Further Information: Festool Recalls Plunge Cut Circular Saw Due to Laceration Hazard Defective Saw Injury Lawsuit Infomration

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